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Sailor Venus Makeup Tutorial

I'm doing a Makeup Collaboration with My Dear Friend Rissa <3
We're doing all the Sailor Scouts + Luna and Artemis inspired Makeup Tutorials.

I used my Coastal Scents 88 Palette for the eyeshadow.
I know the text isn't all even and whatnot, I was starving when I made this so I rushed through the effects

My first tutorial O.O Hope this was easy to follow!! <3
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Mar 6, 2011, 4:18:09 PM
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s is for sailor
v is for venus XD
kattors's avatar
Sure why not!
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a bit too much blue in my opinion.
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Feel free to edit it for your needs/wants ! :D
all opinions are welcome UuU
Barbie-Yuan's avatar
according to me the blue is a bit too much. I'm not a professional at all, but I have done eternal sailor saturn ^^ maybe one day I'll do a make up tutorial for her ^^
kattors's avatar
Cool beans ! Best of luck to you !
mmd-lover's avatar
Wow! This is so beautiful ;3;
kattors's avatar
Thanks ! I plan on doing some more in the future !
SailorUnicornMoon's avatar
This is really cool : )
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<33 thank you i plan on doing more in the future !
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did you have any of the other tutorials for the Senshi? I would love to see them!
kattors's avatar
I haven't done them yet but I will!
they'll be done this summer <3
please keep watchin out for them :D ! i would love your input !
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I love the idea of incorporating the fuku colors. It makes sense but a dunce like me wouldn't think of it.
kattors's avatar
:glomp: aweee
you're not a dunce :heart:
I thought about doing some from their attacks
and from the transformation sequences
but using the fuku colors is the best plan for me, because it gives me a set palette of colors to work with :D
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XxZombiiDollxX's avatar
Oh the Costal Scents 88 color pallet is my bestest friend <3
kattors's avatar
I know right! it's so great!
i got mine for 18 bucks!
XxZombiiDollxX's avatar
My aunt bought mine for me >w>
But it's seriously the best makeup I've ever had
kattors's avatar
I am a big mac fan but it's sooooooo expensive. D:
I love that you get a big color payoff for little amounts
XxZombiiDollxX's avatar
See, I've never tried Mac is it that good? :o
I've only been into makeup for a couple years now, so my biggest hookup is my aunt cos she's a cosmetician
kattors's avatar
Mac products are expensive, but good.
I personally love urban decay palettes, i think they have some nice unique colors.

but some things you don't have to pay lots for
and you can get some good stuff
like, the high intensity pigments theyt sell at drugstores are good
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