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Rainmeter - Katarina

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STATUS: Work in Progress

NOTICE: The file is not the official version of Katarina 1.0d Live, please be aware that there are still missing functions in here.

Possible Discontinuation, click here.


  • Rainmeter skin: Katarina
  • Authors: Gazmull feat. Kiel, Stan (GzM-Arts Team)
  • Version: 1.0d: Preview


  • Minimum System Requirements:
    • Rainmeter 3.0.2 r2161
    • Windows Vista


  • Features
    • AI System. Katarina speaks (Almost) to you and works for you
    • CPU and RAM Monitor with Task Manager Launcher and RAM Cleaner
    • Header with launchers and customisable theme, avatar and username!
    • Sidebar, which is similar to Windows 8's Charm, but we're currently improving it at this moment!
    • Maximum performace in medium-end PCs. Yes, Katarina still responds to you if you have low-end PC but she may be slow sometimes!
    • Dynamic Xs and Ys. Katarina is adjusting in case if you have different screen resolution

  • Changelog:
    •  is implemented in the current skin version
    • [x] is not implemented in the current skin version / work in progress
    • [—] is implemented, but cancelled due to specific errors (e.g. coder)
    • [Rev] is implemented, but was revised on later updates
      • 1.0d 1st Batch, 2nd Batch, Optimisation Update, Additional Skin Update — 01/03/14, 11/03/14, 17/03/14
        • Added Sidebar. It is similar to Windows 8's Charm, get a bit hand of Windows 8 experience with this if you're Win7-older! Although, we are currently improving this, adding more functions to this skin.
        • Katarina's voice feedback (AI System) is now optimised for low-end PCs. There's this 2nd batch of feedback from our testers that the AI System slowed their low-end PC down, so we diagnosed the AI System and found the issue. We have already fixed this by using the built-in method (rainmeter callback).
        • Update interval is now optimised. Hovering on a meter shows the tooltip, with a faster interval, flickering was the result which
          is annoying. Already optimised this.
        • [x] Added extra launcher for Windows 8. This skin is really dedicated to Windows 8 as we (the team) are all using Windows 8/8.1, but we considered the earlier versions of Windows.
        • Fixed width and height limit. There are some string or meter has "pixel-wastes," which slows down the system. Already optimised.
        • [x] OS Requirement is changed to Windows 7 and later versions. There are no changes in Rainmeter version.
        • Tooltip texts are revised.
        • [x] Limited Avatar Changer's pixel size to 64x64; in some cases, the image is blurred or jagged. So we decided to limit it to 64x64.
        • [—] Final update for Avatar Changer.
        • Fixed application's task dialog showing in taskbar (Avatar Changer)
        • Fixed ReadOnly as true on each textboxes in Help button. (Avatar Changer)
        • Added Voice Feedback on some callbacks/functions.
        • Created and Added App, "Username Changer", a newbie-friendly.
        • Fixed CPU and RAM Monitor Bar overlaying the text.
        • [Rev] Updated ToolTipText for RAM Monitor Bar.
        • Added Katarina's default FontStyle, Agency FB. (Sorry for not adding this in earlier version
      • 1.0c — 23/2/14 18:17
        • Added change Colour Scheme
        • Fixed text issue, jaggy texts
        • [Rev] Fixed application's taskbar issue (Avatar Changer)
        • Fixed open file dialog's filter (Avatar Changer)
      • 1.0b — 22/2/14 21:43
        • Added help button (Avatar Changer)
        • Added "No, don't change button" (Avatar Changer)
        • UI Improvement
      • 1.0a — 22/2/14 15:27
        • Added App, "Avatar Changer" a newbie-friendly.
        • Fixed MessageBox Looping for several times. (Avatar Changer)
        • Fixed "OpenFileDialog1" Problem (Avatar Changer)
      • 1.0 — 22/2/14 12:54
        • Created Katarina Skin for Rainmeter
        • Created the application, "Avatar Changer," for changing avatar in Katarina Rm skin


  • Goals:
    • Add more Colour Schemes
    • Add more system monitor
    • Much more, won't list them here for now.



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