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February 19, 2008
'Mosscat in Springtime' is an amazing piece done by ~kattything, an artist previously featured with a DD, but for sure deserving another one with this painting, anthropomorphic by behavior more than by design. Excellent to stare at now that spring warmth is coming.
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Suggested by seel-dingo
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Mosscat in Springtime

Mosscat in springtime. :D Actually started LAST spring, which gives you an idea how long I spent on this (as they say where I come from, hella hours). Really pleased with it, though; it's been awhile since I had the time/patience to work on something over an extended period.

Medium: Photoshop, and espresso.
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Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
Sparklet-Rayne's avatar
Now that's a way to go green.
Pancake-Dragon's avatar
It's wonderful! I love it!
AylaBlackStatic's avatar
I'm loving your characters! Especially that fern-tail and the detail on this guy's "fur". Very nice <3
Souken-Juusan's avatar
its...SO amazingly beautiful. It looks so calm, peaceful and loveable. I just want to run up and hug the creature <3.
Miewou's avatar
this is SOOOOOOOO AMAZING O______O! *favorites*
CelticBotan's avatar
So beautiful and original! =D
BummerForShort's avatar
I'm surprised at how much the butterfly contributes to this image.
GoldenBauble's avatar
This is so beautiful and inventive. : D
babbletrish's avatar
Great concept and character!
i love all of your ideas!! and the colors u use
Panthen's avatar
Mandimoomoo's avatar
wow, at first glance i actually thought thiw was meant to be underwater.
i like the shading and lightplay :)
EarthStarUnicorn's avatar
cameoanderson's avatar
Yet another fantastic piece of art from you. Ver good. :) So soft, serene, and magical.
spligity's avatar
his wisters are so cool
mankeymunkey's avatar
ooh ooh ooh ooooh *gizz*

I really really love this one
Cakemage's avatar
I love how warm and vibrant the colors are, and how content the mosscat looks. S/he's found the perfect sunny spot to nap in. :D
Anubis-Admirer's avatar
Awwww! So amazingly warm and adorable and awesome! This picture seriously makes me all happy-squooshy inside!

A great idea which was wonderfully exectuted! Well done!
Mar-E's avatar
this picture makes me incredibly happy!!! ^_^ when i get money i want to buy the print <3
BugsBee's avatar
:painter: It's green .... and it's Fantastic!
Love the green, love the idea, great!!!
ghost-eye's avatar
Hope you don't mind me using this as an inspiration for a rpg horse breed [Link]
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