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My fellow Scandinavians :)

Swedes, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish....  I got some eye on you all :) (actually all I am missing is a an Icelander..... )

:iconaetasserenus: > Correlation by AetasSerenus

:iconartofjokinen: > Tiger by artofjokinen

:icondafunkyalien: > NBVJ by DaFunkyAlien

:iconcoffeetoffeesquirrel: > Julian's Fire Garnets by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel

:iconcindysart: > Stone Lion by CindysArt

:iconfaia-fractals: > Minimal Way by FAIA-Fractals

:iconflingling: > Picking flowers by Flingling

:iconfractalmonster: > Just a Slight M-zoom3 by FractalMonster

:icongitte: > Twisted flower by gitte

:icongreenseng: > :thumb202716861:

:iconhenning: > Spiral bat frame by henning

:iconhera-of-stockholm: > Vision of Olympos by Hera-of-Stockholm

:iconisarawen: AND MY BESTEST OF FRIENDS > :thumb156524292: She makes wonderful jewellery!!

:iconjimpan1973: > Trapinsky Tiling by Jimpan1973

:iconkemintiri: > Wrath of the sky2 by Kemintiri

:iconkichikichii: And a VERY DEAR FRIEND of mine >

Mature Content

NaruSasu for Kattvinge by KichiKichii
- now that is HOT!!

:iconkrickolina: We've only met once face to face - but damn - we are the BESTEST of friends.. for what is it now... 18 years and counting? > Water3 by Krickolina

:iconlajos-toth: > 062-2011 by Lajos-Toth

:iconmagnusti78: > Flowers with Love by magnusti78

:iconidalarsenart: > John Pritkin by IdaLarsenArt

:iconmleth: > Waiting For The Rain by MLeth

:iconmorphera: > Memnoc by Morphera

:iconfractaleuphoria: > Fascination Street by FractalEuphoria

:iconquipith: > Oh teacher I need you by Quipith

:iconsachieltaow: > Ichiko - Shirahime close up by SachielTAOW

:iconsussi1: > Little Fellow by Sussi1

:icontamborita: > Playing children by Tamborita

:icontanjagrimstvedt: > Vanity by TanjaGrimstvedt

:iconvirusno1: > 2011 5 6 5 by VirusNO1

:iconwazabees: > Don't Kill Me by wazabees

© 2011 - 2021 Kattvinge
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Jösses.. *Rodna*
wazabees's avatar
Tack så mycket! ^^
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You're ever so welcome :D
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Sorry for sent svar, vært på ferie, uten internett:faint: Men tusen takk for featuren :love: :love:
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Ferie? Så trevligt!!

Bara roligt att få visa upp mina skandinaviska vänner :)

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Thanks for this great feature! Sunshine to you! :sun:
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Du är så välkommen så :) Det var dags för en Skandinavisk "show-off" tyckte jag :D
Lajos-Toth's avatar
Yeah! Absolut - vilken tur att du fick lusten att göra de! =)
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Det enda jag saknar bland dom jag "kollar in" är en isländare.... måste få fatt en sån också så blir "listan" komplett *ler*
Lajos-Toth's avatar
Ha ha ha Lycka till!!!
Kattvinge's avatar
Dom är ganska få... man är glad när man får tag i en svensk... vi är ju ändå 7 gånger fler än islänningar :)
Lajos-Toth's avatar
hahahaha jag är än mer exotisk - jag e naturaliserad skåning! :rofl:
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Thank you sooooooooooo much for the feature :glomp:
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Ever so welcome dear heart :D
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thanks a lot for the feature :) Really kind of you.

All the best :)

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Thank you SO much for including [link] in your collection :heart: :hug:
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Det var så litt så :D
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Cool stuff, thanks for the feature :)
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Tack så mycket. :)
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