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FREE Bouncy Shiny 'Eeveelution' Pack

Edit: Fixed the preview image.

I did it! I did it! C:

More icons in my Pixel Icon Gallery~!

Terms of use:
:bulletblack: Please do not reupload (either as a pack or as seperate icons), claim as your own, etc.
:bulletblack: Please do not edit or modify in any way - if you want a custom one, I'm opening cheap commissions soon~
:bulletblack: This icon is free to use as your DeviantART icon, but please credit me in your signature or on your DeviantART page. C:
:bulletblack: Please comment below if you used it, just so I can check that you're doing so in accordance with the terms and conditions. C:
:bulletblack: If you see anyone violating these rules, please tell me~ Art theft is a crime~
:bulletblack: Have fun~

How to use~:
1. Click 'Download File'. I think a little window comes up so you can save it to your computer.
2. The pack contains eight icons - choose which one you want and drag it out of the .zip file.
3. Upload it as your icon on DeviantArt. C: (and credit me please!)
4. Delete the other ones or keep them for later, haha, up to you.
© 2012 - 2021 Kattling
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brothybear's avatar

is there a Bouncy Dragonite?

LizzyDizzyZ's avatar

Using! Super cute! Thnks for making them free

MidonLynx's avatar

Wonderful art style! So kind of ye te share fer free! TwT i likey me stricin or id use an eeveelution as me icon!

Have a wonderful day! :,D

Little-Miss-Eevee's avatar
Soo lovely, and I’m using the the shiny eevee. Thank you. :3
ShadowARG04's avatar

It´s beautiful! Congratulations for your great work!

PS: It would be great if you did this but with Sylveon too...

owoangel's avatar

These are adorable, thanks for making them! I'm gonna use shiny Vaporeon!

i want to use them as my twithc alerts because theyre so fucking good. am i allowed to do this?
XxSkysoraxX's avatar
Idk what to use any for and idk how to use them so I guess I won’t use one :/
Nex-irou's avatar
using the umbreon one
Ui-Azuma's avatar
Thank you for these :D going to use the Eevee one. <3
HopelovehappinessAJ's avatar
ferrugineum fabric border b 3 
Using Vaporeon! :) (Smile)  
ferrugineum fabric border b 3 
OnionSloth's avatar
EerieEcho-DA's avatar
Gonna use one of these. Not sure which yet.
olkyora's avatar
MoonBeamzz's avatar
Did you ever do shining slyveon?
Mistaken-Hero's avatar
Using the Shiny Umbreon
BinFhone's avatar
EeveeShell1021's avatar
Using Shiny Flareon!
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