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Picture by Niteangel | Mod by me
idzr air by NaWong | Mod by me
Special thanks NaWong & Alexshell's helping.
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Nice shot :) Any chance I could have the idzr air app mod?
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hey do you know how to uninstall themes on leopard??
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replace modified Extras.rsrc (or Extras2.rsrc) with the original ones you backed up :)
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Hey! Awesome shot man! :D
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Awesome! I love it :)
katsu3477's avatar
I am missing your so much ,mate!Glad to see you again,take care! :hug:
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very nice desk man, love the wall :thumbsup:
Play337's avatar
This desk is amazing :+fav:
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nice idzr uploader mod. your version of The Dark Knight seems very clear. where did you get it?
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The movie trailer from ,change it to DVD formart, not DVDrip.
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superb shot!!!!
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Very nice shot :clap:
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nice work :clap:
wonderful desk :peace:
avetunes link ?
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Sorry, guy,that is a Mac Leopard screenshot.There are only idzr & DVD, not any avetunes :)
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great congratulations
dude what is the player what you using for see the dark knight ?
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Awesome, Gniqu!
Fantastic wallpaper and theme!
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very nice man, that theme is growing sexy!
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Nice work ! :clap:
Wonderful shot ! :)
V1art-star's avatar
hey , Na shot ( nice shot ) ;)

my SS ; [link]
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wonderful shot ^_^
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