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Quiet and Lara Croft #2

Quiet by me
Lara Croft by Lera Himera
Photo by Sergey Rodichkin

Cosplay Crossover Metal Gear Solid x Tomb Raider

Halloween has died down, but all the fun is just ahead! Recently, together with Lera, we made such a crossover shoot, and we want to share with you, kittens: 3

Recently, I have been haunted by plans to make a new photoset with Quiet from MGS, and finally it happened

Write in the comments what do you think? Would you like something else like this?

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WOW! That is gorgeous! You are so cute and feminine- it's a great contrast when a taller or "tougher"-looking girl is with you, and it makes for some great stuff if you do romantic lesbian pictures :).

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"Something else" (?)

How about: more like this! :D Different characters sure why not?

Great, grrreat scene. The fact that there is no interaction with the camera=viewer, only boldens this scene in its action, tension and most important of all, the story it weaves in the mind of the observer.


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Love it love all of it.

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