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My Little Ponies

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Comments are appreciated more then :+fav:'s

Since there is such a lack of Mane 6 bases I went to the Wiki and looked at the theme song gallery and found this scene from the intro S1-S3. Blew it up about two times the original size and based it:

Then before posting it I wanted to do a doll of my own Mane 6 and well... Your looking at my little ponies aka my Mane 6

From left to right...

Bubble Turn
Bubble Turn [Official Reference Sheet] by TwiilightEssence

Somber Moon
Somber Moon [Official Reference Sheet] by TwiilightEssence

Lightning Blitz
Lightning Blitz [Official Reference Sheet] by TwiilightEssence

Nova Star Sparkle
Nova Star Sparkle [Official Reference Sheet] by TwiilightEssence

Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice [Official Reference Sheet] by TwiilightEssence

Soul Chord
Soul Chord [Official Reference Sheet] by TwiilightEssence

Would you believe me if I told you this took over 24 hours to complete?

But hell I'd say it was damn worth it. I am really proud of this doll and I hope you like it too~

Official debuts and new reference sheets are going to made for all six


Ponies© :icontwiilightessence:
Dolling by TwiilightEssence 2014
Base by Twiily-Bases aka Me
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Interesting Mane Six lineup. I do like the visual variety between each character.
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
This is very outdated but thank you
Etharon's avatar
Hmm, what's the latest version of the lineup?
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
Haven't really decided yet
ScarySkellietons's avatar
Really thought Bubble Turn was a mix of Derpy and Dr.Whooves. Well I was wrong xD Anyways, great work!
GennyTheWolf's avatar
O_O Soooo............... AWESOME your.......your..OMG SO AWESOME
GoldenAvi's avatar
Ah, you took my suggestion of changing Pumkin's into a messy braid! She looks lovely, they all do!
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
Yes I did haha
Thank you ^^
SlugSlush's avatar
*coughs* Friendship is SO magic! *coughs*
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
"Oh, why look, there's our friend Rarity going down in flames! Isn't friendship magic?!"
Sorry your comment reminded me of that xD
SpiritualPresence's avatar
O mg it looks fantastic Twii! :dummy:
I have no words to explain how awesome this is xDD
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
Why thank you, Night :dummy:
SpiritualPresence's avatar
Your welcome Twii :dummy: 
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
Can I ask what ya think about Pumpkin Spice? xD
SpiritualPresence's avatar
Well, I think she's the perfect spot for AJ xD
Her colors are very unique and spontaneous :la:
Katsuforov-Chan's avatar
Instead of a apple farmer she's a pumpkin farmer xDD
SpiritualPresence's avatar
Natalie1u's avatar
This is beautifulllllllllllll :D
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