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The dark figure silhouetted by the open doorway shuddered and fell under the hail of bullets that wracked its body. I lowered the assault rifle and directed my gaze into a shadowy corner to reassert my night-vision.
Stupid creature, I thought. Probably a Drudge. It had stepped out of the brightly-lit building into the near-blackness beyond, and been dazzled. Luckily, I had blended into this blackness, rendered invisible by its destroyed night-vision, which was handy, seeing as I'd been temporarily blinded by the yellow brightness spilling from the door. When the details in the shadows began to re-form, I resumed edging along the narrow ledge that prevented me from plummeting to the concrete floor hundreds of storeys below.
Suddenly my leather coat was illuminated along the arm by a bright green glow that cast the shadows into blackness again.
Otherworld, I thought, and half-turned on a foot and a half of concrete to see a portal retreating into darkness and a spiked creature pacing on the ledge above me on the adjacent building. I tried to still my breathing, tried to blend into the wall. The shikari could either be as dense as a sewer on a hot day or as sharp as my knife. A lot of the time, the sewer prevailed, but I didn’t want to be around on its good days.
Unfortunately, I was.
As the dying green light shone on my coat, its head snapped round with a savage growl, and it leapt towards me across the gaping void.
I swung the M16 up to meet it.
It convulsed in the rain of bullets and hit the ledge hard, limply staggering to its feet just to feel the impact of another salvo before falling into the night.
A shuddering sigh escaped my lips. It hadn’t touched me; I had been lucky. My coat bore more than a few puckered lines of stitching where a claw or spike of one of those creatures had slashed through, and my own body had many corresponding marks.
I swallowed to appease my dry throat and continued moving along the ledge. Reaching the corner, I flexed my calves and leapt over to the ledge on the adjacent building; the ledge several below the one that the Shikari had spawned on. Keeping one eye on the open door of the building some way to my left now where I had dispatched the drudge, I stalked off along the new ledge.
My vigilance proved to be a mistake, as a blue light shone some way in front of me from the top of a shortish building set between two taller buildings to my left, heralding the arrival of a Zealot. I froze, but it already knew I was there, and disappeared in a flash of blue, to reappear barely two metres behind me, swinging its sickle-ended staff at my back. I pivoted rapidly and backtracked along the precarious ledge, putting sustained M16 fire into the dark folds of its cloak. I could never tell if they were taking hits, these creatures. They just advanced and advanced and teleported if they thought things were getting boring.
Presumably they were; it disappeared again and my last few rounds zinged off the way I’d come. I half-turned again to put my back to the wall, and saw the blue flash as it appeared several metres to my right. More bullets, answered with a dark blue fireball, which I ducked. In my moment of inattention, it had flashed to nearer where I’d first seen it, floating in mid air over the void. I ran sideways along the ledge, keeping my rifle trained on it as it swooped and dived, trying to evade the bullets.
They say that the shortest distance between a point and a line is a right angle. They’re right. As soon as I was directly in front of it, it lunged towards me with blinding speed, and I dived to the left, rolling out of the way of the staff and pulling out my flare guns. Finishing on my feet, I turned rapidly and fired off four projectiles at the Zealot, which had stopped just short of the building wall.
All four met their mark, and I watched its death-throes with satisfaction. It arched back in agony in mid- air, blue light forming around it, and disappeared in a silent explosion of blue light, leaving nothing but a slightly scorched area on the wall. Holstering my flare guns, I pulled out the .50 BMG sniper and peered into the lens. I could see at least three green portals swirling in the distance through the maze of skyscrapers.
People would get hurt, people would die. It wasn’t going to be fun. But then, it never was. Not as Caleb, the undead leader of the Chosen, with the only thing to drive me my desire to rid the world of the Cabal. To do that, I would bring the world to the brink of destruction.
Well, my brother was on Blood 2, and he was in this certain level: edging along a ledge sticking out of the side of a skyscraper, and the first line happened, and I just said it, and he looked around at me and said "bloody hell...", and then my imagination ran away with me as I watched the rest of the level, and I had to write it down. It's only a very small chunk of the level, and I couldn't remember any more...
Only the last fight is really elaborated upon.
So here it is: small tribute to a rather old game which really does deserve its 18 rating (though I don't think my piece is 18-rated :D)
Blood 2 and all characters and creatures are © 1998 Monolith Productions Inc
Piece is © me (Apocalypsebunny)
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cybermage303 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Very good read! Blood fanfiction is always good to read! :D

The last part was interesting as Caleb was thinking about the people that would be killed in his fight with Cabal. I'm not saying Caleb is 1000% evil but he generally doesnt care about anyone except the other Chosen. He's kind of a villian antagonist and the game doesn't sugar coat his sadism and dark humor. In Blood 2, he's still the same ruthless person but he's toned down and just wants to destroy the Cabal and be done. Not saying he's OOC, Caleb is a dynamic character and has many interpetations. :)
KatsBrain Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Thanks very much! And thank you for the attentive and constructive comment on character motivation - unfortunately I don't think I'd done any more than read the manual when I wrote this. xDD It was my brother playing and me watching at the time, you see, back in 2005, and I didn't watch enough to get any impression of his in-game personality and development. Still haven't, but now I know a bit more thanks to you. C:
cybermage303 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Hey man don't worry it. Caleb's actions lean towards sadism/evil but that's just how he is. He is driven by hatred and revenge against Cabal/Cabalco and will kill anyone who gets in his way be them innocent or not. I think manual said that he has no qualms with happily killing civilians but has chosen not ignore them over the years to focus on ending the cult. Caleb doesn't really like anybody outside of Ophelia/Gabriella/Ishmael, his fellow Chosen.

If you haven't played Blood or Blood 2, give it a try! There is a surprising well written story and world within the series. :)
evoeight Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah nice story

this brother of yours must be really fantastic *cough*

KatsBrain Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2005
Yeah, thanks :)
Well, he is really fantastic, as a brother I mean. He's been so wonderful throughout my life so far, and he's the best brother I could ever wish for; supportive and kind, but good for fighting, too.
And as for playing games, he's pretty d@mn good at that, too :D
evoeight Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
hey you know i'm sure i could have found a less devious way of finding that out, but thanks anyway!

i'm embarrassed know because my fantastic plan has emotionally backfired on me!

thanks for emailing my tongue in cheek war stuff, deviantart is where it's probably headed, or at least a teaser to entice people to buy the book

I'm also going to submit my rubbish poetry

What do you call a chav in a filing cabinet?

KatsBrain Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005
Hmm, yeah, I guessed it was you when I went on your userpage. I looked at all the info and I was thinking "Jeez, this guy should actually meet my brother - he likes all the same stuff as him - films, music, games...everything!" And then I saw the age and residence and I was just "Oh. Oh dear. Well. I may have embarrassed myself." :blushes: :D
Sounds like a good plan, sticking it on DA - people will be able to give much better critique and ideas than me :D
Have I ever heard your poetry?
evoeight Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
no, i don't think you've ever read my poetry.

i don't want to stick the whole story on Dumbledore's Army, but i'll put the first chapter as a kind of teaser i think.

hey it was fun while it lasted - sorry for being devious!
KatsBrain Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005
Why won't you stick the whole story up? :(
evoeight Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
i'll email u the next chapter but i want to see initial thoughts....not that there are any because no 1 knows i'm here and who reads :censored:fukin:censored: prose?
KatsBrain Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006
Okie dokie, sounds excellent :D
Well, no one knows you're here because you don't do anything. Poke around a bit; comment; see the forums - go to the welcome centre in the forums - everyone's lovely there.
And tons of people read prose here. This is an art site for all art, including prose. You've just got to build up some friends in the same category. Nobody reads mine because I'm primarily a digital artist :XD:
kikinova Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005
sw33t. Talent for writen.
KatsBrain Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005
Thank you very much :D
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