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Slave Leia (Star Wars) #5

Model  KatssbyObject  Star WarsCharacter  Slave LeiaLocation  Star Wars Series
Cosplay Slave Leia from Star Wars

cosplayer Sophie Katssby :iconkatssby:

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This is a classic example of the true fate of Leia. Jabba is able to force a Princess to submit willingly to be a slave by taking her virginity in a very dominant, very alpha male way that switches on Leia's inner womanhood. Causing her to orgasm and submit to Jabba as her master - as her sexuality demands - as her virginity expires. Leia cries her acknowledgement that she is a slave. A slave that had freely given her virginity to her rightful master. Here Leia is taking a short break from dancing for her master's guesses - knowing that her humiliation serves her master's wishes. And she is glad to serve via her displaying her nude sexuality. Her acceptance of her slavery. Leia's acceptance was so complete that Jabba completes her slavery by cutting her genitals - with a type 2c cut - leaving her with very little sexual sensation between her legs. Leia did not cry as she kept her eyes fixed the whole time her genitals were cut from her nude body, wearing her slave collar on her neck and her master holding her lead. Thus here Leia is a vision of captive female slave-flesh.

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Love it. You look great. There can never be enough Slave Leia tributes!

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You look so beautiful here and the lighting only makes this shot better

Splendid job indeed

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pretty girl, delicious, delicious ass

Rose-4291002 1920
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The pose, the costume, the lighting... all of these aspects seem to highlight your feminine beauty even more.

Your narrow back, your long legs and these this arms are incredibly feminine and beautiful.

Would love to see more of Slave Leia :)

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