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A Crime for Love :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 0
Watching You, My Lovely Broken Angel by KattMcAdam Watching You, My Lovely Broken Angel :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 3 0 Steampunk Couple by KattMcAdam Steampunk Couple :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 1 0 Angie Dress by KattMcAdam Angie Dress :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 0 Sugure in corset by KattMcAdam Sugure in corset :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 1 0 Amber by KattMcAdam Amber :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 0
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London's Horror Story: One Night Hotel: Ch.2 :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 0 0
Mature content
The Four Years: Year One: Ch.13 :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 0 0
Mature content
Drenched in Moonlight: Ch.3 :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 0 0
Couple's Night by KattMcAdam
Mature content
Couple's Night :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 3
Comfy Couch Sleep by KattMcAdam Comfy Couch Sleep :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 6 0 Alone at Night by KattMcAdam Alone at Night :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 7 0
Pregnancy Worries
June 2016
    After a rough night of sleep, Katt had waddled herself to the couch; where she reclined on it with some of the pillows from the couch and tried to rest there. Trying to fall back asleep, but feels her very active little girl kicking her.
    “Omph….oh baby, please….mommy needs sleep….I didn’t sleep well….” Katt groaned as she felt another kick. Katt was starting to move when she heard steps coming towards her.
    “Katt, Dear?” Katt looked up to see Balthazar had just come down the hallway; dressed for the day and seeing his pregnant fiance trying to get up. He goes over to her and stops her from getting up. “Katt, why are you out here? You should be resting.”
    “I couldn’t sleep….I...I was having bad dreams. Then came out here; hoping i could sleep out here, but Amy is act
:iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 0
Recent Stream Sketchdump by KattMcAdam
Mature content
Recent Stream Sketchdump :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 0
Why? by KattMcAdam Why? :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 5 0 Hickey Bites by KattMcAdam Hickey Bites :iconkattmcadam:KattMcAdam 2 0

Kate (and other O.Cs) Drawn By Other Deviants

Christmas 01 by MimmiMe Secret Santa: Kate's Holly Jolly Caroling by StellarFairy :thumb432598420: TGMD - Kate Dunham OC sketch by Yaraffinity OC feature - Kate Dunham by TopHatTurtle TGMD - Kate Dunham stamp by Yaraffinity Happy Birthday to KattMcAdam !! by doraemonbasil GMD OCs: Kate Dunham by ALS123

Kate and Lana
Kate And Lana Sketch By Mimmime by KattMcAdam

GMD-OC-Sketch: Lana Mc Rae !! by doraemonbasil TGMD - Lana McRae stamp by Yaraffinity: TGMD OC Series - Lana McRae by Yaraffinity Kiriban 10k by MimmiMe

Katt and Balthazar by MimmiMe

Kathryn (Kate's past life)
Kathryn De Conti - Present for KattMcAdam !! by doraemonbasil GMD-OC-Sketch : Kathryn and Connor : Let's party ! by doraemonbasil Lift by ThermidorResistance :thumb438090141:

Happy Valentine's Day! by MimmiMe




Kay McDowell
Kay McDowell by Hey-Hopper

Deadline webcomic
Commission: Deadline Characters by MimmiMe

Commission: Katt art by MimmiMe Commission: Luc, Jezebel and Kurtel by MimmiMe

For My Reviews
Commission: KattMcAdam by MimmiMe Commission for KattMcadam by MimmiMe Commission: Katt by MimmiMe


:bulletred:Not started yet
:bulletyellow:In progress

Kay/Basil (in order that they came out)
:bulletgreen:Never Met One Like You

Mature Content

:bulletgreen:Will He Ever Tell Me

Mature Content

:bulletgreen:Worlds Apart

Mature Content

:bulletgreen:It's All Coming Back to Me

Mature Content

:bulletred:Kay/Basil wedding
:bulletred:Kay/Basil children

:bulletgreen:You're an Impossible Mystery

Mature Content

:bulletgreen:Devious and Mad......He Shall Not Have Her!

Mature Content

:bulletgreen:Dream Demon

Mature Content

:bulletyellow:Trapped For Christmas (Conversation bet. Anne and I)

Mature Content

:bulletyellow:Kate's Back Story: Human Years
What Did I Do? Kate's Human Years: 4 Years OldThis is Kate's back story starting with her earliest memories; her 4th birthday. 
I Do Not OWN The Great Mouse Detective, but I DO OWN Kate, Molly and Lidia Dunham (c) me
Kate doesn't remember much from before. Just that at one point her father loved her mother, her and her sister Molly. How happy him and her mom were and how perfect things were....but then again to a four year old getting to wake up with their father's jacket and finding breakfast at the table with family and cartoons did seem perfect......till now.
She woke up and found that she still had her father's brown leather jacket when she was hearing him pass by her room. She got up and out in a rush, wearing his jacket down the stairs since it was too big to carry. She made it just as he was opening the door, with her calling for him to wait. He smiled as he turned around and knelt in front of her, looking at her big brown eyes and her brown hair messy and all over the place. He to
He Saw Me When Other's Didn't Kate's Human Yrs: 13Kate's background at one point when she's thirteen years old. Meeting the very few people at that time that seemed to care about here.
Do Not OWN The Great Mouse Detective, but I DO OWN Kate, Don (Donovan), Isa (Isabella) and Charlie
Kate has had a rough week between receive three new bruises on her from Bob and the kids at school once again picking on her when she was hiding her newest bruise with make-up, well it had swollen up by the time she got to her first period class, so the whole day the kids were calling quasi….like Quasimodo from the cartoon movie. She didn't really mind, she liked how his character was in the movie, but the kids were being cruel about it and at one point during lunch someone threw fries at her, calling her a freak.
Though as bad as school seemed to be it was still better then home, at least this week. Her Aunt Pearl was away on business, leaving Bob in charge of her

Mature Content

:bulletyellow: That's My Princess.....

Mature Content

:bulletgreen: How Can I Let It Go
How Can I Let It GoOkay so I finally listened to "Let It Go" and it ended up inspiring me to write this. This happens between after what happens in "That's My Princess" (yes i will finish it Sweating a little... ) and when Kathryn makes her appearance. When Basil is okay with magic and Kate practicing, but not wanting her to practice it outside.....basically asking her to hide it. (during that time period it's understandable, but at the same time Kate feels like she's just hiding a part of her again and feels that after everything she just can't do that anymore.)
So real quick......
I DO NOT OWN  The Great Mouse Detective and the song "Let It Go" from "Frozen"   But I DO OWN Kate Dunham.
Kate didn’t know why she chose tonight to do this, but after Basil had gone to bed she sneaked out up to the rooftop in her light night gown, not bothering with a coat since the cold never bothered her, not even back home. Kate was looking at the stars t

:bulletyellow:A Rose By Any Other Name (i might be reworking this one, don't know yet ^^; )
:bulletred: Kate/Basil children
:bulletgreen:The Greatest Treasure
The Greatest Treasure ch. 1I DO NOT OWN The Great Mouse Detective. But I DO OWN Kate/Lee, Ally, Matt, Chris, Captain, and Moriarty. Enjoy!
Chapter One
Sitting in his red chair, playing a salty tune on his violin was none other 
then Basil of Bake Street. Though he still takes as many cases now as he 
did ten years ago, he seemed to be more and more dependent on his lovely 
wife Kate to help him on his work. Though she just appears to be a simple 
tutor, she is just as smart and ambitious as he is. 
He had finally started to relax after the string of cases he had this last week 
when all of a sudden a pair of small blondish brunette mice come bouncing down 
the stairs stark naked as he hears Kate and their oldest daughter; Ally trying to 
catch the twins; Chris and Matt. Basil puts his violin down and catches Matt into
 his arms, soaking his evening jacket completely.
"Now Chris, come on out. I already caught Matt. I suggest you be good and come ou

:bulletgreen: Blood Moon

Mature Content

:bulletyellow: Blood Angels of the Night

Katt/Balthazar (:iconmimmime:'s OC)
:bulletgreen: Christmas Traditions
Christmas TraditionsIt was the the second week of December and to both Balthazar and a sixteen and a half year old brunette hair, light brown fur with reddish brown spots, blue eyed teenage girl; Amy, I have lost my bloody mind as I had been decorating the house. Both inside and outside. There was something about Christmas that did that to me. I suppose it was the only time of year that my family was kind to one another…..even if it was fake.
I was eight months pregnant and to them… most Balthazar, believed I shouldn’t be moving so much…..nor should i be able to move so fast either, but all the lights and display was up outside. Sure I had to listen to Amy groan here and there and Balthazar trying to monitor my every move, but it was worth it as night came and I had them along with our sons; A brown hair, reddish-brown, brown eye Abriel and a brown hair, grey furred, blue eyed Theodore come outside when it got dark and turned on the lights. It was only their second Christmas, b

:bulletyellow: Lana's back story:

Mature Content

Mature Content

:bulletyellow:First Days of School

Other O.C
Lidia Dunham (Kate's Mother)
:bulletgreen: If You're So Bad For Me, Why Do I Still Love You

Mature Content

:bulletred: Moriarty's back story

:bulletyellow:Nadia's first years.
A Christmas Wish For One So Small (Where Nadia first becomes canon)

Mature Content

Kathryn's Huntress Years
:bulletyellow:A Dance With the Devil Under a Pale Moon (With Fane and Damien)

Other Stories

:bulletgreen:What If? series

Mature Content


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It's April already. If you are still interested in the raffle. Please, just comment on this journal and you get a number.
With that being said, depending how many show interest will depend if i will raffle the character guide books. Im waiting on ordering them only because i haven't seen any interest in the raffle and its most likely cause i haven't advertised it enough.

So i will give it till April 15th to see. If not enough are interested, im gonna scrap the character guides till i want to, but that means i still have the Katsumi plushie to raffle, which here are the final product of it
Linked Image by KattMcAdamLinked Image(1) by KattMcAdam

As well as the three free commissions. So if you want to know more here's the link to my journal
Change to the Anniversary contestSo yeah, after some inner debate, i decided to scrap the fan art contest and do one big raffle.
I had been thinking about this for days and to me deep down i know no one would enter that one. My webcomic gets enough views and has it's readers, but i don't think enough that to make that work. So im simply going to do the raffle
So with that im changing the raffle a little.
So first...
you must follow me
I will take new followers if any up till April 15th, but please if your only following so you can enter and just unfollow later, please don't bother then. I want this fair for both current and new followers.
(im going to post this on twitter, tumblr, facebook page and instagram. Also on my webcomic itself, but for that just comment on that comic strip i announce this one and will still assign a number.)
comment on the journal.
When you do, i'll assign a number. For each time you share this journal i will give you another number. Just when you comment it on here, you have t

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    A fifteen minute drive from the police department in London stood a five story white buildings with windows for every floor of the building. When walked inside you’re greeted with luxurious marble flooring, beautiful brown walls, black comfortable chairs and couches in the waiting area and a lovely desk clerk sitting at her curved white desk; ready to greet you.

    On the fifth floor; where five of the top lawyers worked at in their own fully furnished private offices; one was not only the boss, but owner of Cain & Co. Sitting at his desk was a young looking man, though he was closer to his forties than twenties; staring out his window as his assistant; a young woman in her late twenties came in. Pushing her glasses up to her nose as she saw the state her boss was in.

    “Sir? Your last client just finished paying off what he owes from that divorce case….shall I got ahead and deposit into the company account?”

    “Yes, yes….go ahead” The brunette haired boss said as he waved her off.

    “Moriarty...Mr. Cane, is something wrong?” She asked with concern in her tone

    He sighed as he turned. His blue eyes looking in her direction as he pushed his hair back and out of his grey furred face. “I’m bored! It’s quiet. No clients, no pathetic cases to come in and at least give me something to do.” He said as she gave a sigh of relief.

    “Mr. Cain, sir...why don’t you text your little boyfriend and see if he’s available?” She smiled as she’s seen her boss with a certain short detective and found them to be adorable.

    “I have….six times!....he’s not answering me….I think he’s either finishing up a case or he has paperwork and doesn’t have time.” He pouted as he bounced back and forth in his chair.

    “Then maybe….you should indulge yourself in….one of your hobbies….” She suggested as he glanced at her and smiled.

    “Great idea, Penny…..and I think i just got an idea….Penny, do i have any meetings this week?”

    “None, Sir.”

    “Good….I got some calls to make. I’ll let you know what’s going on with me in an hour.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    The next morning at one of the more high class jewelry stores; yellow caution tape around the front and around the broken glass displays; a certain detective arrived to the crime scene along with his friend.

    “Detective Rathbark! I’m so pleased to see you made it.” Said the jeweler as the police had stood by waiting.

    “Yes, i was called in for your case. Now please explain what happened when you got here this morning?”

    “I  arrived here ten this morning to find my windows and glass door broken in. I carefully went in and saw all my glass displays where i kept my newest and best jewelry for show. I noticed that none of the jewelry in the display was missing, just pushed around. I checked my office; where i kept the safe for the money, but it wasn’t broken into.”

    “ nothing was taken?”

    “I didn’t say that. One thing was taken and unfortunately I’m going to have to call my client about it; A diamond and emerald necklace I was putting together for my client. She came in yesterday and saw my silver necklace with small diamonds and at the time large sapphires. She asked if there was another one i could use and replace the sapphires with emeralds. I was happy to comply and had finished it before closing last night. So when i went to my locked drawers where i keep certain jewelry for clients that one was gone.”

    “So this wasn’t a normal robbery, this one was looking for a specific jewelry….tell us, who was the client?”

    “Well she was buying it for her boss, but her name was Mrs. P. Smith….sorry I can’t be more of help.”

    “Did she say where she works at?”

    “No unfortunately, but I’ll tell her to contact you when i get a hold of her.” The jeweler said as as Rathbark started looking around for clues.

    “What do you think, Basil?”

    “I believe that whoever stole it had been watching our mystery client purchasing the necklace….hmm….excuse me, sir….do those cameras work?” Rathbark said as he pointed to one of the security cameras up in the corner.

    “Oh yes! I was so startled about all this, i forgot to look at the camera. Here, i’ll pull up last night’s footage…”

    “As well as yesterday’s footage. I believe that whoever stole it might have been watching your client.” Rathbark said as they followed the Jeweler to the office to pull up the footage.

    They watched the four little black and white squares of footage. When the jeweler pointed out to the woman that was buying the necklace, Rathbark noticed something.

    “She’s avoiding having her face shown on the cameras….as if she already knew where the cameras were at.” Surprised as the woman also wore a hat to cover her hair and a portion of her face when she’d turn. It was when the jeweler in the video turned when the woman looked up at one of the cameras and smiled before she turned back to the jeweler. “Did she just-”

    “Acknowledge that someone might be watching this? I believe so, Basil.” Dawson said

    “Sir, did that woman pay for that necklace?”

    “Yes, in cash and in full.”

    “How much?”

    “Well...including tax….and having to customize it….it came to 360,000 dollars.” the jeweler said as Rathbark almost choked on what he just heard.

    “That is quite on the expensive side. Who has a secretary that would carry that much money on their person?” Dawson said.

    “Possibly quite a few, but one does come to mind-” Rathbark started before one of the officers came knocking on the door.

    “Sir, we just got another call….another robbery three blocks from here.”

    “Another one? Fine. Sir, if you would cooperate with our officer and hand the footage over to him for evidence.” the Jeweler agreed as Rathbark and Dawson left; heading to the store they were told at and surprised to see what type of store was robbed.

    “A lingerie store? That’s….unexpected.” Dawson said as they walked in. Same as the jewelry store; broken windows and door. Display a mess, clothes thrown around. No money was stolen. Only thing that seemed missing was a light blue baby doll lingerie set with thong and stockings as a hanger set was left on a display that wasn’t destroyed. Rathbark got a good look and smiled.

    “This is so cute….” Rathbark whispered as the owner of the store smiled.

    “I know, it’s adorable….they’re new too. I just put them out yesterday and had a woman buy a set from me, though i don’t think she bought it for her.” She said as Rathbark had blushed a little that he was overheard.

    “How so?”

    “We’ll...honestly i don’t think it was her size. She was tall and no curves. These are best on those that are petite with nice hips…like it would look good on you, if you got one.” She smiled as Rathbark blushed,

    “I...i wouldn’t...I don’t wear this kind….of stuff….” Rathbark said as Dawson chuckled.

    “It is a good color on you, Basil. Moriarty would probably love it on you.” Dawson said as Rathbark fumed while blushing.

    “Madam, do you have footage of this woman and possibly last night’s robbery.” Getting back on track, the store owner nodded and brought them to the back where the footage is recorded and seen.

    It was the woman again as they watched her walk in and again avoiding the cameras. Only looking up for a moment just enough to not only smile, but to blow a kiss at it as well; making Rathbark fume.

    “I feel like I’m being mocked.” He said as they were about to get into last night’s footage when once again one of the officers came in and told Rathbark and Dawson there was another robbery. Rathbark groaning as he can’t seem to finish watching the footage. Having the officer take the footage back to the department as Rathbark and Dawson went to the next robbery.

    The last one was a shoe store. Same as the last two stores; where the only thing that seems to be missing is a pair of shoes; leaving only the box with the paper stuffers inside. Only difference was that the cameras haven’t been working so there was no footage, but by the description the employee that worked yesterday gave, it was definitely the woman again that had bought the shoes with cash.

    “Now what? Do you have any suspects?” Dawson asked

    “There’s one i want to go get an alibi from….just so I can get him out of the way….” I hope it’s not him….he said he gave up crime….Rathbark thought as they head to their destination.

    “Sir? Detective Rathbark is down in the lobby; requesting to come see you. Shall we have him come up then?” Penny said as Moriarty seemed pleased.

    “Yes...oh but how should i look when he comes to my office? Leaning on my desk? Sitting on my desk, standing?....laying across my desk in a provocative way?”

    “Sir, you’re trying too hard. Just sit at your desk and look like your busy.”

    “Aww….but I wore my fitted jeans….”

    “Trying too hard, sir.”

    “Right….alright, have him come up….wait is he alone?”

    “No…but i can have his associate wait out here with me while Rathbark speaks with you.”

    “Thank you, Penny.” He breathed as Penny left his office. After a while a knock came the door while he was on his computer. “Door’s open” Moriarty shouted as the door open and Rathbark came in. “Hi, dear. What brings you here?” Moriarty said as he stood up and came around. Leaning against his desk so he could talk to Rathbark more comfortably; causing the detective to blush as he saw the jeans Moriarty was wearing

    “Hi, dear….I’ve been on a case that involve a string of robberies….” Rathbark was trying to concentrate as he tries not to look down from Moriarty’s eyes. “And all of them have something in common…..a woman that happens to know where the cameras are, covering her face enough you can only see her mouth….and seems to look at the camera and smiles….paying in full with cash.”

    “And what’s wrong with that?”

    “The first store was a jewelry store where the only thing that went missing is a 360,000 necklace that she paid for in full.”

    “She sounds rich.”

    “She's a secretary. She bought the necklace for her boss”

    “Risky….her boss could be married.”

    “Morty…..where were you last night?” Rathbark looked at Moriarty; hoping it wasn't him.

    “I was here finishing paperwork with my assistant till 7:30. My desk clerk can prove we were here.”


    “I went home, curled up on the couch….watching cheaters” Moriarty said with a pout as Rathbark stared at him. It was the smile that told Rathbark not to feel too bad. “Kidding on the cheaters….but I did go home and binge watch Netflix. At 8:30 I ordered thai food. Got it at 9:30 and from ten till two a.m in the morning I was talking to my sister; Abby while she's in America for her fashion tour. You can check my phone records” Moriarty smiled as Rathbark breathed a sigh of relief.

    Moriarty went over to him and cupped the cute detective’s face. “Dear….you don't have anything to worry….”

    “I know… just….seemed like your thing. To look at the camera and smile….as if you know I'm watching.”

    “It does seem like it, but dear if I’m going to commit a crime, it's going to be me only….and I told you I don't commit crimes anymore….except pick-pocketing my snobbish rich clients” Moriarty chuckled

    “I know….I just….wanted to make sure” Rathbark looked down till Moriarty tilted his head back up.

    “Don't worry about it. Listen, once you've solved it, tell your boss your taking time off and then come over. We’ll spend the next few days together. Just the two of us….and I can give you the pampering and loving you deserve.” Moriarty smiled as he pulled Rathbark closer to him. He leans down close and whispers something that made Rathbark turn completely red.


    “Just let me know when you’re coming over, okay?” Moriarty smiled before kissing Rathbark on the cheek. “I’ll be peach bottom.”

    “D-don’t call me that.” Rathbark fumed as he blushed; making Moriarty chuckle as it was always cute to him when Rathbark blushed.

    Moriarty smiled as Rathbark turned to leave; Moriarty watching as Rathbark walked away. Watching as how his hips and butt swayed as he walked. When Rathbark and Dawson was out of sight, Penny came in to see her boss smiling.

    “I take it you’re pleased, sir?”

    “For now…..oh the temptation to just pull him to my couch and have some playtime was overwhelming.” Moriarty sighed as he went to his window and watched Rathbark and Dawson start heading back to the station from his window.

    “Honestly, I’m very glad you didn’t….last time you and your detective played, i had a hard time explaining to clients why their receipts were…..sticky.” Penny said as Moriarty chuckled sheepishly.

    “My apologies, Penny… time my Basil and I play, we’ll do it on McDougal’s desk while he’s on vacation again.” Moriarty chuckled as Penny sighed.

    “Or go home and do it. That’s what a bedroom is for.”

    “Or i’ll just put a bed sheet on the couch….less to clean up”

    “Just keep it quiet it then….i don’t want to hear you two…..and boss?”

    “Hm? What is it Penny?”

    “Please….do us all a favor….don’t wear your fitted jeans here again…..the droid on Mars can see your boner through those things.” Penny chuckled as Moriarty quickly untucks his shirt to hide it.

    “Thank you, Penny. That will be all for now.”

    “Yes, sir.” She chuckled as she headed out of the office to let her boss have alone time.

    By evening Rathbark finally got through questions other customers that had the same M.O; secretary shopping for boss. Rathbark and Dawson reached their desks to find a few papers and DVDs. Rathbark was about to start looking through when a beige furred detective came through with her partner; smiling as she stops.

    “Evening, Rathbark. How’s your case going?”

    “Just fine, Miss Kay. Did you leave all this at my desk?”

    “Yup. When the officers came over with those DVDs i took them an sat them on your desk. As for the papers they’re credit card records from some of your suspects and a phone call log of a certain one….i take it you visited that honey of yours first.”

    “Just….getting the usual suspects out of the way first.” He blushed as Kay chuckled.

    “Rathbark, when was the last time you spent time with him?”

    Rathbark tried to think back to when. Other than today it had been a couple of months since they really spent any real time with each other. He’s had a lot of cases recently and Moriarty seemed to understand. It was a sigh from Kay that brought his attention back over.

    “Rathbark, if you have to spend this long trying to think of when that last time was, then you know it’s been too long.” Kay pushed her light brown hair back as Rathbark rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

    “I suppose it has been.”

    “Listen….go home and spend some time with him. This stuff can wait till morning…” Kay suggested as Rathbark shook his head.

    “No….i told Morty that when I finish with this case that I would ask for some time off and spend it with him….so I’m going to look over the records and watch the DVDs and hope that the criminal left a clue.” Rathbark started going through the records first.

    Everyone’s alibi’s came through, including Moriarty’s. Everything he said was on the dot. So why does it feel off. Rathbark thought as maybe it just seemed too perfect to him.  He started going through the DVD from the jewelry store; fast forwarding through the day and into the night after the store closed. He watched through carefully till one a.m on the camera recording came up and saw a shadow at the glass door. It was odd because the shadow seemed to stay there till the door open and someone dressed in complete black clothes and mask came in; carrying what looks like a duffle bag.

    “Did he….pick the lock? But that doesn’t make sense….everything was broken…” Intrigued; Rathbark kept watching as the criminal went over to a locked drawer and picked the lock it seemed.

    Opening the drawer; the man pulled out a square looking box that looked like it would hold the necklace the jeweler had told them about. He looked closer as the criminal seemed to be looking at a paper that’s with the necklace and held onto it. Sticking the necklace in the bag and then pulling out a large hammer. Rathbark watched as the criminal smashed the glass in the displays and messing up the jewelry inside.

    “What’s the point of this? Didn’t steal anything else. Just the necklace.” When the criminal finished the display. He looked up at the camera and lifted his mask just enough so only the mouth showed and smiled at the camera. He then puts his hand to his mouth and blew the camera a kiss before pulling the mask back down and smashed the windows and glass door before shoving the hammer back in and leaves.

    “No….no that can’t…..” Rathbark took the DVD out and puts the one from the lingerie store in. Fast forwarding through till about one-thirty a.m where there was a shadow and again it seemed like the criminal picked the lock as he walked inside.

    Pushing clothes displays down and tossing clothes around. He got to the set where the empty hanger was found. He digs into his duffle bag and pulls out a empty hanger and puts it up in the display. “What? Th-that doesn’t make sense. Why go through all this trouble just to put a hanger back.” Rathbark watched carefully as the criminal walked up the the camera and once again lifted his mask up enough to only show the mouth. He puts a finger up as if saying to hold on as he digs into the duffle bag and pulls out a couple of pieces of paper.

    He goes over to the counter near the camera and stands up on it and holds one of two pieces of paper as close to the camera as he could. “Rathbark paused it and started zooming in on it till he saw that it was the receipt from the jewelry store that also has instructions on it. “Item paid in full….customer picking up will be either…..P. Smith or…..M….Cain!...b-but how?! He has an alibi!” Rathbark fumed as he continued to play the video. The criminal put the small paper away and held another one saying: I’ll see you soon, dear.  He smiled as he put it away and blew a kiss at the camera before hopping down and goes to break the windows and door before moving onto his next destination.

    “I-I cant…..” Rathbark fumed as his face turned red. He hurridly gets the DVD out and leaves it on his desk with everything else before he starts to leave. Dawson speaking up as Rathbark storms past his desk.


    “I can handle this, Dawson. You go home.” Was all Rathbark said as he left.

    The house smelled amazing as Moriarty had been cooking all afternoon; making all of Rathbark’s favorites. From a slow cooked deer to even mushy peas; something Moriarty hated, but knew his Basil loved it and dessert he made both fruit tarts and a chocolate cake in case his detective was still not pleased and the tarts wouldn’t be enough. He had finished setting the meat and peas on the table along with mashed potatoes and a gravy to go with it when he heard some angry grumbling coming towards the door.

    “Sounds like he knows.” Moriarty whispered as he went ahead and lit the two candles he had on the table and had three wrapped gifts on a clear spot on the table. He turned as he heard the door open and slammed close and saw a fuming detective coming at him.

    “YOU LIED!”


    “You said not to worry….that you don’t commit crimes anymore!”

    “But dear….i haven’t committed any crimes…..not real bad ones anyway….”

    “MORIARTY!” He yelled as he fumed.

    Moriarty walked over and cupped Rathbark’s face. “Dear….I promise I didn’t commit any real crimes….the necklace….it’s not stealing since i bought it and the jeweler was nice enough to have called me and told me the necklace was done before he closed. I just simply went to pick it up. When he called me this afternoon about it, i told him i was surprised because i received the necklace this morning. When he told me what happened i told him how horrible that was and for what he did for me about the necklace, i told him i’d pay for the damage so he won’t have to worry about costs and would have people come in and fix his glass to stronger glass and his display tomorrow” Moriarty said as Rathbark stared at him in surprise.

    “Y-you already paid to have his store fixed?”

    “Yes. Same with the lingerie store and i didn’t even steal anything from them. I just simply wanted to return the hanger, but i did call the lingerie store thanking them for helping my secretary in picking an outfit for my….beautiful wife….and when they told me what happened, well out of good faith i told them i would paid for their windows and door to be fixed and the guys will be there tomorrow as well….and same with the shoe store. Didn’t want the box either, so i returned it. Also paid for them to not only have their windows and doors fixed, but told them about the security company i have for my office building and told them to give my name so they would get the best and with a discount so they wouldn’t get robbed again.” Moriarty smiled as Rathbark was just dumbfounded.

    “You…but...why?! Why would you….why did you-” Before Rathbark could finish, Moriarty leaned down and kissed him deeply. Taking in the taste and feel of Rathbark as he kissed his slowly; holding him as Moriarty wraps his arms around him.

    When they finally separated, Moriarty cupped his cheek gently as he looked into his eyes. “Because i missed you….I wanted to see you so badly.”

    “You could have told me….a small warning that you were doing this….”

    “But you’re so cute when you’re mad….besides….I like watching you run….the way your hips and cute little butt move….it’s hard not to watch.” Moriarty chuckled as Rathbark blushed as he pouted at Moriarty.

    “You could have told me…”

    “But dear...if I had then we wouldn’t have the next few days to spend together.” Moriarty smiled a little as Rathbark still pouted at him. “Come on….i have a very lovely dinner for us….I made a slow cooked deer…with a nice gravy for it and mashed potatoes….mushy peas.”

    “You made mushy peas?”

    “And…..fruit tarts and a chocolate cake for dessert….so you have your pick of dessert.”

    “Well…..I am hungry.”

    “And I do have gifts.” Moriarty smiled as he walked Rathbark to the table where it’s all set up. Grabbing the small box that Rathbark saw in the video. He opened it up to reveal the beautiful emerald and diamond necklace that made Rathbark gasp as he saw how beautiful it was. Moriarty took it out and goes to put it on his loving detective. “There….it looks beautiful on you.”

    “Thank you….look better if i had a dress…” Rathbark said as he looked at it.

    “Then we’ll go shopping tomorrow. You can pick whatever dresses you want….that is after i make breakfast and….give you a morning delight.” Moriarty smiled as Rathbark blushed. “Here, let’s eat dinner before it gets cold….then you can try on the rest of your gifts and i’ll keep to what i told you earlier…” Moriarty leaned down to Rathbark’s ear as he whispered. “About how i would….make sure you are pampered, loved….and pleasured completely.” Moriarty held Rathbark as he did before kissing on his neck and hearing a whimper come from his cute detective.

    “O-okay…..i believe you….shall we eat then?”

    “Yes, we shall.” Moriarty went and pulled the chair out for Rathbark for him to sit.

    “I do ask one thing though….how did you do this? You had an alibi, but you still did all” Rathbark asked as he sat

    “Now dear….if I told you, it wouldn’t be much fun anymore….” Moriarty chuckled as Rathbark pouted at him. “But….if you can figure out how, then i will honestly tell you yes or no….alright?” Moriarty smiled as Rathbark agreed.

    Rathbark took his time to think while Moriarty fixed their plates of food to eat; handing Rathbark his first before his own.

    “So the woman….P. Smith….is your secretary….she’s the one that had been buying the stuff for you and….doing those shots at the camera.”

    “Yes….i told her to do that….i knew you’d would suspect me if she did that.”

    “Is that why you wore those jeans? You knew i’d come to see you.” he pouted as the smile on Moriarty’s face was a sure giveaway. Moriarty sat down with his own food while Rathbark started eating while trying to think. “You talked to Abby till two a.m, but you were robbing...not robbing the stores….wait, when you said you went home, did you go home by yourself? Because if you weren’t alone, then you could have handed your phone off while you go do the breaking and entering….” Rathbark said as Moriarty smiled.

    “Sounds like you got it….Penny, my secretary helped me out. She talked to Abby while i went and did the breaking and entering.”

    “But you said if you were going to do a crime, it would be alone…”

    “And i was alone….it’s not a crime to talk to my sister….thus I did commit the crimes alone….and i paid to make up for it and since nothing is missing and the jeweler’s customer got his purchase….can safely say there’s no case anymore and you can relax...and i still kept my word that i wouldn’t commit anymore crimes.” Moriarty smiled as Rathbark pouted.

    “I suppose so….” Rathbark said as Moriarty chuckled and took his hand.

    “Dear….you’re adorable when you pout….makes me want to lean over and kiss those luscious lips.” Moriarty smiled as Rathbark blushed.

    “Save that talk for the bedroom.”

    “Oh believe me, I am...and much more.”


A Crime for Love
It's been forever since i've written anything with Moriarty in it, but i loved writing him in this. As a recap, Moriarty Cain is my criminal lawyer; which in canon has a thing for Basil....and also has trouble with love. So with basically all of mine and :iconcherlnida:'s rps we have, both Moriarty and Rathbark always end up together and they're just adorable ^^ and this definitely show it.

cause what happens when Cutie little detective hasn't spent time with my criminal? he gets creative XD


Dawson belongs to eva titus/disney

Rathbark belongs to :iconcherlnida:©

Moriarty, Penny and Kay belong to me :iconkattmcadam:©
Watching You, My Lovely Broken Angel
Kurtel when powerful and mad and obsessive over a young Katt ^^;  

Kurtel and Katt belong to me :iconkattmcadam:©
Steampunk Couple
I loved drawing Katsumi and Lexis like this. Like this would be a possible wedding outfits ^^

Katsumi and Lexis and all content of my webcomic "Deadline" belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:© aka Masked-Moon on
Angie Dress
Another one i don't draw often, but should. She also has a great personality and so sweet ^^

Angie and all content of my webcomic "Deadline" belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:© aka Masked-Moon on
Sugure in corset
I do draw Sugure more than Angie and Amber, but i don't draw Sugure in dresses or anything considered revealing or sexual, but i loved drawing her in this where it shows her in a corset but also looking a bit elegant. ^^

Sugure and all content of my webcomic "Deadline" belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:© aka Masked-Moon on
I don't draw her much, but should. She has such a great background and the most chill ^^

Amber and all content of my webcomic "Deadline" belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:© aka Masked-Moon on 

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    That evening Kelsey returned with all her bags on her as she entered the hotel and greeted by a friendly smile from Deus. “And you’ve returned….good timing, I believe Madame E just had your room finished.”

    “Oh, okay...I guess I just wait here then…”

    “Don’t worry, it’s not a long wait.” Kelsey turned as she saw Madam E coming down from a hallway. “Come along, dear. I will show you to your room.” She waved for Kelsey to come as she followed Madam E.

    The hallway was bright with beautiful blue wallpaper with white and cream victorian style design. The wall lamps gave off beautiful light as they walked. Each door was different and yet still the same color so no to be too distracting of how the decor is.

    “Now, this hall is for employees only. All my girls do more than just….tricks and such. I have three that clean the rooms, i have four that are servers at the cafe and three cooks….tell me, what are you best at?” Madame E asked


    “Good, we need another chef. Now anything specific that you’re good at cooking?”

    “Desserts, american and british food, but i’ve also cooked pasta dishes, baked dinners and...well home cooked dinners.”

    “Wonderful, we could use that….now of course we do have rules. One, no clients in your room. If you want to have sex on your own time, that’s fine, but while on the clock no clients in your room. Your room is your sanctuary and should stay as your safe place...rule two, even though we tell the guests to lock their doors and be in their room by eleven-thirty, you do not. You live here, you work here...our….ghostly residences know not to hurt employees….but i do suggest you don’t anger or annoy them or they may not be able to hold back….three, do not stay in the client’s room long. Once done, you call me and then you get out of there. For safety reasons of course. Rule four, do not go into room 103 with a client. That room tends to be saved for the really bad. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Otherwise….you can basically do whatever you wish. The kitchen is usually what employees use to make their own food, im always ordering in bulk, so there’s no worries. We also have a bar at which my two bartenders also live here. If you had a rough session or just need to take the edge off, they will be happy to fix you a drink. They are so good, you don’t even have to know what you want, they usually know what you want. Understand?”

    “Yes….just so much to take it.” Kelsey said as she was awed by it all.

    Madame E smiled as they stopped at one door that has carvings of crescent moons and stars. With key at hand, she unlocks the door and pushes it open for Kelsey. A blue and white room with a large bed, a nightstand, dresser drawers, a closet, a nice size round wooden table with chairs and plenty of plugs for whatever electronics she has. Madame E smiled as she let Kelsey plops her bags down and look around. There was even a bathroom with a beautiful large shower and bath, sink counter with medicine cabinet, mirror and toilet.

    “This is incredible….do all of the employees rooms look like this?”

    “Well started off, but you can decorate it however you like, just please try not to break anything if you can help it and don’t repaint the walls. It’s a pain when employees leave here and we have to do it. Last one had their room painted yellow and orange….Now come on, lets at least show you where the kitchen is so you can have dinner and tomorrow breakfast.” Kelsey followed Madame E out as they went back down the hall.

    Back to the main entrance and to a small opening on the opposite side lead to the cafe that customers would go to eat, but off to the right was employees only sign for the door next to it. Kelsey gasped as she walked into what looked like a five star kitchen.

    “So big…”

    “We worked very hard to make sure that we had a big enough of a kitchen of accommodate everyone.”


    “Yes. I’m co-owner and boss. The one that will be showing you the ropes as our girl tomorrow is Bellz. She’s the other one.” Madame E said as she started to show Kelsey around the kitchen. Startled when a brunette young lady with her hair braided back pops up. “Oh!”

    “Sorry, Madame E. I dropped something while i was cleaning up.” She said as she smiled sheepishly.

    “That’s alright...oh Fern, this is Kelsey. She’s our newest girl here. She’ll be working the kitchen with you. Kelsey, this is Fern. She’s worked here for a couple years here and is our best chef. Fern, I’m going to have you buddy Kelsey till she’s comfortable enough in this kitchen, starting tomorrow. Alright?”

    “Alright. It’s nice to meet you, Kelsey.” Fern smiled as Kelsey blushed.

    “I-it’s nice meeting you too, Fern.” Kelsey said as she smiled sheepishly.

    “You’ll meet with Fern in here tomorrow morning at 6 a.m to start prep work.” Madame E told Kelsey as Kelsey understood. “Now, you have dinner and get yourself settled in. Remember 6 a.m tomorrow morning with Fern, then at five p.m Bellz will show you the ropes. Just meet her in the living room.”

    Madame E wished them good night before she headed out. Fern waves Kelsey over shyly as Kelsey came over.

    “Here, I’ll show you where the food is at and where the pans, pots and other stuff are….you know what you’re in the mood for?”

    “I-Im not sure.” Kelsey said; avoiding what her mind was ready to say.

    “Well....we have a very large food pantry, fridge and freezer. You won’t ever have to worry about having the same thing twice in a month, unless you choose for it to be.” Fern said as she showed the walk in pantry to Kelsey. “So...see anything that catches your eye?”

    “Um….i see cereal….” Kelsey said as Fern looks at her.

    “Is something wrong? You seem a bit distracted?” Fern asked

    “May I be up front with you?” Fern nods as Kelsey continues. “The second I saw you, I thought you were absolutely cute….adorable….hot…. and if you already hadn’t had dinner, i’d ask you to join me.” Kelsey said as Fern blushed a deep red.

    “Well I….We could sit together and talk...but...are you really only going to eat cereal?” Fern said as she felt her face heated from Kelsey’s words.

    “’s the easiest….don’t really want to dirty any pots or pans that you might have already cleaned.”

    “It’s perfectly alright. Here, let me show you the refrigerator and maybe you’ll see something else you might want to eat.”

    “Alright.” Kelsey sighed as they went to the industrial size refrigerator. “How do you guys find anything in this thing? It’s huge!”

    “Well...dairy is middle shelf, sauces top shelf, bottom shelf is jars of pickles, grapes, cherry tomatoes, jams, and our homemade dressings.  Left side drawers are fruits, but apples are in top shelf, oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes in middle drawer, plums, peaches, apricots, tomatoes and avocados in bottom drawer. Right side is veggies; top left is carrots, cucumbers, and celery. Middle drawer is green beans, golden beets, and brussel sprouts...yeah that’s my feeling exactly” Fern chuckled as she saw Kelsey’s sour expression for brussel sprouts. “Bottom drawer is corn and bags of spinach. Now the big drawers hold the bigger obviously. Left is melons, watermelons, cantaloupes and pineapples. Right is cabbage, lettuce and artichokes….”

    “Did you say artichokes?” Kelsey looked surprised as she asked.

    “Yes….but are you sure you want to steam one?”

    “I don’t steam them. I bake them...granted it takes a little over an hour, but always worth it….would you like to try it my way? By the time they’re done, you might be hungry.” Kelsey suggested as Fern thought about it.

    “Alright….If you’re okay with it.”

    “Of course. I need a large cookie sheet, foil, olive oil, pepper, garlic, and red pepper...and a serrated knife. Could you help me find the stuff?” Fern nodded as they gathered everything.

    Kelsey getting the oven warmed up while she prepared the artichokes. It didn’t seem to take long to prepare as she got them in the oven and set the timer for an hour. “So….how haunted is this place?”

    “It’s a lot more haunted than people actually know about.” Fern said as she sat on the countertop as Kelsey hopped up with her.

    “I’ve heard about customers disappearing, a horrible sight of a woman with a skull like face, sights of hell….is that all true?”

    “Basically….at least from what other girls and customers have said. I haven’t actually experienced it, except hear a scream during the night. I try not to stay out of my room for too long at night.”

    “I see…” Kelsey pondered for a bit before she turned to Fern. “If you don’t mind me asking….what preference of customers do you have?”

    “Mostly women and not into BDSM. I know some are and i politely reject them and suggest one of the girls that is into that and women.”

    “Oh, okay….that’s a good idea.”

    “Do you have any preferences?”

    “I haven’t really figured that out yet. I’ve only been with one guy...I mean, i like both boys and girls, but i’ve never been with a girl and was with the boy for three years….”

    “And you’re alright with...doing this I mean?”

    “Well….it’s a job and a place to live while I’m going to college. I already got all my credits done with the basic courses back home, so coming here to London, I can focus on the course i need to take to get the degrees i want.”

    “You look so young, how old are you?”

    “Twenty, almost twenty-one.”

    “Not much younger than me”

    “How long have you been working here?”

    “Since I was almost four years. Same reason as you. It’s a job, a place to live while I go to college. I’m going to be starting my fourth year in a month. Then two more years and I can apply for the police department.”

    “You want to be a cop?”

    “Well...a detective, but i have to start off as a cop first when i get hired. Once I do and find my own place, I’ll put in my two week notice.”

    “That’s good. At least you have something to strive for. I have my plans of course, but I’m not sure if they’ll work out.”

    “What are you going for in college?”

    “Majoring in business, minor in education. I would like to be a teacher while building my business….I was thinking of an actual new age...witchcraft store….that might also be an adult store.” Kelsey rubbed the neck of her neck sheepishly as she blushed.

    “Well, it would certainly be interesting.”

    “It’s something different. My parents wanted me to do something that could make me real money. A doctor, lawyer….that typical sort of thing, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working at something im not going to be happy about….they don’t seem to get it.” Kelsey said as she checked her phone for the time.

    “Mine seems to worry about me wanting to join the police force, but i think it’s worth it.” Fern said. “It’s better than being a doctor. Apparently my great-aunt was and apparently her methods were questionable, but a great doctor nonetheless.”

    “Thats cool. I don’t really know a whole lot about my family. Mostly high pay jobs….they were always too busy for me, but that’s fine….it’s better than having abusive parents….” Kelsey seemed to be in her thoughts for a moment till her timer went off. “Oh! Artichokes are done!” Kelsey hops down and pulls them out. Turning the stove off and gets plates down and a couple of small cups. “Here’s im going to melt some butter once these are cooled down.”

    “How long does that take?”

    “About ten minutes….so….i was thinking….if you’re okay with it…..i-i have no real experience….and….I was wondering” Kelsey blushed as Fern leaned up and kissed Kelsey on the lips.

    “I’ll help you….after dinner?”

    “Y-yes.” Kelsey smiled sheepishly as she blushed redder. “Can we practice a bit while we wait….” Kelsey asked as Fern nodded and kissed Kelsey again while they wait.

    Coming through to the main room; chuckling was Madame E as Deus stood at the desk reading. “I take it Kelsey is doing fine then?”

    “She...has made a friend in Fern.” She smiled as she walked over. “Any new customers?”

    “Yup…..a disgruntled manager who thinks he deserves the best of your girls….I gave him Centi….i figured he’d have fun.”

    “Oh yeah...she’s real handsy” They chuckled before Madame E went to her office to do paperwork.

    In a well furnished room that the theme was royal since the room was of royal blues and purples. The heavy set, balding, tan furred man laid there in the bed in all of his so called glory while he waited. Trying to be patient as the small, dark haired, white furred woman came out in a robe; smiling as she clambered on top of him.

    “Hmmm, you feel real nice, young lady.” the man said as he felt hands rubbing all over him.

    “Good, now close your eyes and enjoy my hands on work.” She smiled as he felt hadn’t thought about it for a while as he felt her hands all over him.

    He felt his mind slipping as he thought how amazing she felt. That is till he realized that he felt more than two hands on him and opened his eyes. “Hey! Who else is touching me, i’m not paying for two-” He stopped in mid sentence as shock came over him. Straddling on him was the same woman, but missing the robe; revealing his four extra arms that stuck out of her sides as she rode him.

    “Now, now….I told you to close your eyes….you broke my rules….now….I’m going to have to take care of you.” Her tongue slithered out like a snake as the man screamed with fright. Grabbing his arms with two of her hands; she covered his mouth with a third. Riding him still to get her kicks as a tearing could be heard. A slow ripping of skin as she’s ripping his arms off and the man’s muffled screaming grows louder. That is till he felt her grab his tongue and ripped it out of his mouth instead. Leaving his mouth drooling with blood as he cried.

    By the time she was finished, so was the man as his armless body laid their on the bed. Covering up as she was heading to leave; none other than Deus was waiting outside the room. “Evening Deus.” she smiled.

    “Another one, Centi?”

    “He broke my rule. All he had to do was keep his eyes closed.” She smiled as she shrugged.

    “How bad is it this time?”

    “Only two limbs and a tongue ripped this time….he didn’t piss me off too badly.” She said as he sighed.

    “Fine….I’ll call housekeeping…..where’s the parts?”

    “Arms are on the bed….I’m keeping the tongue….”

    “Feeling snackish?”

    “Very…..a tongue from such a cow should make a lovely beef sandwich.”

    “Right….you go on then and make sure you’re in your room in two hours” Deus sighed as he called for housekeeping and to bring a blood bucket just in case.

    As Fern and Kelsey was heading out after a nice dinner, they saw Centi coming in with something wrapped in cloth. Centi looked at Kelsey as she was intrigued. “You must be the new girl I’ve heard about.”

    “Yes, uh Kelsey….”

    “Centi….it’s a pleasure to meet you….don’t mind me. I got another….exotic meat and I have to cook it tonight or it won’t be good….have a good night.” She chuckled as she went onto the kitchen.

    “Exotic meat?” Kelsey raised an eyebrow to.

    “She seems to get a lot of that. She’s more of a massage/hand job kind of girl….but apparently she’s amazing if men bring her both cash and meat…..though I’ve heard they mostly give her tongue.” Fern said as Kelsey chuckled.

    “There’s a joke somewhere in there.”

    “Anyway, come on….we only got a couple of hours before we have to be in our own rooms….let’s head to my room and we can get started.” she smiled as Kelsey blushed and followed Fern to her room.

    A knock came rapping on the door as Madame E was busy with some paperwork. She shouted for them to come in to see Deus coming in with a cooler in hand. She smiled as she removed the reading glasses she wore on her desk.

    “Is that thanks to Centi again?”

    “Yup. The guy was really fat, but barely alive so draining him wasn’t a problem at all and she didn’t rip many limbs off of the guy so not too much blood went to waste and only have to wash the bed for once.”

    “Good. Go ahead and stick them in my freezer here, though I’ll take a bag now and a glass with ice.”

    “Want some tabasco sauce and vodka with a celery stick as well and make it a bloody cow.” Deus said as Madame E chuckled and shook her head.

    “Not tonight….I need to keep a fully clear head.”

    “Busy tonight?” Deus started packing the rest of the blood packs into a small freezer before pulling a tray of ice out and a glass.

    “Sort of, but not really work related.”

    “I see….alright then.” He pours the glass and hands it to her. Tossing the blood pack in a red box for hazard and goes to grab the cooler. “Mind if I go home then?”

    “Go for it. I’ll see you in the morning.”

    “Of course. Good night, Madame.”  Deus closed the door as he left. Leaving Madame E to sigh as she picked up an old photo of her and her two brunette friends.

    Thinking of old times, she looks towards a certain friend with short hair. “I don’t know what it is about this girl….i can’t put my finger on it….but she makes me think of you….I hope for your sake…. she’s not someone related.”

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  Commission: Katt and Luc by ALS123


    Days have passed by and at least three times a day everyone in the neighborhood were salting their lawns just so they could get out to either go to work, get groceries or put up their Christmas decorations. By the time it hit the weekend once more the snow has dropped down enough that to the girls dismay, it was enough to start decorating.

    “I can’t believe it melted so quickly!” Lexis said as she was helping Sugure carry out one of the boxes from the garage.

    “Well it was magic that got it to snow, so it probably would have only lasted one more week” Luc said as he carried a box.

    “But then we wouldn't have to go to school the week before winter vacation” Lexis said as Katt chuckled.

    “I get it, but it won't kill you to go to school before vacation.” Katt said as she carried a box.

    “We wouldn't have to be doing this either!” Deus had been volunteered along with the rest of the generals to help.

    “Don't be a pain, Deus! Its Christmas time! Get in the spirit!” Luc shouted.

    “The only thing I want to get into is to bed with two of Santa’s ho hos.” Deus said as katt got a chuckle out of it.

    “Mind your manners, Deus. There's two children.” Aba said while also carrying a box.

    “Oh please, one of them is as bad as daddy here is.” Deus smirked

    “Gee, I wonder which one of us he's talking about” Sugure glanced an all knowing look at Lexis.

    “I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a perfect little angel” Lexis smiled as she curtsied; they got a chuckle out of it.

    “Boss! When can we eat? I'm starving…” he sounded muffled as he spoke.

    “ that an ice cream in your mouth?” Luc said with amazement

    “I'm warm...I wanted something to cool me off”

    “Then take your coat off and jump in the snow….not you Lexis. You already did that this morning….and not dressed.” Luc said as he grabbed her.

    “Lexis, honey you really shouldn't jump in the snow butt naked….the frostbite you could have had” katt said; holding back a laugh from how frustrated Luc was this morning.

    “But it felt soooo good.” Lexis said as she became dead weight in Luc’s arms.

    “Yeah...but you’re becoming a woman and a certain part of your body will start growing…”

    “Well yeah my boobs will grow, but if I don't let them be seen, I can't attract boys and girls and make contracts with them to send to hell so then I can prove that I can run the business and take over someday while daddy just does king stuff.” Lexis smiled as Luc was so shocked, he dropped her in the snow.

    “Wow boss….she's only twelve and knows she wants to take your place.” Deus said.

    “She's ambitious….” Luc sighed as he got Lexis back up. “Lexis, honey….please….enjoy your youth first….you got plenty of time to send others to hell and torture.” Luc said as Lexis rolled her eyes.

    “I know that daddy….only thing I want to make a long life contract with is a certain purple eyed girl” Lexis smiled as she blushed.

    “Someday….for now….Christmas!” Luc smiled as the others groaned while pulling the rest of the boxes out.

    Huffing and puffing after they were done; the generals and the twins flopped onto the snow to rest while Katt plopped her butt on a bin and Luc smiling as he dove into boxes; pulling decorations out.

    “You know boss….I’m the one that is supposed to do the torturing….not the other way around…” A grey mouse huffed as he pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up.

    “Sae, how many times have I told you….” Luc started before the grey mouse flipped him off while taking a long drag from his cigarette.

    “Not to smoke….inside….we’re not inside your house or the office. We’re outside….in the snow….therefore I can smoke...and if you tell me smoking is bad for me one more time, I’m leaving,” Sae huffed as he puffed on his cigarette.

    “So you don’t plan on having children then, right?” Katt asked as Sae raised an eyebrow. “Well children who breathe in secondhand smoke from the parents tend to have worse health problems later on in their life….which could potentially lead to things from asthma or worse case lung cancer….if you don’t plan to have any that’s fine, smoke em if ya got em...just not around other children, whether its inside or outside cause they can still breathe it in if close enough to them….but if you do want kids, try to take in consideration for them and their little lungs before you huff and puff that cancer stick.” Katt said as Sae looked dumbfounded.

    “Well...when you put it that way, I feel like a jackass.” Sae said as he finished his cigarette and saved the butt to throw away later.

    “Good. Now let’s get this done already. The sooner we do, the sooner Luc can order pizza and wings for all of us for dinner.” Katt smirked as Luc stared at Katt.

    “Wait, why are you throwing me under the bus like that?”

    “You wanted our help to decorate….providing food and drinks is perfectly reasonable for hard work.” Katt chuckled as she stuck her tongue out at him.

    Luc rolled his eyes as he chuckled. “Alright. I’ll order food, but let’s get this started first. The sooner we get the decorations up the sooner i’ll order food.” Luc said as it seemed to motivate his generals to start getting the decorations up where Luc wanted them.

    It only took them an hour to get all the decorations up and figure out all the electrical without blowing a fuse. Katt stood back as she saw it and couldn’t believe just how festive it was. “Well you beat out Lanie on decorations….I’m going to wait till it’s night so i can get photos and send her. I’m sure she’ll try to go bigger.” Katt said

    “You’ve been talking to your mother in law?” Luc asked.

    “Once a month at least. More or less, just to let her know I’m alive, house mostly done and I do have a friend up here so she doesn’t have to worry.”

    “That’s good. You still have some family back home that cares.”

    “She’s the reason I’m here. She wanted me to be happy, so when i told her I wanted to move up here, she supported me. Just asks that i would contact her once i have my place and to stay in contact….I do call her my mother a lot more than my own mother.”

    “Well…..J.R’s mom was always a good mom to you….I’m rather glad to hear you keep contact with her….and yeah I’m sure she’s going to want to try and do more decorating with her place.”

    “Yeah, really.” Katt chuckled as the generals laid in the snow to relax as well as Sugure and Lexis. “You guys ready for food?” They all yelled yes as they moaned and groaned out. “Alright. Let’s get inside. All of you can groan in the living room.”

    “And if you can get yourselves up and inside in two minutes, I’ll make my version of hot chocolate.” Katt offered as they got them hurrying up to get inside. “Well that worked.”

    “Well you did just bribe them with warm, chocolatey drinks.” Luc smirked as they went inside for Luc to start ordering food while Katt got the hot chocolate started.

    After some time everyone was warm and well fed. Enough so that the generals passed out on the couch and floor along with the girls. Katt and Luc chuckled as they looked over at everyone.

    “You know, if it hasn’t been for the fact that we’ve been drinking the hot chocolate, i swear you snuck sleeping powder into their drinks.” Luc chuckled as Katt sipped on her own mug of the chocolaty goodness.

    “Nah….it was your overbearing hard labor that did it….that and the pizza.”

    “Hard labor? Please, they do this every year.”

    “So you only make them work hard once a year then. That’s nice” Katt chuckled as Luc huffed.

    “Excuse me? I make them work hard every day.”

    “So they do hard manual labor every day and not just crack the whip now and then.”

    Luc was about to say something when he just pouted at her. “Fine, you got a point…they’re a little lazy. They work hard at torturing though.”

    “Woo….at least that’s something.” Katt laughed before drinking her hot chocolate. Luc just smiled as he watched her. He seemed content to watch her as she looked out towards the couch and floor full of tired mice. Katt looked at the time on the wall and smiled. “Oh good! It’s night time now. I’m going to go take pictures now.” Katt heads outside to take photos on her phone.

    Luc smiled as he stood in the doorway; watching her get excited while taking photos. Sighed as he was content with the sight. Jumping a tiny bit when he heard someone shuffling over. Turned out it was Deus as he stretched out.

    “Sure you don’t have feelings for her boss? You seem rather content with the ongoing site in front of you.” Deus yawned as he leaned against the wall nearby.

    “Deus….i’ve told you….we’re only friends….” Luc said with a sigh.

    “Doesn’t mean friends can’t have a crush on the other.” Deus pointed out. “Anyway, mind if we crash here for the night, boss?”

    “I don’t mind. Just not fighting over the bathroom or eating all of my food.” Luc said as he kept watching Katt. He didn’t really hear Deus agreeing to it before heading back to the living room to crash out again. Luc sighed as he looked down. “I know I have feelings for her….but right now….i just want to see her like this….happy.” Luc whispered before Katt came back smiling.

    “I got a ton of photos. Lanie is gonna freak when she sees these.”

    “Of course she all jelly of my mad decorating skills.”

    “I did not hear you say that….you sound old when you talk like that” Katt smirked as she chuckled.

    “Hey I’m young….for an angel...whether i be fallen or not.” Luc stuck his tongue out as Katt rolled her eyes. “Come on, help me carry Lexis and Sugure to their rooms for bed.” Luc and Katt went inside and each took a tween and carried them up.

    Katt got the girls at least into nightgowns and then Luc tucked them into bed before closing their bedroom door. They started to debate whether they should stay up later or not till they both yawned. Katt excused herself to her room for the night while Luc went ahead and turned everything off and made sure everything was locked for the night.

    The next morning Luc found himself waking up to the sound of knocking on his door. Groaning as he got up and threw his robe on before answering the door. Standing there were two smiling tweens; bouncing on their heels as they saw him. “So….what did you two do….”

    “We did nothing...your generals are making breakfast.” Sugure said.

    “Deus is making waffles!” Lexis cheered.

    “Aba is making french toast, Sae is frying bacon and sausage, Bel is making eggs, Ammon is making coffee and toast and Bee is making his healthy smoothies.” Sugure said as Luc made a sour face about the last bit.

    “Alright. I gotta get dress….i’ll take some of everything ,except the smoothie….now go let me get dressed.” The girls nodded as they took off. “How the heck can those six cook in the same kitchen together without causing property damage.” Luc said as he closed his door and got dressed for the day. He came out and was heading down when he stopped at Katt’s door. He remembered what happened the last time he just walked in, so he rapped on the door twice till Katt opened it; tiredly and half dressed. Luc trying so hard to keep his eyes on hers and not on the black sports bra that shaped her chest very well.  “Morning, Katt….the generals are making breakfast….you hungry?”

    “Yes, starving….also, do they have coffee going?”

    “Yup. Each general is doing something for breakfast...though i wouldn’t go for the smoothies….Bee tends to make protein health smoothies….for your sake, don’t take it.” Luc chuckled.

    “Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind….now i better get dressed. See you down there.” Katt closed the door just before Luc sighed with relief and head downstairs.

    Katt came down not long after in another Christmas sweater and was surprised to see so much food. She ended up taking a little bit of everything (except the smoothie) Leaving the others to giggles as Bee rolled his eyes.

    “My smoothies are not that bad, you guys!”

    “To you...when I would rather eat one of Luc’s creations than drink your smoothies. There’s something wrong.” Deus said as the others laughed.

    “Hey! My food isn’t that bad.” Luc huffed.

    “Boss, have you eaten your food lately?” Aba asked

    “No, not as of late.”

    “That’s because Katt has made sure he follows the recipe instead of being creative.” Sugure said.

    “Oh thank gods!” almost all of the generals said as Luc raised an eyebrow at them.

    “Sorry boss, but your just not a creative type of cook. You do good when you follow a recipe.” Aba said as she went ahead and topped his coffee off.

    “Yeah, alright. Go get your food and go eat everyone.” Luc said as he sent his generals to go eat in the living room. He sighed as Katt chuckled. “What’s funny?”

    “Nothing...just how they reacted when Sugure told them I’ve been helping you with cooking….”

    “Well...guess I’m not that great of a cook, but at least i can cook well enough that the girls like it.” Luc smiled. “Plus….they’re honest with me at least. I’d hate it if they started praising my bad creations. I would probably have killed someone with my cooking by now.”

    “You know….if you really want to get better at being a creative cook….why not have your damned souls eat your creations….at least you’ll know if it’s good or not….” Katt suggested.

    “You know...i’d be insulted by that, but that’s actually a good idea” Luc smiled as he drank his coffee “Now see, this is why you should come to Hell when you pass….we can work together and torture the souls of the damned.” Luc chuckled.

    “Only if Christian and Poison Ivy end up in Hell.”

    “Perfect!” Luc fake slammed his coffee cup down as he and Katt both started laughing. The girls on the other hand looked at each other as if they were silently sharing thoughts.

    After breakfast and cleanup, the generals went on their way to work while Luc realized he has to go in to do his monthly routine. Worrying about leaving his girls, Luc instructed Katt on where the numbers were if she needed to call for emergency, where first aid kit is and where the girl’s friend’s places are in case they go over. Luc was about to go over stuff that the girls aren’t allowed into when Katt stopped him.

    “Luc!...chill….you don’t have to worry about the girls with me….after all this time. I think I can handle them….they’re good girls, okay?” Katt said; reassuring him that everything would be fine.

    “Alright….i should only be gone for a couple of hours. I’ll be back...girls! Behave for Katt.” Luc said before he left. Katt sighed as did the girls.

    “So….what do you want to do?” Katt said

    “Can we invite our friends over? Watch movies and play games?” Lexis asked.

    “ many friends?”

    “Three. They’re easy going.” Sugure assured Katt

    “One is so easy, she sleeps a lot. You won’t have to worry.” Lexis said as she gets her phone out to make calls

    “Is that really a good thing?”

    “We’re not really sure. All we know is when she is sad, it rains out of nowhere.” Sugure shrugged as Sugure goes upstairs with Lexis to get dressed.

    “Well….maybe I should go look at some tween friendly movies and not the stuff Luc lets the girls watch.” Katt said as she goes through the movies.

    After a while and managing to find four movies, Katt saw Lexis running down the stairs in a red shirt and jeans as she answers the door.

    “Katsumi!” Lexis shouted as katt heard the sound of wind being knocked out and the thump of falling into snow.

    “You girls okay?” Katt said as she got up to check. Seeing Lexis get up and shake the snow off while her white furred friend was cleaning her glasses got a giggle out of Katt.

    “Yes, we’re okay, katt” Lexis said as a young looking man with brownish fur and matching brown hair and amethyst eyes to the girl came over.

    “Guess Lexis missed Katsumi a lot….so hi! I’m Nick...Katsumi's mother…”

    “Hi, I’m Katt. I'm Luc’s and the girl’s friend. I'm tween sitting till he's done with work.”

    “Tween sitting? Like baby sitting, but Tweens instead.”

    “Yup….sounds better than baby sitting when they're not babies.”

    “That sounds like something Luc would say.” Nick chuckled

    “Gods, I've spent too much time around him then” katt chuckled.

    “Nah, he's a good guy. Anyway, I gotta get going. Errands to run. If ya need anything, my name is on the fridge”

    “Thanks.” Katt said as the girls went inside while Nick left. Katt had gone to the living room after locking the door to see Sugure, Lexis and Katsumi looking through the movies. “What about your other two friends?”

    “One has her flute lessons, but she’ll text us if she is able to come after... and the other is spending the day with her grandparents.” Sugure said as Lexis nodded.

    “Well alright then...Guess till then it’s the four of us….so Katsumi, what movies do you like to watch?”

    “Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood” Katsumi answered with a straight face as Katt tilted her head.


    “There’s nothing scary about it. It’s a vampire that runs a whore house…” Lexis said with a smile on her face.

    “True….does your parents let you watch it, Katsumi?”

    “Mom does, but dad….he doesn’t even know that I’ve seen it.”

    “Right….well alright. Lexis, want to grab it and put it in then.” Katt said as Lexis happily goes to grab it and puts it in for them to play.

    Several hours and three movies later Luc finally got home to find both Lexis, Sugure, Katsumi and Katt passed out on the couch. Luc looked at the time and saw that it was only one, but assumed that they were still tired from waking up this morning.  He chuckled as he decided to let them sleep; grabbing a couple of blankets and covers all of them up. He smiled as he saw them asleep, but stopped as he looked at Katt asleep. She looked peaceful to him as he leaned close to her. I hope this is how you’ve been sleeping while here….at least then I would know that you have been sleeping well. Luc leaned over and kissed her on the forehead before he straightened up and quietly heads to his at home office to finish work while they slept.

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Drenched in MoonLight by KattMcAdam

    It had been a week since meeting the creator of the void creatures. When I take Team Rocket more serious than this guy, there's something wrong. Katt thought as she was supposedly studying in her English class.

    “ to katt!” Laurie said as katt snapped out of it. “Gez, katt. Where's your head?”

    “I think at Jupiter right now….anyway, what were you saying?”

    “I'm saying I got another flashback recently.” Laurie said; now having katt’s full attention. “Well….sort of. It felt like I was being pulled….towards this castle and...hanging on a wall was two photos...both of us with husbands….and it looked you had twins...or suppose to be twins….I'm not sure….and I saw a child in mine, but it didn't look right….” Laurie sighed as she tried to explain.

    “Hmm...maybe that was more like a clue that leads to a memory, but just haven't figured it out or something hasn't clicked for it to unlock.” Katt suggested.

    “Maybe...either way, before I could get a good look I heard Belaundra and I got pulled out. I did see the castle. When I was looking online it looked similar to one in Germany.”

    “Interesting. Try to see if you can find it again and send the link through messenger. Maybe I can find some history on it.”

    “Alright….by the way you coming to my birthday party this weekend?” Katt asked as it wasn’t something she was too thrilled about. She was turning sixteen; that one of few big birthdays she would have liked for her grandma to be there for.

    “Sorry, I’m going to be out of town that weekend with my dad, but I did get you something for your birthday. I’ll bring it with me tomorrow.” Laurie said sheepishly as Katt smiled a little.

    “Thanks, Laurie.” Katt wasn’t surprised by it. She didn’t have many friends and the ones she invited mostly already had plans, except for ones she mostly grew up with for the exception of one; who treats her better than those childhood friends.

    The bell rang and the rest of the classes went on. After school Katt went on her usual path home; only stopping at the cemetery to visit with her grandma for a bit. Sitting in front of her grave with a bottle of water at hand.

    “Hi grandma, sorry it's been a while since I last visit. Its been….long….from visiting mother to...unexpected developments….and then there's my birthday….”  Katt sighed as she looked at the marble headstone in front of her. “You should be here, grandma….not Christian and Ivy….and yeah...I know that's not nice….but I'd pick you over your son any day of the week if it meant having you back….but that's like mother letting mom out….its next to impossible….” Katt looked at the time before getting up. “I better get going….someday soon….I’ll see you again….I love you, grandma. I’ll try to visit again soon.”

    Katt left for home, but luckily no one was. Just a note saying they left for dinner and try not to eat them out of house and home. “Fuck you, Christian….let’s see how much allowance money i have.” Katt said as she crumbled the note and with quite a bit of effort caught it on fire in her hand. “Finally! I got it…and while im awake this time!...let’s see if i can put it out now….” Katt said as she concentrated and managed to make a small water ball; just enough to put the fire out and let the burned ashes blow away. “Sweet! I can’t believe i got that much to work.”

    “Well, that’s because of all the training.” Katt jumped as Kathleen had appeared beside her.

    “Yeah, yeah….i suppose you want me to train tonight, right?”

    “Correct, young one.” Kathleen chuckled as Katt rolled her eyes.

    “Well I'm seeing if i have enough money to order dinner first before you make me train.” Katt went to her little wooden box that holds her bills and change. Counting it all out; she smiled as she grabs her phone. “Tonight is pizza night…..small pizza, but that’s okay. Easier to hide in the trash bin under all the bags of trash that’s tossed in”

    “Why don’t you make dinner?”

    “Because Christian will bitch about how I'm eating him out of house and home...even if i only made myself a sandwich. So i rather just order it with my own money and actually enjoy a meal without listening to him tell me how fat im getting.”

    “Fat compared to what? And like that man has any room to talk. His stomach looks like he’s carrying triplets that are about to burst out like baby xenomorphs.” Kathleen stated as Katt tried so hard not to burst into a fit of laughter as the Pizza Guys answered.

    Twenty minutes later, the guy in a red car pulled up and handed over the small pizza, litter of Dr. Pepper and a box of wings. Katt gladly gave the guy a three dollar tip before going inside and straight to her room. “Oh my gods this smells good!”

    “Okay...but….pepperoni, extra cheese, sausage and….pineapple? Isn’t there like a unwritten rule about pineapple on pizza”

    “Don’t care! No one else is eating it, but me!...oh! Finally, Laurie gets on.” Katt said as she pops open the pizza and says hi to Laurie. After a bit of chatter between them, Laurie finally sent the address of the site she saw the castle. After an hour of chatter, searching and eating, Katt gave a defeated sigh as she wrote back.

    MoonGirl888: Laurie, that castle doesn’t fit. It’s not old enough and it said it had never seen war and we both know that Belaundra’s castle had not only been bloodstained from battle, but caught on fire. You might have just simply got a clue about Kathleen’s and Balaundra’s past.

    LaurieStar56: Awe man...i thought i had it.

    MoonGirl888: it might not even exist anymore. If it got burned down….or even if some of it had survived. Three or four hundred years later, there’s a chance it fell apart or thieves taking what wasn’t destroyed to build their own homes….and it may not even been in Germany. It could’ve been in the UK for all we know.

    LaurieStar56: oh well….it was worth a shot….anyway how’s that pizza and wings of yours?

    MoonGirl888: Delicious and gone along with a quarter of the soda. Gonna go hide it now along with the trash before Navy Blue and Poison Ivy show up.

    LaurieStar56: Okay, i better get going. Dinner’s ready. See ya at school, girlie.

    Katt sees Laurie log off first before she does. Sighing as she picks up the pizza box and wings box before turning to Kathleen. “Any sign of the terrible two?”

    “Nope, all clear.” Kathleen said after appearing outside.

    Katt took the boxes out to the big trash cans and managed to lift a couple of trash bags out before tossing the boxes in and then the bags. Katt hated it, but she didn’t want to hear Christian about her weight. What he didn’t know, won’t hurt him. Katt thought as she went back inside.

    Later that night, Katt had the unfortunate to hear her name called out as Christian stumbled inside with Ivy behind him. Whining about him being stupid drunk and told him not to have drank that much. He called out to Katt again as she signed and came out. It was only a mistake that Katt hadn’t changed into sleep pants instead cause when she came out Christian was staring at her and her sleep shorts that were maybe an inch above her knees. It always made Katt uneasy when he’d be drunk and stare at her like that. Christian snapped out of it when Ivy shook him.


    “Jesus Christ, Ivy! I’m drunk, not deaf.”

    “We’ll you’re just staring at Katt after you called for her.”

    “Right….Katt, get me another beer.”

    “Babes! You don’t need another, you have six at the bar.”

    Figures they had dinner at the bar, the drunk. Katt thought as she went to get him a beer and brought it to his seat in the den. Katt was ready to go back to her room as the drunk popped the cap off, but felt a tug as her shirt and saw Christian had grabbed her shirt.

    “You know….you’re a good kid, Katt… don’t nag me like Ivy does….fat...a bit dumb….but you always bring me a beer when asked….” Christian said as Katt held back rolling her eyes.

    “Not a big deal, Christian. You always have one more before bed.” she said disinterestedly. All Katt wanted to do was go to her room and wait it out till they went to bed before she snuck out for training.

    “No, Katt. It is….you….i’ve always thought….as a daughter….im just hard fo-on you….i don’t say it enough…..w-where did you get those shorts?” He asked as he let go of her shirt and pulled on her shorts as he looked down at them.

    “They’re my sleep shorts. I got them for my birthday last year….” Katt said as she tugged away

    “Well….they...they look good on you, Katt….and oh yeah….your birthday….turning sixteen, right?”

    “Yes….my friend Delavina is throwing me a party and then I’m staying the night.”

    “No boys?”

    “Christian...the party portion of it is going to have three boys; my friend, Delavina’s brother and his friend….rest are girls.”

    “Good!...don’t want no boys….hanging all over you….and lookin at you.” Draining the bottle of piss beer before continuing. “Don’t need to turn into your mother; whoring yourself out to any willing boys ready to poke her with his twig.”

    Katt look disgusted as she shook her head. “I have no interest in that sort of thing, Christian….i need to go to bed. I have school in the morning.” Katt held her breath as she kissed his cheek good night and went back to her room. Breathing out with relief as she leaned on her door and Kathleen waiting in front of her as she saw the whole thing.

    “He’s disgusting. Please tell me you noticed how he was looking at you?”

    “Of course I did. It bothers me, but he never remembers it the next day. I tried telling him before, but he didn’t believe me. He thought i was sick to even suggest that he would look at someone as fat as me.” Katt sighed as she locked her door.

 “Well, come on. Let’s go shake this off…..”

    “Right with ya.”

    Once Katt saw that all the lights were off in the home and the two troubles went to bed, Katt snuck out through the back and made sure it was locked before she got out the gate and headed to the park; making sure she finds a safe spot to transform before making it to the park.

    The park would usually have cans and bottles laying about from earlier in the day. Katt doesn’t like using the bottles cause glass and kids playing the next day, but she’ll set them up on the street for distance target practice and coke cans everywhere for when any of the void creatures attack from different directions.

    “Am I ever gonna do any other kind of practice?”

    “If you ever find someone that is willing to practice one on one fighting without asking why, then sure….or get enough money to make dummies that you can fight against.”

    “So never….got it.”

    “Don’t say it like that. Trust me, I’d love to help you fight one on one, but im just soul….part of your soul, but still….”

    “Yes, I know….let’s get started.”

    “Good….remember, fire and tiara are long distance. Sword when close.”

    “Yes, i got it.”

    Hours went by as Katt practiced. When she finally got home she only had three hours to sleep before she had to get up and ready for school. “Ugh….i gotta remember to bring a watch with me….can’t do these all night practices….” Katt whispered as she fell into bed

    “Sorry, kiddo….but hey, got you home sooner than last time…..Katt?” Kathleen said as she saw Katt already passed out. She smiled and whispered good night before she disappeared for her own sleep.

    Morning came too soon as Katt was falling asleep on her feet when a little white car drove up; honking it’s horn and scaring the life out of Katt.

    “Hey! Sorry I’m late. Come on! Let’s get going.” a young woman’s voice came from the car as Katt dragged herself into the car and they took off.

    Dozing off; Katt mostly just nodded and made sounds that sounded like she understood. It was when they finally parked at the school did the wavy brunette haired young woman with height that almost toward most sophomores. Running her hair back with her dark tan furred fingers and checking on her make up that Katt found ridiculous.

    “And this is why you were late, Delavina.”

    “I gotta look good before arriving.”

    “You look fine and if you don’t hurry up, im leaving you.”

    “Kitty!....don’t leave me” In a whining tone, Delavina said to the more irritable Katt.

    “Knock it off! I hate when you do that...and don’t call me kitty.” Katt slammed the car door and started taking off. Delavina grabbing her stuff and locking the car before she runs after Katt.

    “Man you’re grouchy….is it Christian again?”

    “What else would it be.” Katt told a half truth. It was the now hungover asshole that didn’t help her morning on top of the lack of sleep.

    “Well tomorrow will be fun. Celebrating your birthday! Now mom and I are picking up your cake tomorrow morning. Party at four, but of course you’re the birthday girl, so you can come over early….so who’s all showing up?”

    “Jose…..that’s it other than the usual suspects.”

    “Seriously?” Sounding surprised by the lack of people showing up as Katt rolled her eyes.

    “I told you not many would show.”

    “Either way it’ll be fun.” Delavina smiled as Katt shrugged.

    They went their separate ways to class and during the first two classes Katt managed to sleep on and off. It was in her third class was she awake enough to pay attention to Mr. D in english class. Releasing his students to start the schoolwork, Katt flopped her head on the desk; ready to nap when she felt a poking at her side.

    “Are you really going to sleep before opening your birthday present from me?” Laurie whispered as Katt sat up

    “Nevermind, I’m awake.” Katt rubbed her eyes as Laurie hands a small bag to Katt. Opening it up, Katt finds a bottle of lavender lotion, a few candles, some stones and several chocolate bars. “Thanks, Laurie. My candles were almost done and i look forward to the lotion and chocolate.”

    “No problem, happy early birthday, girl!”  

    Katt smiled as she thanks Laurie before they heard a commotion outside. Some of the students got up to look, but Katt and Laurie got their first; A large, massive, dark dog like creature; one of the void ones Katt had seen with the silly man a week ago, only this time it was bigger with what looked like horns; one on each side of the head and longer teeth. It looked mean and it was roaming the halls.

    “Shit….its those things again” Katt whispered to Laurie

    “What do we do?”

    “You stall the class. I’ll sneak out and take care of it...hopefully it’s the only one.”

    Laurie nodded as she got away from the now growing crowd of students and teacher. Laurie managed to distract them when she found a lighter and started a fire in the trash can. Katt; grateful for Laurie possibly getting herself into trouble for this. Katt snuck out and found an empty classroom to transform and head out to find the creature.

    It didn’t take her long though as she turned the corner and found it sniffing around just ten feet from her….along with two other ones. Oh gods, why do they have to come in threes? One was plenty, thanks.  Katt got closer; sneaking up as quietly as she could so she could just hit all three with one blast, but a noise got their attention as it was just a senior; who fumbled out of the trash can and the creatures had acquired a target and started running after her.

    Why?! Why is it always that one that has to try and sneak away from a perfectly good hiding spot, only to get the monster’s attention! Katt groaned as she turned her wand into her sword and takes off in a run after the creatures. Like any horror movie, the senior girl finds that one dent in the concrete and trips onto the ground. When one leaped out at the screeching girl, Katt used one of the creature’s heads for height as she leapt up higher and throws her sword straight into the head of the one ahead of her. The girl still screaming as it crashed beside her; dead and with the sword sticking out of it’s head. Katt made the landing as she grabbed her sword. Grabbing the girl’s arm, Katt forced her up and got them both running and hiding in a vacant classroom. The girl falling onto her butt as she caught her breath while Katt made sure the creatures didn’t spot them going in.

    “What the hell were you thinking?” Katt said as the girl looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

    “I was trying to get to my boyfriend; who’s been waiting in the library.”

    “Well im sure he would like to see you in one piece….and not several like a chew toy….now stay here….and try not to do anything dumb again.” Katt said irritatingly as she left the confused senior in the classroom.

    “Wasn’t that a little harsh?” Kathleen said as she came out; watching out for the creatures.

    “I almost had them!....all three in perfect shot and then she had to fall with the trashcan and get their attention….for what?! A boy? Gez”

    "Someday you might actually be in love with a boy, you know."

    “I’ve had plenty of crushes…..and nothing worked out….so no….i don’t think so….oh finally! They’re back to where their dead sibling or friend is…” Katt said as she saw the other two sniffing and pushing on the fallen one to see if it’s alright. Katt sighed a little as she saw this. “Damn, this sucks….but not much of a choice….” Katt turned her sword back to her wand and held it out towards them. She quickly took care of them and left no trace of them as the bell rang for class to be over.

    Katt rushed to a nearby bathroom that seemed void of any students and quickly changed before coming out and blending with the students. Luckily she spotted Laurie; who was holding Katt’s backpack with one arm as she waved Katt over.

    “Here’s your stuff.”

    “Thanks Laurie...hope i didn’t get you in trouble.”

    “Nah, they couldn’t prove it was me. There’s so many students with lighters in the class, we got off with a warning.” Laurie chuckled as did Katt before going down for lunch.

    That night Katt was at her computer; watching the time as it clicked closer to midnight. She sighed as Katt wasn’t too thrilled about it. Jumping when she felt a hand on her and saw it was Kathleen.


    “Sorry….listen….in a few minutes you’ll be sixteen and….well I do have a bit of a surprise for you…”  Kathleen said as Katt raised an eyebrow.

    “Okay….what is it?”

    “Well….it might not make sense now….considering it doesn’t exist anymore….but since you are the only one that is left as Masked Moon….and since only descendants can be Masked Moon….i get to declare you to being Queen of the Moon” Kathleen said as Katt tilted her head back; looking at Kathleen like she’s crazy.

    “ doesn’t make sense...first of all how can I be Queen if the Moon Kingdom is dead and two….how can you declare me to be queen….you're dead….hell i'm your reincarnation…”

    “I know….im also living energy apart of your soul….so technically im not really dead….and two i don’t know how….it’s a feeling, okay? I’m going with what I am feeling and I’m feeling that on your 16th birthday, i declare you Queen.”

    “What do you mean feeling? Like how?”

    “Look….i can’t explain it….it’s like it came to's not like i’ve thought about it….it just literally came to me….out of the blue….like it’s important that I do that. I don’t know why….maybe its a future you have to take that title and responsibility, even if there is no more Moon Kingdom.” Kathleen explained as Katt crossed her arms.

    “Well that doesn’t feel like foreshadowing.”

    “Maybe it’s because….it’s your destiny!” Kathleen had spread her arms out in the air; to over dramatize it as Katt rolled her eyes.

    “Please, that’s what you said about being the Masked Moon.”

    “And look how many people you’ve helped….even today. That was good of you to do. You took charge, you thought quickly and no one got hurt….you even felt sympathy for those two creatures that mourned over their friend….those are good traits….and i only got two minutes to do come on and stand up.”

    “Oh gez, fine.” Katt stood up as Kathleen looked over at the time.

    Kathleen place her hand over Katt’s forehead and had Katt close her eyes. “Okay, im...starting….just so you know….i have no idea if this will hurt or not.”

    “Good to know.” Katt said with a sarcastic tone as Kathleen seems to be saying something and Katt gets a odd sensation where Kathleen’s hand is on. After a while she felt Kathleen’s hand gone and opened her eyes. “That’s it?”

    “Yeah...but you might want to look in a mirror….”

    “Why...Kathleen, what did you do?” Katt said as she goes to look for her hand held mirror.

    “Well apparently it unlocks your birthright as Queen….” Kathleen said sheepishly as Katt found one and found a crescent moon on her forehead.

    “Are you fucking kidding me! How am i suppose to explain this thing on my forehead?!”

    “You fell asleep on something close to that shape?...maybe…”

    “Kathleen it sticks out on my forehead….might as well put buns in my hair and call me Princess Serenity”

    “Well actually that was my baby sister….and your not a princess, you’re a queen”

    “Stop that….i have to hope it will disappear by the time i wake up now.” Katt sighed as she went onto getting ready for bed and crashes out the second she does. Kathleen sighed as she sat down on Katt’s computer chair.

    “Well….there’s gotta be a reason for it….but anyway….Happy Birthday, little Queen.”

Couple's Night
suggested by :iconcherlnida: its her oc; Leonard and my oc; Luc...them having a alone time :XD: with two of our rps where these two are together. Its so sweet Love and Luc is taking good care of his wife Eyes  

Luc: that's hot...Hot 

Oh gez :XD:

Leonard belongs to :iconcherlnida:©

Luc belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:© 
Comfy Couch Sleep
I had wanted to do this with :iconmimmime:'s oc Balthazar and my oc; Katt asleep together on the couch after a hard morning of work ^^

Balthazar belongs to :iconmimmime:©

Katt belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:©
Alone at Night
Well here's my contribution to MerMay. This is pretty much all i worked on during my 9 hour livestream i did ^^;

She is actually a oc of mine from both my pirate story and part of Lana's canon back during her pirate days; her name is Syrus ^^

Syrus belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:©

Pregnancy Worries

June 2016

    After a rough night of sleep, Katt had waddled herself to the couch; where she reclined on it with some of the pillows from the couch and tried to rest there. Trying to fall back asleep, but feels her very active little girl kicking her.

    “Omph….oh baby, please….mommy needs sleep….I didn’t sleep well….” Katt groaned as she felt another kick. Katt was starting to move when she heard steps coming towards her.

    “Katt, Dear?” Katt looked up to see Balthazar had just come down the hallway; dressed for the day and seeing his pregnant fiance trying to get up. He goes over to her and stops her from getting up. “Katt, why are you out here? You should be resting.”

    “I couldn’t sleep….I...I was having bad dreams. Then came out here; hoping i could sleep out here, but Amy is active and doesn’t want to sleep….I thought about fixing myself something to eat….” Katt held her stomach as Balthazar took a deep breath.

    “You stay there. I’ll fix you something before I go to work.” Balthazar said as Katt shook her head.

    “Oh, no. You don’t have to do that….”

    “It’s alright, dear. You rest. This won’t take me long.” Balthazar leaned down and kissed her gently before helping her back onto the couch enough for her to be comfortable before he went to make breakfast. When he came back, Katt was trying to stay awake.

    “Oh. Thank you, looks good.” Katt took it and started to eat as Balthazar sat beside her. Taking in a breath as he figured he still had a few minutes before he had to leave.

    “Dear, are you alright?” Balthazar asked as Katt sighed.

    “I’m….just a little worried is all….about the pregnancy...the labor….Amy….after my last pregnancy….and the nightmares….i kept dreaming what happened to Melanie would happen with Amy….” Katt looked down at her breakfast before she felt a gentle hand over hers.

    “Dear, you have nothing to worry about….if it makes you feel better, I can check on Amy for you.” Balthazar was exhausted, but he didn’t appear to be as he smiled gently at Katt.

    “If you’re okay with it.”

    “It won’t take me long.” Balthazar placed his hand over Katt’s belly as he concentrated. After a while he smiled. “Dear, she’s doing fine. Other than she was hungry, she’s fine...and you’ll be fine.”

    “Alright...thank you dear, for checking….i know i shouldn’t worry.”

    “It is alright, dear.” Balthazar took the empty plate and sat it aside. “I must get going. Please get some rest. I will be back as soon as I’m done.”  Katt nodded as Balthazar leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips before he left.

The Cravings

May 2031

    It was late morning when Amy had came out of bed and cringed as she smell something unpleasant drifting in the air. The scent got stronger as she came to the living room where her father was sleeping. How can you sleep through that smell, dad. Amy thought as she went to the kitchen and found her pregnant mother frying something.

    “Uh, morning mother…..what the heck are you making?”

    “And good morning to you too, sweetie.” Katt chuckled as she turned to Amy. “And for your information, i craved this when I had both you and Melanie….just usually one aspect is what i craved from it more. Melanie was bananas. You were peanut butter…..your brother...bacon and chocolate….thus my pan fried peanut butter, chocolate spread and banana sandwich with bacon.” Katt chuckled as Amy looked disgusted.

    “That is disgusting….and you shouldn’t be cooking. What would dad say?”

    “He’d say I should be resting….but your father needs to rest after a long night with work...I don’t mind making my sandwiches.”

    “Okay, but the smell of it could be detected all the way to my room.” Amy covered her nose.

    “Someday you’ll have kids and you will be having cravings as weird as mine.”

    “Please, dear. Amy is too young to be talking about her having babies.” Balthazar had came in tiredly as Katt chuckled.

    “I was just saying, dear. When the time comes she may be having cravings as weird as mine.”

    “I hope not. Look at that thing mom just fried.” Amy said.

    “Dear, that can’t be good for our child.”

    “I ate it when I was pregnant with Amy and been eating it with our boy. Now before i get told that i shouldn’t be standing, I’m taking my sandwich and going to eat….would you like some coffee dear?” Katt asked.

    “I’ll make it, you got sit down and enjoy your sandwich.” Balthazar said as Katt kissed him on the cheek before leaving the kitchen with her food.

    “Dad...did mom really eat stuff like that when she was pregnant with me?” Amy asked as Balthazar took a moment to think.

    “Yes….and your uncle Luc confirmed that she ate that when she was pregnant with Melanie as well.”  Balthazar spoke as he got his coffee ready. “Your mother is happy with her food creations….and someday….far from now….you might find yourself having a craving worse than your mother’s. Now I’m going to go check on your mother before I go get rest. I’ll see you later, sweetheart.” Balthazar said as he drank his coffee before kissing Amy on the forehead and going out to the living room.

No Instruction Manual

Year 2026

    It was eleven o’clock at night and Katt was up; reading a book as she waited for Balthazar to come home from another late night at work. She was starting to fall asleep when she heard a knocking. Startled awake now, Katt got up from the couch and headed for the door; where she could hear soft crying outside from babies. She peeked out and instantly opened the door as a tired looking and tear stained face of Lexis rushes in with her set of crying twin boys.

    “K-katt….I need help.”

    “Take it easy, Lexis. What’s wrong?”

    “I don’t know….they’ve been sick, but i had them sleeping. Then out of nowhere one started crying and then the other one started. I checked their diapers, fed them, burped them, rocked them….they won’t stop….and all my baby books are no help….and Katsumi is on field world so i can’t call her and i don’t want to wake dad and Alaurel up....” Lexis said as she seemed like she was going to start crying.

    “Okay, let’s go sit on the couch and you hand me one of the babes.” Katt said as she took a little white furred one with red spots. “Hello, my baby boy….shh it’s okay...Auntie Katt has you. Shhhh….i know, you don’t feel good. Mommy gave you your meds and you still feel poopy….” Katt said as she bounced with him while rubbing his back and speaking softly to him. After a while he calmed down, but still whimpered. “Lexis what do you give them to drink?”


    “I got an idea. Go into my cupboard and take out the baby vitamine juice and make two bottles….here, give me the other one so you have both hands.” Katt said as she took the little boy with red fur with white spots and bounces both of them gently in her arms while Lexis makes the bottles. She comes back and Katt hands one of the babies over and takes a bottle. “Now...have they had the shits today?”

    “A little bit.”

    “Then they may be constipated and their tummy hurts. This will help soothe their bellies and make them poop. Once they do, they will sleep good and the rest of the night.”

    “How do you know that?”

    “Amy got sick a little bit as a baby and yeah like you i panicked….Lana helped me out and suggested this stuff. So i tend to keep some just in case. I suggest texting Katsumi to bring some home after work.” Katt said as she rocked the little boy in her arms. “There we go….tummy is feeling all better, isn’t it? Yeah. It’s okay. Auntie Katt is here to help.” Katt waited till the bottle was empty before she put him on her shoulders and rubbed his back and heard a little burp. “There we go….that’s a good boy. Let all the air out.” Katt kept rubbing his back in circles as Lexis did the same till both babies fell asleep.

    “Here, it’s too late to try and get back home now. I’ll go get the vasinets for the boys and you can get some sleep. I don’t have a guest room ready yet…”

    “It’s fine, Katt. I can sleep on the couch, close to my boys.” Lexis said as Kat laid one of the boys on the couch beside Lexis as she goes to get the tiny beds. When she comes back, Lexis is almost dozing off. Katt gently takes the baby from Lexis’s arms and puts him in first and the other one in his own little bed. She rolls them to the side of the couch and lays Lexis down. “Katt….thank you….” Lexis yawned as Katt puts the blanket over her.

    “It’s not a problem, Lexis. I’ll see you in the morning.” Katt smiled as Lexis had already fallen asleep.

    It was only an hour later that Balthazar returned home; exhausted and frustrated with what was going on with work when he saw Katt reading in the recliner and his niece and nephews asleep.

    “Is everything alright, dear?” He asked.

    “Yes. Lexis had a scare with the boys. They’re sick and she didn’t know how else to calm them down after she’s done everything else. Katsumi’s at work and she didn’t want to wake Luc and Alaurel….which is fine. I’m a night owl and I was glad to help.” Katt said as she heard a squee from one of the vasinets. Katt got up to look and saw the boys awake. “You two should be asleep.” Katt chuckled as she picked the red furred one up and wrinkled her nose. “Well….i was right….they were constipated….ohh man Fritz...time for a diaper change.”

    “Would you like some help?”

    “If you don’t mind. I believe we have spare diapers in the spare room and im going to go get the wipes we still keep in the kitchen.” Katt said as she laid Fritz back down. “Now...Fritz….Kuro... you two behave, Auntie Katt and Uncle Balthazar will be right back.” Katt said as both boys squeed and cooed just loud enough so that Lexis is still sleeping through.



    “Ahhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” was all anyone heard as a young man is rolling his pregnant wife; who’s water broke during her baby shower in with his mother-in-law behind him. Letting the nurses take over to get her ready. The young man starts filling out the paperwork with his mom in law’s help on his wife’s medical.

    “Thank you, mama Katt for helping me with Amy’s paperwork.”

    “No problem, Sam. You got a lot on your mind as well as nervous.” Katt; a older woman with much grey in her short hair and coming through in some of her fur, but a smile on her face as she chuckled. Katt got up once the nurses have gotten Amy set up on the bed and have the meds ready to start putting into Amy. Standing by her bed, Katt took Amy’s hand in hers. “Hi sweetie….how are you feeling...emotionally?” Katt said as Amy chuckled.

    “Nervous, excited….ready to cry….mom, im scared….I heard the pain is absolutely horrible.” Amy said as she squeezed Katt’s hand.

    Katt held Amy the best she could as she tried to soothe her. “Don’t think about it dear...that’s why you’re getting a epidural….remember? That’s what you said that you and Sam decided on.” Katt spoke calmly as Amy nodded.

    “I wish dad was here…i mean i know he’s still awake, but….you know….” Amy wanted to cry as Katt held her.

    “I know, baby….your father is here though….where it matters” Katt said as she pointed to Amy’s head and her heart. Amy nodded as she held Katt the best she could till the pain returned and Katt helped her breath through it as she timed it. When Amy relaxed again, the contractions were getting closer. “Okay, sweetie. I gotta go let the nurse know about your contractions….I’m sure they’ll start putting the epidural in soon.” Katt said before she leaves the room to get the nurse.

    Sam gets up after setting the finished paperwork down and goes over to Amy to hold her hand. “Hi, sweetheart…….are we good with the names we’ve chosen for our twins.?”

    “Twins….gods...yeah, I think we are….but twins?” Amy said as Sam chuckled. Kissing her hand as he smiled at her.

    “We will be alright….we have a lot of support to be there if we need it.” Sam said as Katt came back with the nurse. They got the epidural ready and it wasn’t long till the next contractions started.

    An hour later Katt and Sam got to hold the twins while Amy rested. Sam had a little light brown furred girl with a patch of blonde fur on her nose and a tuff of brown hair; like her mom’s. While Katt held a little blonde furred boy with a patch of brown fur on his nose and a tuff of blonde hair. Both having their mother’s beautiful blue eyes; which to Katt she thought she saw a little bit of Balthazar in the boy, but thought she might be bias about it. Either way both babies were gorgeous.

    “So you two are really naming him Balthazar Daniel?” Katt asked

    “I insisted when Amy told me it was tradition on her father’s side to name the first born of the grandfather...her father….so we thought we go with her father’s name and my father’s middle name… his nickname will be B.D…”

    “That does mean a lot to us…..and the girl?”

    “Kathleen Rose….Rose was my mother’s name and…well...hope it was okay, Amy said you don’t like your middle name.” Sam said sheepishly.

    “That’s mainly because of my mother and it’s silly that i was named Katt Kathleen...but it works on my grandbaby.” Katt smiled as they heard Amy groan. “Hi you feeling, sweetie?” Katt asked.

    “Tired...but relieved….how are my babies?” Amy looked at them as if she’s ready to fall asleep.

    “They are doing good. Both B.D and Kathy….” Katt said

    “Kathy? You gave our girl a nickname?”

    “Sorry….it slipped….”

    “It’s okay, mom….i like it.” Amy smiled as she sat up. “Mind bringing my babies over, so i can see them?” Amy asked as Katt came over and held B.D to her; seeing Amy smile as she touched his little hand. “He’s beautiful….”

    “Indeed, he is.” Katt said as Sam brought Kathy over on the other side and Amy got to see her as well. After a while Amy was awake enough for her to hold both her babies while Sam had sat beside her; helping her hold the babies while Katt got the idea of taking a photo of them.

    “There...first family photo….I will put this up as well as the photos of the babies up on my social media for the family to see.” Katt smiled as she put her phone away. Looking at her daughter and her new family, it brought a smile across her face while tears weld up. Leaving them alone for a moment to go tell the rest of the siblings.

Sorry it's late. It's basically the sequel to "A Mother's Memory" more or less just more short stories, but mostly with Katt in them. I couldn't really think of anything for others, but Katt isn't the main mother in all of them. So im pretty satisfied with it. It's probably not my best, but i still wanted to do it and did my best.

I also wasn't sure if i was going to do it or not. #MotherDaughterProblems  if anything i might tweek them if i write them into any stories with more details. Not sure, for now I'm happy with this ^^

Also, :iconcherlnida: i only used the names of Fritz and Kuro more or less because i liked the names for Katsumi and Lexis's sons ^^; so not really the characters we rp, but i liked the names ^^; 


Balthazar belongs to :iconmimmime:©

Katt, Amy, Sam, Lexis and these baby versions of Fritz, Kuro, B.D and Kathy  and mention of Katsumi and Sam's father; Jason Daniel and his biological mother; Rose belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:©
Recent Stream Sketchdump
So...from left top right

Top left is a oc that's only shown up in one rp and in "London Horror Story: Hospital" but she's a part of Lana's story that i still have to start writing as well as will show up in my pirate series. She is a species of mouse in Africa called "One Stripe Grass Mouse". I like how she came out and the stripe is there, but oh gods i never thought i would draw hair more detailed than lana's ^^;

Next is Milly; Kurtel's first girlfriend back in his younger years. I'm not really going to give spoilers of what happened to her, but in honestly they don't get to be together.

Then is Katt in a very expensive dress and her reaction every time to expensive clothes (whether she buys them or her husband; Balthazar buys them ^^; )

Then is Kurtel when he was evil and obsessed with Katt and does a lot of bad things to her ^^; this is basically that first night....

Then most of the bottom is Kurt/kurtel good and likes women's undergarments and short shorts :XD: only one that isn't is when Kurt is asking me why i drew all of those of him :XD:

Lilo, Milly, Kurtel/Kurt, Katt (oc) and Katt (me) belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:©
Why? because i can ^^; 


Balthazar (in that square of four heads, he's top right) belongs to :iconmimmime:©

Leonard (bottom left) and Fern (bottom right) belongs to :iconcherlnida:©

and Luc (top left) Katt (oc in dress) and Katt (me) belongs to me :iconkattmcadam:©
Hickey Bites
Those are hickeys that turned into bites on Kate :P  decided to draw this since tomorrow is her birthday :XD: and hopefully people have watched "Grease" to know that hickey kinickey" thing ^^;

mention of Fane belongs to :iconals123:©
Katt (me) and Kate belong to me :iconkattmcadam:©


Kate Dunham:
She has her own Deviantart account so if you want to say hi or rp you can with her there. She tries to go on at least three times a week.

Want to know more?
How Well You Know Your O.C Kate Dunham Stole this from :iconals123: 
(there will be info on this from the conversation between anne and I from the comment under "What If ch. 2, but that will be a fanfiction sometime soon as well as other things will be apart of another fanfiction tooSweating a little... ... )
1: What's your OCs favorite color?
Blue and White
2: Where does your OC work? 
At home. She's a private tutor for arts, crafts and the violin
3: What's your OCs favorite food? 
Cheesecake......she's not picky which kind as long as cheesecakeSweating a little... 
4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic? 
5: How old is your OC? 
She's 26
6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers? 
She's a witch. So far she can cast bubble traps, bubbles, fire, lighting, portals, and the one her and Fane were trapped in Sweating a little...  also in recent events can also perform rituals that bring souls back to life temporarily (just don't go asking her to

Kate by KattMcAdam Magical Gift by KattMcAdam Draw This Again: Kate by KattMcAdam

Where it all started:
You're an Impossible Mystery: Ch. 1I DO NOT OWN "The Great Mouse Detective" but I DO OWN my OC characters. Also this has nothing to do with my other GMD fanfiction "Never Met One Like You" so now...enjoy!
chapter one
In a two story home I sit in my favorite brown recliner going through Netflix when my sister comes through the door, waving as her blue eyes shine at me and tossing her blonde hair back. She bounces into the recliner next to me and smiles.
"Hey Birthday girl!"
"Hey and please, tomorrow is my birthday."
"I know, aren't you excited?"
"I guess, no big deal though. I'm only turning twenty-six."
"But you love it when it's your birthday."
"Not when I'm four years away from being thirty and life's boring."
"Boring? but you have a great life. Husband, daughter, job, a car finally. What more do you want?"
"A little adventure."
"You just need a vacation. All those late hours on that computer with paper work is stressing you out

Moriarty Cain: villain.....ish

Moriarty Cain (updated) by KattMcAdam

Where He Started:
Devious and Mad....He Shall Not Have Her!I DO NOT OWN "The Great Mouse Detective" but I DO OWN Kate, Jay, Rose, Lidie, and Molly. This is the sequel to "You're an Impossible Mystery" So ladies and Gents, Enjoy!
ch. 1
It had been six months since that night...the night I proposed to my beloved Kate and accepted. My how time flies. We decided for a spring wedding; April. Giving us time to get everything prepped while I continue my work as well as she continues her lessons.
Though I had been getting fewer clients lately, possibly due to when the announcement of our engagement hit the newspaper how it seems that the only letters I've been getting was from mice and past clients congratulating us.
Then one day I received a letter from a client I hadn't heard from in two years.
Two years? has it really been that long since I had taken that case?
I had opened it and read it a couple of times to ma

Nadia Fayre Dunham (Kate's and Fane's daughter from AU)
Nadia Fayre Dunham by KattMcAdam child Nadia by KattMcAdam young adult

Where She Became Canon
A Christmas Wish For One So Young: PrologueI DO NOT OWN The Great Mouse detective. 
:iconFane-cel-Rau-RP: belongs to :iconALS123: 
Damien belongs to :iconmimmime: 
and :iconKateDunham:, Nadia and one other belong to me.
It was late one snowy night. Mommy was brushing my long black hair
out as I sat on her lap. I kept thinking how lovely mommy's hair was as 
it swayed past her hips. She smiled as she placed her pretty silver
brush down and held me tight against her. Kissing on top of my head
before she lets me jump down off her lap.
"There we go beautiful girl." said Mommy
"Will I get to see daddy and papa before bed?"
"Of course. Come, let's go and see."
I grabbed for mommy's paw as we left her and papa's room and headed
down the stairs. Reading through some papers was a tall blondish one,
sitting in his big red chair and the other was was a tall grey mouse with his
black hair swooshing down over his shoulders with books at hand in the 
large green couch.
"Papa! Daddy!

Lana McRae
Lana McRae first six hundred years by KattMcAdam Give Me Strength by KattMcAdam Lana's New Look by KattMcAdam

wanna know more:
O.C QuizStole it from :iconNightMagican: 
I choose Lana McRae
1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Title the journal as "OC's Quiz"
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!!!

1: Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Lana McRae
Me: Don't forget you also went by Lana De Cree
-shut up....i changed it for a reason
Me: Yeah....and if we go by the RP it's Lana E........
Blush.......that's fine......
Me: but wait you didn't mention your middle name.....
-And I never will.......only one person knows it and it's staying that way
Me: But I'm suppose to know!
-Too bad
Me: Well then don't forget your nickname......
-She's the only one that's allowed to call me that!
Me: right.......
2: What's your gender?
3: Interesting... what's

Kathryn De Conti (Kate's Past Self)

Kathryn De Conti colored! by KattMcAdam

Other O.C's

Kay (my first, just hadn't really continued on with her
Kay by KattMcAdam and yes Kay is a girl ^^;

Where She got Started
Never met One Like You: PrologueI Do Not Own The Great Mouse Detective, but I Do Own O.C's that are in this. So without further ado...enjoy the show
I just arrived to London from America, on vacation nontheless. Because my sister tells me it's time to go out there and enjoy life? well I guess she is right about that. She told me to go out there, spend some time traveling, see if I can find a place I might like and live. I thought I lived plenty as a detective back west.
I couldn't help but think of home as my carriage stops. It was getting late and I couldn't keep riding along here all night, so I hoped down on some street called "Brimming Street". It didn't sound too bad. I slung one of my bags with all my clothes, money and some of my sewing onto my back while carrying the other one with some other essentials as well as sewing machine in my hand. Grateful to be wearing my brown trench coat and my brown funny looking

From Kay's Fanfictions

Sarah (Kay's older sister)

Johnathan (Sarah's husband)

Mayson (Basil's older brother)

Kara (Katt: Me. Also in Kate's fanfictions)

John (Kara's Husband)

Nika (Kara's friend, Ratigan's wife)

Nancy (Hostess at The Red Corset)

Bruce (Jeffrey's bodyguard)

Lexi (Kara/Katt and Basil's daughter)

B.J (Kara/Katt and John's son)

Jessica (Nika and Ratigan's daughter)

Strade (used in both series with Kay and Kate)

Jeffrey (Kay's villainous nephew)

From Convo between :iconmimmime: and I (also now in fanfiction) also will have her OC up here to keep family groups together ^^;
GMD Characters Associated to Lana McRae by KattMcAdam

Dante De Cree- (Lana's father and one of The Originals)

Lily McRae (Lana's mortal mother)

"Black" Rose O'shea: (Lana's friend and Female Pirate Captain. In convo she's Lana's love interest and guardian angel to lana and anne)

Desmond Kappel: (Lana's horrible betrothal)

(only in convo so far)

Benancio "Ben" (Lana's friend and ex from fifty years ago)

Craig (Lana's Friend)

Cici (Ben's sister)

Lexis (fallen angel/angel. Part time demon. she is originally from my webcomic "Deadline" I had brought her in to a convo between mimmime and I for part of a plot with some of my O.C's)

Sugure (angel/fallen angel. Part time angel. twin sister of Lexis. Is also originally from my webcomic "Deadline" that i have brought into rp.)

Katsumi: (part time reaper/death. Also from "Deadline" Lexis/Sugure's friend)
Deadline Halloween 2014 by KattMcAdam

Luc Di Volo (THE devil. balthazar's younger brother, father of lexis, sugure, jake and daughter.)
Luc Di Volo *update* by KattMcAdam

Polymnia "Poly" (ex friend of Lily's)

Sasha: (Balthazar's.....old love interest)

Sarah: (Balthazar's and Sasha's daughter)

Alaurel: (Angel became god. Katt's guardian.)

Allison "Ally" Rathbone: (Kate's and basil's daughter)

Melody "Lily" Lilian E. (Lana's and Anne's daughter)
Smile! by KattMcAdam (left Lily, middle Ally and right Amy)

Monir Sherlock E. (Lana's and Anne's son, Lily's twin brother)

Cody Matthew E. (Lana's and Anne's second son. Alexi's twin brother)

Alexi Lana E (Lana's and Anne's second daughter. Cody's twin sister. died at birth. Now angel)

Michael E (Lana's and Anne's third son. Died at birth. Now angel)

Anna Marie E (Lana and Anne's third daughter. :iconmimmime:'s OC)

Alana Mackenzie E (Lana and Anne's third daughter)

Alex Louiès E (Lana and Anne's fourth son)

Victoria Vesting (Lana and Anne's fifth daughter. :iconmimmime:'s O.C)

Bryce Nicolaus E (Lana and Anne's fifth son)

Lara Helena E (Lana and Anne's sixth daughter)

Hannah (Lana's and Ben's daughter. Died fifty years prior to meeting Anne when lana was in coma. Now angel and grown :iconmimmime:'s O.C)

Anya Cathrine E Rathbone (Lily and Ally's daughter. Twin to James)

James Fredrick E Rathbone (Lily and Ally's son. Twin to Anya)

Christopher "Chris" (Kate and Basil's son. Twin to Matt)

Matthew "Matt" (Kate and Basil's son. Twin to Chris)

Kate's eight kids

Chase (half werewolf/half mouse. Kate's and Basil's son. One of the group of eight.)

Lynette *Lynn* (witch mouse. Kate's and Basil's daughter. One of the group of eight)

Isabella (Kate's and Basil's daughter)

Amy Kara McAdam (Katt's and Balthazar's daughter)

Theodore "Theo" (Balthazar's and Katt's son :iconmimmime:'s O.C)

Abriel "Abe" Balthazar McAdam (Katt's and Balthazar's second son)

Karina Abigail McAdam (Katt's and Balthazar's second daughter)

Balthazar Jr. "B.J" Kurtis McAdam (Katt's and Balthazar's third son)

Becky Jezebel McAdam (Katt's and Balthazar's third daughter)

Jezebel: (Balthazar's and Luc's younger sister. Was in an insane asylum for angels)

Jason ( Jezebel and Donny's son. Twin to Luke)

Luke (Jezebel and Donny's son. Twin to Jason)

Kurtel: (Balthazar's and Luc's younger brother. Trapped in crystal by katt......who has a connection with Katt's unknown past)
Kurtel and Jezebel by KattMcAdam

Annabel: (Kurtel and Corra's daughter)

Ella: (Kay's and Jeff's daughter)

J.D *Jeff Donovan*: (Kay's and Jeff's son)

Phoenix: (Lana's unborn twin sister that was put within Lana thanks to their father Dante)

Leslie Van Helsing: (Old huntress partner of Lana's)
Leslie Van Helsing by KattMcAdam

Erik "Toothy" Anach: (Lana's childhood friend that could change from dragon to mouse)

Aria (Erie's Older sister)

Robert (Lana's Grandpa)

Callion: (no one knows who he is, but likes to mess with Lana as much as he can even if it's few and far apart and so far Erie cannot kill him)

Xavier: (Old colleague of Lana's back in Italy as a therapist/psychologist. Egyptian queen Nefertiti

Christian: (Katt's uncle/father. Mentally/emotional abused Katt.)

Candy: (Katt's mother. Was raped by Christian. Split personality. Crazy and Gate Keeper between their world and the void.)

Zach: (Katt's half brother. engaged and with daughter)

Melanie: (Katt's and Kurtel's daughter......was raised mostly by Luc)

Jake: (Luc's/Alaurel's son)

Sally: (Alaurel/Luc's daughter....and i can't remember the original name i had for her ^^; )

Joshua: (alaurel/luc's son)

Molly: (Luc/Alaurel's daughter )

Dean: (dated Lily, now dating Jake)

Sam: (dating Amy)

Sarah: (dating Monir)

Troy: (Sam, Dean and Sarah's older brother)

Jason/Robert: (Sam, Dean, Sarah and Troy's parents)

Javier: (Alana's boyfriend)

Cecilia: (Matt Rathborn's stalker)

Belaundra: (evil witch from four hundred years ago. Wanting Katt dead because she's reincarnated moon queen)

Robert (Bob) Cole: (Kate's abuser)
This Can't by KattMcAdam

Pearl Dunham (Kate's and Molly's Aunt)

Ned: (best friends/was suppose to be brother in law to Don)

Janie: (was don's bride to be......mother to Donny....donny belongs to:iconmimmime: )

Kate's Fanfiction

Lidia Dunham (Mother)

Molly Dunham (Sister)

Rose O'Connor (daughter)

Jay O'Connor (first husband)

Donovan "Don" Rizzo (Kate's friend from teen human years)

Charlie Rizzo (Don's brother)

Isabella "Isa" Rizzo (Don's and Charlie's Mother)

from rp with :iconromancefreak:

Syrus: (a mermaid Lana is friends with)

From Rp with :icondevilgirl007:

Lilo: (Tribal chief and medicine woman Lana met in her travels. Was blessed that as long as she is in her country, she is protected and shall live)

from rp with :iconcherlnida:

1st rp:
Puck: Katt/Leo's twin son

2nd rp
Fritz: Luc/Leo's twin son (male equivalent to my oc: Lexis :XD:)

Haruki: Fritz's boyfriend/significant other (male equivalent to Katsumi)

Kazuo: Kuro's boyfriend

Virgil: Haruki's cousin. Half reaper/half succubi

Milly/Buffy: Fritz's birds fire Ravens; baby/mama

Cecilia: Baby sister to Gwyn: fairy

April: Fairy duchess (i think)

Miyake Matsuo: Virgil's mother/Haruki's aunt/ Masato's baby sister

(there's probably a few more O.C's I didn't mention, but will add in time)

You can ask for them to talk to, ask questions, rp and such. They are always happy to talk to those that want to.

Journal History


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