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Poppin' Da Collar

I'm feeling nostalgic today. I miss the good ol' days when I would come home from school when I was in second or first grade and watch SpongeBob. And THAT was when it was funny. Now almost every cartoon is idiotic and so annoying I can't watch them anymore. Is it just me, or does it seem like cartoons are having to "dumb down" their humor just to entertain the young kids now?

Anyway, I've been looking at a lot of :iconspongygirl92:'s art and it's made me want to try drawing SpongeBob again. I never really got the hang of him like I would have liked.
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The new episodes are'nt that bad, the new christmas special is going to be entirely in stopmotion
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The old episodes were the best.
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girl, I freak'in love this. Smug, yes.
Yeah, the earlier seasons will always be the best :iconfinallyplz: Glad you're drawing SpongeBob ^^, love seeing some good fanart of the show, like your's, hanging around on DA ~<33333
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Haha, thanks so much! :D And thanks for the watch too!! This is freakin awesome, it's almost like having someone who actually works on the show watching me because you're so good at drawing all of them! :XD:
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Definitely cute and well done.
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Chicks dig the sponge.
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Yeah, I think thats what happened to Pokemon too. Pokemon Black and White is crap. I loved the old *Turns hat backwards and goes serious* gimmick! It was so funny! SpongeBob changed to the idiots of today are screwing it up! :P them stupids. I love how did this! Dumb Down a bit...... wasnt that something Patrick said in a ep?
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I can't really remember, :XD: But now that you say that it sounds kind of familiar.
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:P They screwed up a lot of good shows.
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