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Assorted vintage OS-tans

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AMSDOS-tan represents the OS of the Amstrad computers. She is fast and athletic, can juggle various things to show off, and still very competitive, especially with her contemporaries. One of her rivals is oddly enough... QL-tan!

Sinclair QL-tan returns, carrying manuals and tapes, rushing to get something done!

In the background are A/UX-tan and Macintosh System 6-tan, two scatterbrained step-sisters guessing what QL-tan is late to, coming up with one of the more left-field guesses out there!

And there's Apple III-tan, who is a pyromaniac. She's trying to work on that...

GEOS is a graphical OS made for the Commodore 64, but also ported to the C128, Plus/4 and Apple II. GEOS-tan is an officer with geomancy powers, is a writer and literature fanatic. She is very resourceful and hot-blooded.

Tynix-tan is the first Unix clone made (in 1973). She is the most cheerful and mild-mannered of the Unix clones and likes to be around others. One of her friends is GENIAC-tan, who represents one of the earliest personal computer series ever made, debuted in 1955. This particular drawing was inspired by some comments made.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Tynix and GENIAC-chan just made me die of moe overexposure. :iconiloveyouplz:

My memory of GEOS-tan is a little fuzzy, so you'll have to excuse me since I don't know much about her. ^^; But she looks really cool!

AMSDOS and QL-tan are cute, but what really gets me are the super-chibis in the BG...especially ///-tan starting a fire. :giggle:
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GEOS was a surprisingly Macintosh-like GUI for the C64 (originally). It was notoriously slow on an unexpanded machine (hey, you try running a full-scale graphical OS with just 64 kilobytes of memory on a 1 MHz processor!), but it got the job done and at the time was a very attractive alternative to a Mac at a fraction of the cost. Due to its size and relative bloat, however, most Commodorians I knew used it primarily as an office suite, or at least just a word processor. geoWrite had most of the features a modern word processor, including support for laser printers!

As Kattlanna noted, GEOS was ported to the C128, the infamous Plus/4, and even the Apple II. For the PC there was also Geoworks Ensemble, an alternative to Windows 3.0 that just never quite caught on; the modern descendant of that would be Breadbox Ensemble ([link]), which has found a niche market among those who still use (or have to use) old 486/early Pentium hardware.

I'm guessing GEOS-tan's "geomancy" comes from the fact that everything was "geo" with GEOS; you had geoWrite, geoPaint, geoFile, geoCalc, geoPublish, etc. Her resourcefulness should come as no surprise considering how much GEOS could do with such meager system requirements... I am not kidding when I say it could stand toe-to-toe with the early Macs in every measurable respect other than speed. (Plug a memory-expansion module or a SuperCPU into your 64 and it'll run rings around those first-gen Macs!)

Here's a great, though lengthy, article on the history of GEOS: [link]
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, thank you very much for that information! That was a fascinating article. :D

Can't believe I never really noticed this OS before in any of my research ... :O
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Unspool the tape inside the cassettes and use them to make a catapult that'll launch the books at the zombies! That's how you do it, QL-tan! ;)
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tenko72Hobbyist General Artist
Tynix-tan and Geniac-tan are so cute together.