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How to Make a Clip-on Ponytail

By Katsumiyo
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Here is my tutorial on how to make a clip-on ponytail. This method looks best for either stubbed wigs or short wigs that end near the natural hairline. If you have any questions or need me to clarify something, post a comment or send me a note and I'll be happy to get back to you.
Here is what the inside of the clip looks like:
And the top:
Pretty much exactly like you'll find in stores:

Here are some helpful tutorials from other people that you may be able to use:
[link] - Katie Bair's Wig Straightening Tutorial
[link] - Kukkii's Loose Wefts Tutorial
[link] - Kukkii's High Ponytail Tutorial
[link] - Katie Bair's Stubbing Tutorial
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I have a wig and I'd like to turn it into a clip ponytail is that possible it's a really long wig I just want to be able to clip it on over my real ponytail
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I know this is a very late reply (and I'm also not the original poster) but you can cut wefts out of your wig and do the same procedure in this tutorial! Make sure to cut the fabric that the hair is attached to, not the actual hair. A seam ripper will help remove the wefts from the elastic that joins the wig together.

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could you possibly post like a quick mspaint kinda thing that just shows the lines where you sew the wefts onto the piece of fabric? when i tried this, the wefts just hung down and pulled the fabric down with them and basically show the underside of the fabric along with the weft seam.
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I'm having a little trouble understanding how the clip is hidden. I understand the one part going into the wig, but what about the part you pinch to open the clip? Sorry if this is obvious.
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The felt sleeve goes right over that part. You pinch the clip through the felt and wefts to attach it to the wig.
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Ah! Makes sense, thank you.
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It's very necessary for me. Thank you for sharing ! 
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Glad it will help you!
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This looks very promising, I'm going to try it out for a project I'm working on! Thank you for sharing!
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Of course, happy to help! :D
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Would something like this help with making a wig into a ponytail? I'm making a Megura cosplay from Disney Hercules. And I need to find a way to turn a wig into a ponytail.  
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This tutorial is really about making a ponytail from spare wefts. I would recommend Kukkii's tutorial on making a wig into a ponytail.
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Can I buy a long wife and cut it short and make my own wefts? Also, is it possible to add a hairpiece similar to Korra's from The Legend of Korra?
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You can make your own wefts, but it is very complicated and extremely messy. I don't know what Korra's hair looks like very well. You could use bobby pins or something to pin up the strands to make those loop things, but I do not advise connecting them permanently to the ponytail. Your wig will be almost impossible to store that way.
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How well do clip on ponytails actually work? I've never tried to do one, this is the first I've seen of them to be honest. I tried just pulling the wig into a high ponytail and it just does not stay put throughout a whole day and the only other thing I had seen other than this was putting in a fake one over a bit a foam. I'm not too keen on that idea.
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I guess I'm confused by what you mean by work? The clips are latched into the wefts and tracks on the wig, so unless you make a ponytail so huge that the wig sags, it should stay put all day. It's definitely the easiest method to make a ponytail with, too, since you don't need to alter the base wig to make one.
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Thats pretty much what I was asking. lol
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Thank you for making this tutorial! Is the most helpful and clear about making clip-on ponytails I've ever read, and it should be very helpful ^^
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Thank you very much! :) Glad it could help!
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I am so thankful for this you have no idea o.o
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Glad to help! :D
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Huh. Very clever trick.
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Thank You for this! I've been looking for ideas for a Belldandy wig and I think this will help me the most! You are a life saver
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