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OTP Kirk/Spock - Gangsta Style



From "A Piece of Action"!

Spock: Captain, are you absolutely positive that we are not inside the mind of a fan-girl?

Kirk: Yes, Spock. Although Gene Roddenberry can be considered the world's largest fangirl.

I love episodes where they dress up :love: I wanted to draw the hats, but I prefer Spock's ears to the hates :giggle: But honestly, the writers, directer, actors, and costume makers are completely fangirling! I mean these outfits are TOO CUTE on them! Haha, they write such perfect stories, the entire show is a fanfiction :giggle:

Anyways, they are slanted...and behold the awful, awful background (it's supposed to be a curtain, but SHHHHHH! ) and the spotlight's on them :XD:

Hope chuu guys like it! :heart: and any comments would be awesomely appreciated and lovingly replied too :glomp:

Edit: Kirk's arm was bothering me...I tried fixing it, it was like the size of twice his body! Gomen, gomen!

I'm trying to do all the drawings for the 30 Day OTP Challenge. Here they are Wearing different clothing Styles :giggle:

Check out My List! :D!

I really hope you guys like it :heart: and again! Any comments given will be loved to death, and lovingly replied to :heart:

Just Married ~~ Space Husbands:

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