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OS-tan sketches 4

Another batch of OS-tan sketches, this time some of them are in color! However, I'm not sure whether this would fall under traditional, digital art, or mixed media! It was sketched with pencils and paper, but cleaned up and digitally colored while still retaining the style of my hand-drawn works.

Fried Chicken Linux-tan (character created by ~Siya) is a college student with a fried chicken-shaped hat that gets a lot of attention from others! FreeBSD-tan thinks it looks tasty, and can eat just about anything!

QNX Neutrino is a Unix-like OS that's not well known to the public, but is regarded as one of the fastest, most reliable OSes ever made, and is widely used in embedded applications, mainly in car systems, electronic medical devices, nuclear power plants, and some of the world's most powerful routers.

QNX Neutrino-tan is polite and non-chalant, and also rather eccentric from the desire to seek some thrill in her life. She is a engineer and auto-mechanic who is also extremely geeky, excelling at various fields of science, including quantum physics! But on the other hand, she's terrible at domestic tasks!

Honeywell Kitchen Computer-tan (aka: H316) represents Honeywell's attempt at making a home computer. It was released in 1969 and sold for $10,600 (which, adjusted for inflation today is more than $60,000). It was prohibitively expensive to consumer, difficult to use, and allegedly not a single Kitchen Computer was sold.

H316-tan is/was a chef who is/was bad at her job, not sure if she'd still be alive today. Her design is based off a concept sketch by *BellaCielo, with her outfit in the red+white color scheme of the H316.

A new character created is Bit Torrent-tan, represented as a gardener wearing a hat, raincoat and boots. She plants seeds and fears leeches.

OS/2-tan is NT-tan's sister, the aunt of NT-tan's children, and the stepsister of the DOS-based Windows-tans. Before the breakup between IBM and Microsoft in 1990, she was promised to be the leading OS-tan of her family, and told the future was hers for the taking, but was ultimately betrayed by the success of Windows 3.0-tan and the later Windows-tans, who saw her as an enemy.

Decades of betrayal have turned her bitter and vengeful, with a bloodthirsty vendetta against the Windows-tans (except for 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan).
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Katt-chama's magic is still very much alive and well!! ^v^

Too much cuteness here... ^.^

*injects self with insulin*