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Tell Me Your Secret

By KatrineP
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Ahri is so fun to play and draw♥︎
I will be selling this as a poster and I'm so excited!

the next league fanart might be a redrawn version of this: 
Stupid rocket launcher by KatrineP

edit: I forgot the whiskers. it will be edited in later ~♥︎
edit: fixed
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OrokanaKitiProfessional General Artist
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i want to start this review with a flat out honest thought, this is gorgeous just so smooth and clean ..i mean really you captured it ..so nicely.. but as pertaining to the ideal of a review im going to nit pick your work.. ut its just such a loving piece~ ok so the eyes i could get lost in the deeep vivid color is perfection and nothing more could be desired, the facial expression really feels as though it captured its intended design, the clothing and the shine upon it is really vivid and stands out which is just lovely it balances out the vivid eyes not leaving the focus on the face..the open shirt naturally brings down the eyes(especially of most men >O<) through the piece then to the left or right towards the vivid gems, the hair is so flowy and naturally the shine is meticulously tony..beautiful and the lip shin is immaculate,, i also want to quote the fluff as hard to see as it is is nice too, now this piece leaves me with a real sense of fantasy as if this girl is a seductive natured person yet could snap in an instant, like a siren..pretty to look at never to touch without trust, very first meetingy.. however, aside from feeling like a first meeting there is a little more to be desired, especially form the tail as compared to the rest i dont feel as if there was enough shading from the tail and the detail doesn't line up as compared to the res of the drawing even though it does balance out the girl on the right to the left... really well in fact.. the back ground unless its a spur of the moment could be filled with little pretty flowers or something simple like that...its really basic for the detail in the foreground, given focus is required on the foreground its permissible to place something in the back ground.. there could be a slight line work done to the collar bone as pertaining to it being "TOO smooth" because smooth is nice but a little more vivid of a collar bone would really pull it around home.. any way that's my thoughts of this fantastic piece..im so sorry i had to nit pick it so far..an loo--- *facepalm*im sssuch a guy..as i say look at every detail i realize i didn't ... "nice 'nip ' " *>U<* oh im not a perv..i swear i was just...my freind..agggh..anywayanyway no excuse for the friends i hang around ..regardless this is such a super nice piece and i loved writing about and growing a connection with it... really great work and i hope to see more from you soon, so glad i clicked on this piece.~SSE
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OrokanaKitiProfessional General Artist
so what did you think of this ?
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KatrinePHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with your critique and I want to thank you for pointing out what I can improve on for the next few pieces. And I was going to add some leaves and flowers around the piece but I was afraid that the piece might get a bit too busy and too much details so I swallowed my ideas and went with the simplest. and again her breasts are a bit oversized but since she is a seductive spirit-kind-of character so I use my 'enlarged' idea on her chest :^)
Thank you again for taking time to write this critique ^^
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OrokanaKitiProfessional General Artist
yea sometimes its the same for me..i get all these fantastic ideas..but im scared to mess it up..and then i see likeone off line or area..and i spend forever on it..then when i need to go ahead and finish te drawing to get it off my desk i want to add..more then i feeel bad about how long it is..    then i just panic and finish it and  then look back gripiley....yet latley i started to just let eveyr idea i have ever had go...   right..unto the paper...and so far.i think that made my work really well~!!!!    so happy about it!!!   yea...that was an interesting detail  its never bad for a busy peice..unless your trying to prevent over flowing detail into the viewers life....  yet..  it never hurts to do what ever you think looks good..heehee
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CJFairfield16Student General Artist
I'll tell you a secret; just don't tell anyone, Ahri. ❤️😉
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she's GORGEOUS!!! :love:
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OrokanaKitiProfessional General Artist
im very sorry if i come off as a pervert, but the shading on the breast is really soft and smooth almost reall..it just gives a real ... ^,^nice feeling~
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The color softness is exquisite, specially in her hair.
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Excellent work! :D
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I have included this amazing artwork in the new feature for November 2015 on the front of the :icondigitaldelights: journal. Please :+fav: the journal so that more members may see your art, and thank you for being a member :heart:
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
Beautiful and wonderful <3
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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! ^,^
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Ahri looks very sexy sexy and cute here.
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RedstoneWalrusHobbyist General Artist
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S3rb4nHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks amazing!!
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real nice work even thou you are missing the whiskers xD
mine secret is mine obsesion whit you mine lady and your charming look :3
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Whatever you say, I have a hard drive dedicated to Ahri and its 10Gb full. thats my secret :p


And its great, no whiskers tho.  and breasts look kinda too big. I'm no artist tho so yea :3
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RedstoneWalrusHobbyist General Artist
No such thing as too big.
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Very cute depiction of Ahri. Thanks for also sharing the process too!
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