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I’m open for some traditional commissions. Price includes shipping to North America.


$35USD for an ATC (2.5in by 3.5in) — EXAMPLE
$65USD for a coloured thigh-up (cut to fit) — no examples, but this format done in traditional
$85USD for a full body pinup (9in x 12in) — EXAMPLE
$100USD for a pinup with a partial background (9in x 12in) EXAMPLE

Mixed media: Marker, coloured pencil, etc. on bristol board.

SLOTS ARE LIMITED. Please respond below or in a note with the reference of the character you’d like drawn if you’re interested.

I’m accepting ATCs, sketches, and coloured busts.

ATCs** are $35USD + shipping: EXAMPLE. EXAMPLE.

Sketches are $30USD: EXAMPLE.

Coloured Busts are $50USD: EXAMPLE.

**If you buy multiple ATCs you will only pay the cost of a single package.

Number of slots will be dependent on what type of commissions I take. 
Please sign up via note or comment with the:
1. type of commission you’d like, 
2. reference of the character,
3. any additional personality descriptors.
lol - Well.

I'm alive. I still draw and post art, but I rarely keep track of DA unfortunately.

I'm attempting to make art my career so, I've joined Patreon.
For more information on what I'm doing:


What is Patreon?
Patreon is a place where you can literally become a "patron to the arts"
by supporting the artists you love for the work they do. Each Patreon
account is slightly different, but in my case it's a place where you pledge
a monthly amount (whatever you wish) and get to learn a bit more and
see more from me as an artist. Patreon is a great way to help artists
do what they truly love to do: art.  

Why Should I Support You?
By supporting me on Patreon you're keeping me employed in the art field.
Without the help through Patreon and commissions I wouldn't be able to
remain an artist (I would have to get a 9-5 job). It took me a long time
to realize that I keep coming back to art because it is my ultimate
passion in life. Not only that, I love drawing for you all - the public
at large. Every little bit counts and with your help I can keep drawing,
keep improving, and hopefully keep you all entertained and happy
through my art and imagination.

How Will Patreon Be Different Than Deviantart?
Unfortunately, I just don't post here anymore. My last journal was
2012 and my last submission was 2011. I will try to post more of
my finished work here so you can re-familiarize yourself with my art.

Patreon will be a place you can get to know me better and have access
to many exclusive perks including, but not limited to the following:

* Sketches
* Works In Progress
* Personal Art
* Q&A Sessions for my art, my process, and my life
* Advanced Noticed for Commission Slots
* Advanced Screening of All Art
* Monthly Art Give Aways
* High Resolution Files
* Ability to Commission Adult Art
* Access to Adult Art
* Monthly Pictures of My Cat (Oh, yes.)

** Exclusive Character Design Auctions
** Tutorials

** If goals are met. If additional goals are met I'll be holding [b]extended
give aways, giving away character designs, posting youtube art and
tutorial videos, giving away merchandise and more.

And if I'm really lucky, I'll be able to focus on what I'd truly
love to do which is creating children's books and comics which you
and your characters could make cameos in!  

Feel free to ask questions here. I don't mind.
Also, thank-you to those who've pledged to support me already.
It really means a lot to me. <3 

Thank-you everyone for the kind words, comments,
watches, birthday wishes, favourites, and more.

I'm truly sorry I haven't been around much lately, but
know I feel blessed by each kind word offered and
hope you are all doing well.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I just went through every picture and replied to comments X3 I took 670 something messages and knocked it down to 0.   ... Now to reply to notes. X3
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I know a couple people are waiting for me to reply, I just wanted to give a heads up both myself and my spouse are disgustingly sick with the flu right now so ... yeah delay. Brain not work for eloquence.

Get back to everyone ASAP.
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Okay, so when I said I'd get back to people... I guess I lied.

So much has been happening to me, horrible and horribly good,
that I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm attempting
to stabilize, but frankly I'm swamped.

However, if you're waiting for a response from me~ Please do
make note of it here and I'll be able to reference who I need
to get back to and the importance therein.

Thanks for the help and as always thanks for the support.

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Sorry to people who have noted me lately, I've been really busy. I'll be getting back to everyone soon.

Thanks for understanding,
Haven't been playing it much, but a friend of mine and I were interested in maybe getting together and starting new characters so...

Anyone know a good Horde RP or RPPVP server that also has decent progression at the end levels?

That's it! :3 Thanks in advance!
I am happy today.
Everyone seems to come away with something
after they have their wisdom teeth extracted...

If you haven't had your wisdom teeth extracted, please read on.

Even if your sockets are sewn shut with no hole what-so-ever,
be sure you still soak that side of your mouth with salt water.
This draws out liquids inside of your gums and prevents internal
infections from occuring.

I was thoroughly rinsing the side of my mouth that had exposed sockets.
The right side of my mouth is wonderfully healthy and pain free.
The left side of my mouth... is not. I now have a residual infection
on the closed side of my mouth.

They cleared out the infection when my teeth were removed and gave
me anti-biotics. Everything was quite normal until the swelling had almost
entirely gone away. No one has said it was my fault, but I know it could
have been prevented if I had given the same amount of consideration to
the side that I felt was impervious to infection as I did to the right
side of my mouth which had open sockets.
My face is broken so if I'm slow to respond to anyone for any reason... that's why.

Edit: Update
I'm fine, however it turns out I had 3 impacted teeth.
I now have 4 holes in my head. So for all intensive purposes, my face is broken. :p
So, I'm about to get my wisdom teeth yanked and I need a distraction.
Gonna grab a month of World of Warcraft to distract me since that's what it's good for. However, I don't wanna spend my money (cause I'm weird) on it, I'd rather spend excess money on it.  Especially, since the whole getting four teeth removed thing will chomp into my budget.

I am offering a SINGLE commission slot.
It has been well over a year (perhaps nearing two since I have accepted commissions). This will be a single character, props or accents with no background.

Quick sketch $10…

Bust sketch $15 (except cleaned up)…

Full sketch $25…

Inked Bust $30
Coloured Bust $35……

Full Inked $45…

Full Coloured $55-$60 (depending on complexity)………

Additional information:
- Winner will receive a 300dpi file which they can print and
distribute it as they like as long as they do not make a profit from it.

- Unfortunately, I am only accepting paypal at this time.

- If you're interested please note me~ if you want more or less
than described here please include that information in your note.

FILLED by :icongunmetalblack:
Everyone's still welcome to discuss wisdom teeth though!
Some people seemed to be interested in creating the ponygirl versions of My Little Pony.
I think that's pretty awesome and I welcome anyone to do so!

Just let me know you've drawn one and I'll post it here.
Also, if you have any plans on doing this and know who you will draw comment here. :heart:
Reference link:…

LIST OF PONIES claimed by one or more people.

Applejack, Bluebelle, Blossom, Bow-Tie (2), Butterscotch, Buttons, Cherries Jubilee, Firefly (2), Fizzy (2), Gingerbread, Glory, Gusty (3), Heart Throb, Honeysuckle, LicketySplit (2), Majesty, Masquerade, Milky Way, Mimic, Molasses, Moondancer, Paradise, Rainbow Dash, Rosedust (2), Seashell, Sparkler, Skydancer, Skyflier, Starcatcher, Sugarberry, Sundance, Sunlight, Tappy, TicTacToe, Tuneful, Twilight, Windwhistler.


:iconalcander: Mimic PG-13!
:iconchibigiggles: Tic Tac Toe
:iconblattaphile: Cherries Jubilee and Molasses (Warning: Nude)
:iconcybre: Firefly
:icondm7dragonfyre: Tuneful
:iconfelonykat: Bluebelle, Skyflier, Wind Whistler
:iconkatsu: Bow-Tie, Moondancer

:iconkitkatz: Fizzy
:iconmadeline-marie: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
:iconlupidog: Glory
:iconpixiechan: Bow-Tie Random Ponygirl
:iconvisnenkat: Lickety Split
:iconwillpopaknox: Sundance
:iconxandiwolf: Lickety Split

other things| My drawing schedule, in no particular order.

For Others:
30k kiriban sketch for jaggedtoothgrin
April Challenge for ariakitty's art group.
Wren & Aida for madeline-marie

For the MLP project:

For Vega| Characters:
forest races| Eiryn, Kitra, Aaralyn, & Eu.
human race| Daedalus, Cyricus, & Adaora.
There will pretty much be a delay on all of my art. I will post art owed as soon as I am able to.

My cat Julian (12 years) is really really sick and I just don't care to do anything right now. We'll find out what she has tomorrow, but I doubt that'll make my internet presence any less scarce.

EDIT: It was a horrible horrible wonderful false alarm. It was the opposite of everything I and the vet had contemplated. I'm going to go pick up anti-biotics for her tomorrow. She'll be fine.
Without looking through the other comments name the first movie that comes to your mind fitting the following categories.

a. Worst movie you have ever seen
b. Worst mainstream movie you have ever seen
c. Worst movie you've seen recently
d. Your favourite bad movie
e. Your favourite movie

Just for fun and curiousity. :3
This movie would've been better, if when they went to save the chick with rebar in her shoulder, she was already dead. Particularly, if this was somehow a tragic mistake which lead to their deaths shortly after.

A movie with far too much hype and nothing to show for it.
However, the monster was neat enough. Minus random body explosions,
he was far more interesting than any other character scripted.
My drawing schedule, in no particular order.

For Others:
30k kiriban sketch for jaggedtoothgrin
April Challenge for ariakitty's art group.
Wren & Aida for madeline-marie

For the MLP project:

For Vega| Characters:
forest races| Eiryn, Kitra, Aaralyn, & Eu.
human race| Daedalus, Cyricus, & Adaora.

Devil Hunter Yohko| inked
Mamimi, FLCL| partially coloured
Cowboy Bebop| not yet started
Battle Angel Alita, GUNNM| not yet started
Mermaid Forest| not yet started

B.B. Hood, Dirty Pair, Lady Lovely Locks, Lum & TenTen, Mezzo, Rei Ayanami, Spirited Away, and more o_o
And just about a million other things! Feel free to suggest if there's something you really want to see me draw.

Merle| need to redraw
Nuku Nuku| not yet started
Puma Twins| maybe
Utawarerumono girls| maybe
I asked "What's your favourite popular anime?" here:…

The third choice was a fairly tough call, but between Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note third place went to...

#3: Death Note

Second place was absolutely clearcut for...

#2: FLCL, FuriKuri

And again, without a doubt, the number one choice of Popular anime as chosen from the following list:… is...

#1: Cowboy Bebop
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I know there is a lot here, but please just pick one of these.
If you MUST pick more than one label them 1, 2, 3... 1 being your first pick.

A) Naruto

B) Bleach

C) Death Note

D) Fullmetal Alchemist

E) Rurouni Kenshin

F) Cowboy Bebop

G) Spirited Away

H) Princess Mononoke

I) Chobits

J) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

K) Inuyasha

L) Neon Genesis Evangelion

M) Trigun


O) Elfen Lied

If you don't see anything here that really stands out,
please pick a #1 from this list and suggest another anime.
However, please keep in mind, that I'm asking about popular animes.

Thank-you so much!
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