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:iconkatstories:katstories posted a status
I feel the need to submit a "HEY go read this!" to the TMNT universe here on DA.  Many writers out there are familiar with Archive of their Own, and actually, I have a lot of my vave writers (and DA oddly enough) to thank for turning me onto it.

Inside that beautiful jewel of creative writing I came across ombre_des_dieux, and the magnificent chapter slashstory known as A Soul of Darkness and Light.  It is truly, truly a fabulous piece of writing. 

Now some of my favorite writers and artist here know that I positively gush about stories and artwork when they sing out in all their glory.  ASDL is no different, and yet I feel like I might be the only one reading it, it's only had about 65 hits and were onto 32 chapters out of goddess knows how many.

Sooo, with that being said… Or A Soul of Darkness and Light by ombre_des_dieux.

(darn my inability to link things)

GO READ!Squee emoticon 

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