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As the day progressed, Levi lined up a few cadets that had a relationship with {Name}. He wanted to know everything.

“Alright. Cadet {Last Name} is in the infirmary due to serious injuries. These were not caused by falling so I want to know the truth behind this all. So, tell me. What all do you cadets know?” His glare was stern, shooting holes in each of their hearts.

“Well, {Name} sometimes heads to the training grounds after dinner.” Connie suddenly spoke up, making others nod as they realized she did that often.

“{Name} is also in a relationshi-” Armin's voice was cut off by a young male whom quickly shook his head. “No, No she isn't, Armin.”

This took a hold of Levi's interest. This young man seemed so defensive about that topic. “How the hell do you know, Cadet?”

Levi watched as the man fidgeted, “Because I used to date her, sir..” Why the hell would he want to break up with her? Maybe that was the reason for her sadness recently..

No. She couldn't hurt herself like that. How would she reach her back and make a scar as long as the one he saw earlier? Someone had obviously done that.

“Shit..” He mumbled to himself, clenching his fists into a ball. At least the Cadets helped him a little bit. He would take in Connie's words and find out what the hell happens when no one else is looking.

With that, he heaved himself from his chair and shot the coldest, most horrifying glare at the small group of his soldiers. “If I found out something I don't like about any of you, there will be consequences.”

At that moment, the group feared that their cleaning chores would be tripled and they would die from being over-worked. Levi didn't seem to notice the guilt-stricken expression written all over a certain male's face.

Levi let them return to whatever the hell they were doing and decided to pay her another visit. He wasn't going to pester her about the strange happenings, his mind was just itching to see her again.

He stepped into the serene haven of the Infirmary, ignoring the nurse that told him visiting hours were over.

His calloused hand gripped the cool door knob and allowed him into her room where she slept. He had to remind himself to breathe at that moment.

Her beauty was captivating...The way the moon lit her pale visage and the wind played with the small strands of hair that happened to fall...It made his heart stop.

Levi found himself incapable of looking away from that sleeping face of hers. To see her at peace like that felt amazing.

He grabbed a chair nearby and sat beside her snoozing figure. Damn, he wanted to see her genuine smile again. It made her look even more beautiful then she was now...

Though it wasn't long before her voice made him snap out of his thoughts. Was..she talking in her sleep? The male peeked over her sleeping form, watching as her mouth moved and inaudible words slipped from her lips.

He would never admit it to anyone or even himself for that matter but...this was adorable. He even went as far as reaching his hand out to her and pushing away the hair that made her sniffle.

Damn, her skin was soft too. It was as if she was perfect, an angel even. Was she put in his life to relieve him from all the death and suffering he usually saw?

With those thoughts in mind, he allowed his whole body to relax and for his eyes to close. Just as he wanted earlier, his stress was gone and his mind was cleared of all the shit he was used to seeing. All because of her being next to him.

A streaming beam of sunlight hit a certain Corporal's face causing him to groan in annoyance. “Corporal...?” That voice..

All he could reply with was a grunt. Shit, his back hurt. “Levi? Did you..stay the night in here?” Ah, there it was again..Thank god it called him Levi this time.

“Mm. Yeah.” He mumbled, cracking one steel eye open to look into her own. She had her head tilted slightly with worry painted on her features, but deep in those eyes of hers he could tell she was happy he had stayed.

“I need to get to work, {Name}.” As if he had only visited for a little while, Levi rose up and turned on his heel to leave.

“Wait, Levi!” He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her. “T-Thank you...I'm really glad you came to visit me..” He felt his heart stop once again and his head quickly turned away.

“Tch.” The door softly closed after that, Levi not even knowing that he had missed that beautiful, genuine smile and a soft giggle from her.

“Here is your clothes, Ma'am, I'm glad your wounds are looking better.” The chubby, kind woman from before handed her her uniform. It had come time for her to be released. A day was all Levi had checked her in for.

All {Name} could do was nod and offer a small smile, despite that smile was a solemn look in her deep eyes.

Fear was slowly building in the pit of her gut, followed but anger from not being able to control the situation she was in. As soon as she stepped out of the infirmary, He would be waiting for her. He'd question what happened and if anyone knew..

And then, he'd drag her away to beat her to a pulp. The woman watched these emotions twist on {Name}'s features with furrowed eyebrows. “Miss {Last Name}...Would you like to stay here a bit longer?”

The voice of the woman made her thoughts disappear and she shook her head. “N-No! I'm fine, really...I must continue with training.”

This made the nurse smile. “Ah, to be on Corporal Levi's squad? I'm sure he'd like that.” What?! How embarrassing...! Was she implying something?

A nervous laugh slipped past {Name}'s lips and she quickly grabbed her things so she could change. Even if she wanted to stay, she couldn't. He'd just hurt her more if he found out she was hiding from him.

{Name} ran a bit late to Morning line-up but once she got there out of breath, Levi only nodded in her direction which meant he understood why she was late. Thank God.

As soon as chores were given out, everyone headed to do them including {Name} wasn't long before she was stopped.

A hand slammed into the wall next to her. She already knew who it was. She glanced up from the bucket she was grabbing to see it was him.

“Who the hell did you tell?” He growled, his deep voice shaking her small body.

“N-No one..!” Despite it being the truth, he seemed to become even more angered. His hand rose up and collided with her cheek. “Corporal Jack Ass is suspicious! He called everyone to his office and wanted to know what the hell was going on. You told him didn't you?!”

A delicate hand reached up to hold her cheek. The tears that ran down the hand mark made it hurt worse. “I didn't...It's just..” Her fist clenched.

“Y-You hurt me all the time! It's hard for anybody to not be suspicious!” What was she doing? “Each day I show up with more and if you get caught it's your own damn fault!” She was dead. A goner. No longer going to be able to help humanity.

She watched in horror as his face twisted with anger. His eyes glowed with the intent to kill and just as he opened his mouth- “{Name}! Armin asked if you could help him dust the bookca- Ah?” Eren! “Uh..Was I interrupting something?”

“No! You weren't. I'm coming.” As quick as she could, she grabbed the bucket and followed after Eren. “Hey...Is your face okay?” The mark had begun to show itself and of course, Eren noticed it.

“Yes..I'm fine. Let's hurry..” All she could think about was that expression he had given her before she left. That glare full of hate.

It sounded dumb, like she was exaggerating, but she wasn't. He could possibly kill her tonight. After dinner in the mess hall, he'll pull her aside and away from her friends and then.. She shook her head. It hurt to think about.

As much as she hated it, time passed by quickly like the world was awaiting her death. Dinner came in no time at all and she couldn't even eat because of the fear building in her stomach.

Why in the world would she say those things to him? She was just so fed up...Hell, she welcomed death now. At least there she wouldn't be slapped around like a rag doll.

“Aren't you going to eat anything?” Mikasa spoke with her expression plain as usual. “Ah..No, I'm not hungry..” A weak smile. {Name} didn't even bother to make it look real. Her thoughts were too scattered.

“Alright Cadets! Dinner is finished. Go get ready for bed.” Erwin's voice boomed throughout the mess hall. Some people complained and others left as quickly as they could. {Name} was one of those people. And so was He.

A firm grip took hold of her wrist, making her heart stop. It grew tighter and tighter by the second until he finally started to drag away from the scene.

He didn't even speak as he dragged her to hell, he let her wince in pain and fear the worse. Once they were hidden, he tossed her to the ground. “How fucking dare you.”

Her fingers dug into the dirt below. was over for her. No use in begging for life now. “It's your fault. It's all your fault! You did this to yourself! All I did was become your girlfriend!” Her lip curled, all the anger from deep inside slipping.

“Or I guess just become a punching bag for a coward.” A kick to gut. “Come on! Is that really all you can do?” Why was she egging him on? A punch to the face.

“Shut up, you stupid bitch.” He rose his fist, pounding into her stomach and then once more to her delicate visage. Porcelain skin cracked and bled but he seemed to enjoy that.

His hand gathered a fist full of her locks and he rammed her into the ground below. The taste of blood and dirt littered her taste buds but she merely spit it out and opened her mouth once again. “Coward. All you are is a coward.”

He was seething now. “You little shit!” His foot slammed onto her back followed by a sickening crack of bone. Her left arm had broken.

It was over...{Name} curled into a ball with a whine of pain, awaiting more of the abuse. But it never came.

One of her eyes cracked open, she seeing the shocked face of her lover staring into the cold orbs of no one other than Corporal.

“L-Lance Corporal! I just found {Name} like this, I don't know what happened!” Levi seemed to ignore him as he slipped on white gloves.

Before her lover could think, a fist was in his face, sending him to the ground. “Tch. Filthy scum. What a disgrace to mankind.”

He slammed his foot into the male's stomach. “How does it feel? Do you like it?” A growl erupted from Levi himself as he slammed the man's face into the ground repeatedly. “Is it fun to beat on women? Does is it give you satisfaction, pig?” His foot smashed his face further into the dirt. “Even as much as you hate it, you will always be a coward that has no strength. Beating on others won't change that. You're still weak. You still have absolutely no meaning.”

He rubbed his foot into back of the male's head. “But being a coward was your choice wasn't it?” Levi removed his foot when his body fell limp. He didn't kill him though. He wanted to make his life a living hell.

He had other things to worry about now though. She had passed out by then, her beautiful body even more battered than before.

Levi slowly lifted her fallen form from the ground, holding her close to his body despite the blood she leaked and the dirt that had caked her skin.

He knew he had arrived late...but he couldn't regret that. At least she was breathing in his arms.

He checked her into the infirmary that evening. The nurses made him wait as they repaired her injured arm and cared to her wounds. Though after hours of working on {Name}, they were surprised to find Levi standing exactly where he was when they took her in.

When he stepped into the room, he stopped to take in her injuries. Her broken limb was trapped in a cast, her head was wrapped and some of the bandages were hiding that amazing visage of hers...but she was safe.

Levi placed himself in the chair he had fallen asleep in earlier, watching as she breathed and sighing out loud as he thought of the events that had taken place.

His mind was wiped clean when he saw her eyes open. At first she was confused but after a moment of processing, she jolted and looked around the room. She thought she was in heaven for a moment.

“Calm down, idiot. You'll hurt yourself more.” His voice made her eyes light up. “L-Levi..” Ah..It felt so nice to hear him.

A gentle smile graced her lips at his comment. “You..saved me, hm?” He didn't answer her but she knew the silence confirmed it. “I'm glad...I thought I was going to die.”

Her voice was soft as she recalled what happened with a smile. She smiled because she knew that all of her beatings were over.

“I really owe you my life, Levi.” His eyes met hers at this comment and she analyzed his stoic expression. “You're right, you do.” {Name} blinked at his words. Was he angry with her?

Her gaze shifted to the white sheets of the bed. Those gorgeous eyes saddened at that thought. She had managed to anger the only person who cared enough to find out and protect her.

“So give it to me.” Huh? What did that mean? {Name} quickly turned to him. “Give me all of you.” Her heart was beating out of her chest. Did he really mean...? “U-Um, Levi, I don't really get what you're saying..” She gave a nervous laugh.

“I mean, I want you to be mine, stupid.” His face remained stoic as he spoke though she could see his ears turning a light shade of red.

She was at a loss for words. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. Her Corporal...wanted to be with her?

“You owe me your life and I want it.” He repeated as he shifted in his chair. “I-I-I..” Oh man, it was so hard to speak. Could he hear her heart beating? Her face went through a variety of red as she pulled at the sheets nervously.

“I-I! I-I will give you my life then...” He seemed surprised by her answer but he inhaled the summer air deeply and nodded as a response. “Good..” Slowly, she etched her hand toward his own and nudged it softly as if asking for permission.

And he took her hand, rubbing his thumb over it as he looked in another direction.

Wooooah. This is 6 pages long. But I worked really hard at it so I really hope you guys love it. Oh man, it gave me a lot of feels~ This is the Final chapter so the story is finished but that doesn't mean you can't picture their life after this right? 
Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
Thank you everyone who enjoyed this story! I have another coming out I hope you all will like~! 

Shingeki No Kyojin © Hajime Isayama
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