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FREE Bouncy Shiny Pokemon Pack 8.12.12 - 11.1.13

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By Kattling   |   
© 2013 - 2020 Kattling
Okay, some bonus icons in this one! C: Not only do we have shiny Pichu, but I've also included Spiky-eared Pichu and a shiny Spiky-eared Pichu! Dun dun dun. I knew that quite a few people had asked for those. Each of the four Pichu icons (three of which are in this pack) has a different colouration to the others, just to make them a bit more special.

More icons in my Pixel Icon Gallery~!

Terms of use:
:bulletblack: Please do not reupload (either as a pack or as seperate icons), claim as your own, etc.
:bulletblack: Please do not trace over, edit or modify in any way - if you want a custom one, I'm opening cheap commissions soon~
:bulletblack: This icon is free to use as your DeviantART icon, but please credit me in your signature or on your DeviantART page. C:
:bulletblack: Please comment below if you used it, just so I can check that you're doing so in accordance with the terms and conditions. C:
:bulletblack: If you see anyone violating these rules, please tell me~ Art theft is a crime~
:bulletblack: Have fun~

How to use~:
1. Click 'Download File'. I think a little window comes up so you can save it to your computer.
2. The pack contains eight icons - choose which one you want and drag it out of the .zip file.
3. Upload it as your icon on DeviantArt. C: (and credit me please!)
4. Delete the other ones or keep them for later, haha, up to you.
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TheShedinjaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it OK if I use it as a nexus mods profile? Will credit you and provide link.
(posted this comment in the wrong section of bouncy pokemon, but I am using the shiny eevelution pack, Umbreon.)
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1hoshi-star Digital Artist
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FluffyTheInkWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
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FiremoonCreationsStudent General Artist
< Using, and shiny version too!  Untitled by WerewolfPrincess2013   Untitled by WerewolfPrincess2013  
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FracturedBlueStudent Digital Artist
Using your shiny Zorua, love it
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KamiraWolfDemonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Using the shiny Zorua ^^. All of your icons are adorable and thank you so much for making them free use ^^
BorkImShook's avatar
BorkImShookHobbyist Digital Artist
What program did you use for these?? Super cute!
Articunos-CoffeenArt's avatar
Articunos-CoffeenArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm using shiny Ninetales. These are absolutely adorable. Thank you for making these cuties. Love 
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these look lovely! (can I use one of them as a profile pic on pokeheroes?)
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ScFrostHobbyist General Artist
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RubyFireLillyStudent General Artist
XxPheonixPawsxX's avatar
XxPheonixPawsxXHobbyist General Artist
using XD
Bluebirddrawing's avatar
BluebirddrawingHobbyist General Artist
they're all so cute
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TheSaddestSamHobbyist Digital Artist

And using
GreenGeckyGecko's avatar
GreenGeckyGeckoHobbyist General Artist
So cute!

oh and using
Oscuraz's avatar
OscurazHobbyist Digital Artist
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MistyCocoStudent Artist
Using icon on scratch! My profile Link on scratch: ( has credit! ) scratch.mit.edu/users/-LilacMo… <3 
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ronibaby123Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SnowyBlueEmbersHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gonna use the shiny ninetails!!^-^ please and thank you!
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OcelotKinzHobbyist Digital Artist
FREE Bouncy Shiny Pokemon Pack 8.12.12 - 11.1.13 by Kattling  
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Cubix-fan-1999Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Using Spky-eared Pichu! That's right!
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Icestorm-wolfHobbyist General Artist
Using the shiny ninetales one on my page ^^
is this credit sufficient?
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.49.00 PM
Also, is it possible that one could upload it as an emoticon, crediting you? I'd like to use it in my comments, although I'd like to get permission from you first. It's fine if not.
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