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Project-file-new by Kattling

Hey guys, kind of struggling to keep my excitement in, so sorry if this comes out all dumb, but I'm making charms and stickers?? And they're going to be adorable and I'm so so excited??
Picture the little bouncy guys you know me for, but cupped in your hands??? Ahh!
I've poured literally every spare penny I've earned into the tools, parts and packaging, etc. but I need a hand with the final push, and most exciting part - the actual printing and laser cutting. The initial outlay of those is a bit too steep for me to cover on my own, which is why I'm asking for your help over on Kickstarter!

You can get all of the above from the Kickstarter right now, but there's also some stretch goals to unlock new designs, not to mention the limited edition stuff! There's the old favourites, there's revamps, and completely new artwork that'll I'll be releasing as animated icons throughout the duration of the campaign. ;u;
If you want to know more or would consider backing, please head over to the Kickstarter page where you can see all the details, see all the perks, and see all the new stuff I have lined up for you guys!…

I'll let one of the previews do the talking for a bit, I've gone silly:

Designsallallall by Kattling
Details by KattlingStickers by Kattling

Also, any pledges with a physical donation will also receive one of these badges, absolutely free!
Badges by Kattling

Thanks for reading!
(also if you would like to share and spread the word I'm certainly not going to stop you. >w>)

Hey guys! I'm going to be completely honest - I'm absolutely blown away by how kind you guys are. You smashed the goal in an hour and a half! Excuse me?! I can't even find a way to put into words how grateful I am - just thank you so, so much. Your generosity and enthusiasm are truly heartwarming and as exhausted I am from working on this, all these good vibes are driving me on!
Not only did you absolutely obliterate the first goal, within the first 12 hours we reached the first stretch goal! So I'm very pleased to announce: Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon and Espeon charms are now available!
designssgUnlocked by Kattling
I never could've predicted how fast all of this would happen, even in my wildest dreams I thought I only stood a chance of reaching the stretch goals at the very end of the campaign. To celebrate, I've added a new stretch goal with a bunch of new exclusive rewards, be sure to check it out!
Thank you for reading, and once again, thank you so much for your work so far! I honestly can't quite wrap my head around how kind you all are, I'm just going to keep animating and trying to show you all how grateful I am!

Hey everyone! I'm delighted to be back again to announce that we have even more designs! ;u; You guys are absolutely crushing it, I can't believe we've reached a goal I thought we might not reach in the entire 30 days of the campaign - nowhere close to 5 days! I can't believe how lovely you all are, you're all wonderful and I could not feel more touched at the phenomenal response you've shown!
I've updated the designs sheet above to show all the designs we'll be making, but here's a closer look at what we've unlocked!:
Designssg2unlocked by Kattling
Once again thank you so so much. I'll be announcing the free mystery gifts soon, just got a little more designing to do. ;u; If you'd like to get in on it all, don't forget to check it out!

What was it, yesterday??! Was that my last update?! ^^; Seriously, how did you unlock this next stretch goal so quickly?! I'm extremely excited to announce that we now have a whopping 8 more designs - that means we have 23 designs in total! I genuinely can't believe it, I didn't even make an 'unlocked' graphic for this stretch goal, as I was sure we'd never reach it. But here we are! Thank you so so much! ;u; These new designs are campaign exclusives - once they're gone, they're gone, so if you're interested, head over there as soon as possible!
Sg3unlocked by Kattling
Sorry for the delay in the mystery gift - it's still coming, just taking a little longer than expected. ;u; My dayjob has given me a million hours all of a sudden, and I've been drawing/designing/animating in what little time I have left. I think I have a day off next week though, I'll definitely be finishing up some new stuff then and getting back to anyone I haven't replied to yet. Thank you for your patience. :heart:

Here we are again, at something I never thought we'd achieve! ;u; Once again we've smashed another stretch goal, taking our total up to 33 designs! You guys have left me absolutely speechless!
Designssg4unlocked by Kattling
Not only that, but I finally found time for that mystery gift - any pledge with a physical reward will receive a random badge, absolutely free!
Badges by Kattling
If you want to get your hands on any of these, I would highly recommend doing it now - there's over 30 designs to choose from, many of them exclusive to the campaign, and I don't want anyone to miss out on all the giveaways! I've got to work out exact numbers still, but if things go as planned, there'll be a few more surprises to come too!

Unfortunately I'm going to be without reliable WiFi for a few days, so the next you'll probably hear from me will be at the finishing line! ;u; Thank you guys so much for turning this little dream into something really special!


Custom Icon (CURRENTLY 30% OFF!)
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Edited Icon
Change an existing icon into your character! Customise colours and accessories!

Examples here:
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Static Icon (CURRENTLY 35% OFF!)
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Examples here:
More details:…


Set a speedpaint exporting while I go to work. ;u; New upload tonight hopefully?


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