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Albino Zebra

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Published: August 18, 2007
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To be different is often a wonderful thing ;~)

An albino zebra at the African Safari Wildlife Park, in Port Clinton, OH.
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Jun 5, 2005, 2:35:18 PM
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cloverpatchHobbyist Artisan Crafter
It isn't albino, it doesn't have red eyes. It is leucistic.
ArcticWinds143's avatar
Well albino horses don't have red eyes.
Lorna-RoseFoX's avatar
Lovely light caramel zebby :heart:
SmoothMcdace's avatar
SmoothMcdaceHobbyist Artist
I never seen any zebra like this. Wait did you edit this picture or is this real?
greenkoala77's avatar
greenkoala77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AN ALBINO ZEBRA?????!!!!!!????????? thats some serious shit
whenwolveshowl's avatar
whenwolveshowlHobbyist Artist
holy crap i didnt hitnk it was psosible
DreamTheBunny's avatar
DreamTheBunnyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now thats pretty awesome XD
bubbIies's avatar
bubbIiesHobbyist Digital Artist
:O That is so amazing! :love:
bebepaws's avatar
bebepawsStudent Photographer
IriniaTheVatican's avatar
i luv this pic~ whenever i go to the safari i try to get a pic of him(?) but never manage to get a good one ^~^
chococat243's avatar
chococat243Hobbyist Writer
this is so pretty*shows zebe a albino zebra*
crumbleupsoul's avatar
crumbleupsoulStudent Digital Artist
if it hadnt been caged it wuld probably never survive to easy to target
SlayersXfan's avatar
SlayersXfanHobbyist Digital Artist
O :

So pretty! it's like a iced coffee color <3
Kaiju-popsicle's avatar
Kaiju-popsicleStudent General Artist
I love albino animals! I once had an albino Parakeet. He was a mean little thing, and would say "yeah" if you told him he was a mean bird.
spottedzebra1013's avatar
That is not an albino zebra...they are red zebra. And are more common then people realize...they just don't last long because they cannot blend into the herd. great picture though.
LadyCelyn's avatar
LadyCelynHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! That's really cool!
CaptainPrower's avatar
Zebra: I'm not ALBINO, my stripes are just faded!
Other zebras: :iconwthplz:
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SyLoBeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! But this is not an albino zebra, albino is lethal in equines. It´s a cremello (or something similar) zebra :)
macro-vision's avatar
"albinism" is not lethal to equines. you are thinking of lethal white. and thats completely different and not even related.
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SyLoBeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lethal white is not albinism. Lethal white foals could be born, but they die at few hours life. Albino embryos are reabsorbed by the mother´s body during the firsts weeks of pregnancy. I perfectly know it´s different. I know what I´m talking about.
macro-vision's avatar
I have NEVER heard anyone with that theory. I have heard their are no albinos due to it not being genetically possible, and that the genes just are not there for it to happen. Id love for you to site where you got that information.
SyLoBe's avatar
SyLoBeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw some articles talking about this theory. And I listened to it at University. Unfortunately I can´t find them now. The fact is that albinism doesn´t exist in horses, and all I can say now without finding the links is that a recen theory says there´s a recessive allele that in homozygosis would cause albinism, but due to the aberrant gene it is the embryo is not grown, and it´s reabsorbed or the mare aborts even before we could notice she was pregnant. So the result is that it´s not genetically possible.

About that zebra, its eyes are not pink, so it´s not albino. Albinism causes pink-red eyes. Albinism doesn´t exist in horses, and I´m pretty sure it doesn´t exist in other equines.

If you don´t mind, I would like to see where you found information about albinism in zebras. I´ll continue my research for the articles talking about the theory I told you.
macro-vision's avatar
I never said anything about albinism in equines or this zebra. I simply said its not deadly, and I said that due to it not existing (so far they cant prove it has existed or can etc from what ive seen).Something cant be deadly if it doesnt exist right? Thats what my first comment ment. And when you said it was deadly, I obviously thought you were getting it confused with leathal white, and I have never previously heard your above theory from anyone but you. Hence why I asked if you had anything to site the information from, because I was interested in reading it.
SyLoBe's avatar
SyLoBeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can´t find anything now, so I´m thinking I got confussed with other information. I come across some info about roan being lethal when homozygous (what has been seen that´s not true since some homozygous roan horses have been tested) when looking for lethality and albinism in horses, so it´s probable I mixed the info and thought there were no albino equines because of that what I said. It seems I was wrong so I apologize for that.
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