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I can has tablet? +plz

I love my own new tablet :la:

Well, I actually did make this using the tablet...wasn't all that easy :giggle:
Ignore the other missing hand...its just at the back behind him :paranoid:

Plz account!

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This is so cool!
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You may be able to get one at one point! :nod:
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that is the EXACT face i use when i draw! XD
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Nice looking emo! I love how it turned out. :icontdrawplz:
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You are very welcome!
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Oooohhh!!!!! This is so cute!
My tablet is coming in a few days in the mail! So excited!
This will definitely be me: :icontdrawplz:
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:lmao: Good luck, it's hard to get used to them to begi nwith. But I couldnt live without mine now :giggle:
Thank you :heart:
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I've been wanting one for the longest, and am willing to practice with it as much as possible.
:iconepiclaplz: I'm ready!!
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:la: I love my tablet too!!
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I do everything with it now, I use it instead of a mouse! :lol: Honestly, when I done that emote I thought I could never EVER pixel with it, but I am proovign myself wrong now xDD
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HAHA! :XD: Just like me! I barely ever use MY MOUSE! My tablet is my baby...:love:
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Without my tablet, I feel lost, it's ratehr scary :lmao: But now I am starting to see shiny spots on it from where I use it so much :paranoid:
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This emote is utterly adorable! And to be honest, I think I had that same look on my face when I first started using my tablet, since I was unbelievably happy when my father handed it to me. :giggle:

As far as the emote goes, I really like the shading. It looks very smooth and pretty and the small highlight at the bottom of the emote really does wonders to give it a more 3D-feeling. I also like how the animation looks deceptively simple, yet really adds a whole other dimension to the small work. All in all, I think this is an emote that a lot of tablet-users will love. :3
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haha so did i! That's where I got the idea for the emote
An extra bonus was that I got my tablet and a DD on the same day :excited:
Thank you so much for the thoughtful and long comment, it's not often I get many like that, so it does mean alot :aww:
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