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:iconkatstories:katstories posted a status
As a newly emerged lover of TMNT Turtlecest and other forms of TMNT literature I'm upset and horrified by the actions taken by DA amongst the community.

As you may know, the TMNT community has been hit hard by DA including suspension of accounts and removal of literature.  I would like to suggest that if a writer has another account on Archive of our Own, Tumbler, FanFiction, Inkbunny or other account, to please start posting your works to these accounts to avoid the stories loss and to have a secondary location for fans of the TMNT literature to go to.

Please let us know where else we can find you.  I would think a private note would be appropriate since Journal entries have been banned as well.

Best of luck.

Katstories: AO3, DA
Silexwitch: Tumbler, Fanfiction

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