Little Package {Levi x Reader} Chapter 5

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You glanced around frantically, meeting eyes with Erwin who happened to be shirtless. Great. And then meeting eyes with Levi whom was short but he was a man! A grown man!

“Hm..I suppose you're right..” Erwin spoke as he moved his hand away from her shoulder. “It happened so soon..I didn't expect it. I thought you would grow before I did, Levi.”

The male 'tch'ed, hand falling from the switch as he analyzed the situation. A flustered female in a bed with two men. She's probably so confused.

“Cadet. Calm down. It's still us. You're shaking out of your skin.” You couldn't help it though...They were two adorable little people that you felt motherly feelings for because you had to take care of them...

And now, they were grown, well-built men who naturally attracted you. It was a strange transition and it sort of scared you how fast your feelings toward them changed.

“What does this even mean?” You finally spoke up, the two men looking at each other. “Well, when we are cared for, we grow. It happened to a few of us before we even got separated. It really depends on the person.” Erwin finally voiced.

“I see...but..I have two full grown men in my apartment. I-I only have one bed too! And now that you aren't my little babies anymore, I can't sleep with you!”

“What? Little babies?” Levi's face scrunched up with slight annoyance. “Yes, that does seem to be an issue.” Erwin interrupted as he lifted himself off of the bed.

Levi rested against the wall, his steel orbs monitoring your every move and watching as emotions rolled over your features. “We didn't change in personality. Nothing's new except we're taller.”

“Some more than others..” You mumbled under your breath obviously becoming frustrated with the fact that such a big change happened over night.

A moment of silence spread throughout the room as the storm continued to roar outside the apartment window.

“We can all find out what to do in the morning. Let's just get back in bed.” Levi flicked off the light before you could state your objections to him.

“W-Wait! I can't possibly sleep in a bed with two men! I'm not married to you two so..!”

Erwin nodded. “She's right, Levi. She doesn't know me that well either.” You allowed yourself to sigh in relief.

“I'll go sleep on the couch and Levi, you can stay with {Name} since you know her well.” What?! That didn't make it any better! You were still going to be next to a man! A man that wasn't your husband!

You listened as Erwin's footsteps tracked to your bedroom door and then faded out as he made himself comfortable on your couch.

..And left you all alone with a fully grown Levi.

Lightning struck once again, leaving you with a flash image of Levi removing his shirt.

Oh god! What was he doing?!  

“L-Levi?! W-What are you doing?!”

You heard him march closer to you. Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god!

A slight shift of the mattress below you...Was he going to do something d-dirty?! That seemed so unlike him!

“I'm going to sleep.” He deadpanned, “You should too. This place needs to have a good cleaning tomorrow.” Oh...But what could you expect? Him turning into a man made you think a bit different of him.

With a sigh, you closed your eyes to let the rhythm of the rain wash you away into a world of dreams. Your mind wondered and soon, your breathing became light.

You failed to noticed the pair of eyes focused on your sleeping features. His pair of eyes. They shielded any sign of emotion from the people around during the day, but at night, he allowed them to show his soul.

No one was watching so he allowed it.

You were fast asleep with a cute smile across your lips. And for a moment, he enjoyed this slight bout of Insomnia he was having.

You have taken such good care of him for the past few days. You took him in without even batting an eye.

He wondered what made you like that. Maybe your past shaped you into that person, or maybe you were just born like that....with that kind of caring personality.

Time ticked away and you allowed your dreams to pull you away from the situation you were in. Within a few minutes, you didn't care if you were in bed with a fully grown man anymore or if there was another grown man resting on your sofa.

Even as hours passed, Levi was still wide awake, looking up at the ceiling above while trapped in his own thoughts.

He hated what was to happen next.

He knew it was what he had to do, Erwin told him so long ago when this 'tiny' shit happened.

But the thought made him sick because after all you did, he still had to do it to you.

He rose up a hand and let his fingers drift between his ebony locks. You were snuggling against him again, with your mouth wide open. He quickly found out that that was a habit of yours. But he also found that he didn't mind it much. Shit...Was he going to miss you?

“Levi.” The door creaked open. “Are you awake? Come on..” Of course he was awake. How the hell could he even sleep.

“Yea, I know.” He gently moved you from his body and made no noise so that he wouldn't disturb you before stepping out the creaking door and leaving you alone in your bed.

The sun peeked from the blinds in your window hours later, causing you to stir from sleep and soon wake up to an empty bed. “Huh?”

Did he not wake you up to clean? That was pretty nice.. “Levi? Where'd you go?” You stretched your muscles free of sleep and hopped up from the bed.

He was bound to be cleaning the kitchen. Levi wouldn't put hard earned money in amazing cleaning products if he wasn't going to use them.

“Levi, Erwin, What do you want for...” It was too quiet...and when you cautiously pulled open the door, you found that it was indeed brutally silent.

They were gone.
Woohoo! A plot twist! I felt like I was starting to have a writer's block so I forced myself to finish this and submit it like I promised. I really hope this chapter doesn't suck because of that. I seem to have a lot of people enjoying this little series and letting them down is the last thing I want to do. 

But yes! A plot twist! A quite sad one at that...I hope you enjoyed this chapter~ I'm think about posting a really sad fic so maybe this can counter the angst? {even though this one is getting pretty angsty}
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