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Shower Carpet Cleaning (Inked)

Working on attempting to draw stuff from my own little erotic fantasies I tend to have.

Unfortunately, I'm not colouring them, until I'm more satisfied with positioning of the arms and legs.

Even if I was having copious amounts of sex at the current present date and time... I still tend to have issues keeping tack of where exactly my arms and legs are... much less ease in keeping track of where my partner's arms and legs are...

For one, the girl currently in the "drivers seat" steering, should have her foot making my crotch feel really nice... yeah... so many screw ups here, it is ridiculous.

Though, I do enjoy the "our clothing is currently coming off" look we have going here... honestly, if you haven't kept track of what you still have on, or where/when stuff got thrown off, you aren't having sex right. Any time you say, "wait... I'm still wearing my panties!" as you honestly don't remember this detail, means you are doing the right thing.
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