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Phoenix Reborn

This is an idea that a friend asked me to draw so he could get an awesome tattoo of a phoenix coming out of it's ashes and "be reborn".
This was just an idea, not the actual tattoo design itself.


Photoshop CS5
Artwork © KatrinaBonebrake
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© 2008 - 2021 KatrinaBonebrake
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This quite amazing and profound. Excuse me but I was wonderig if you would grant me permission to use this image to display with my poem? It's for a project that I'm doing. I will just use it as a cover sheet for my assignment.
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It's so beautiful with the bird glowing.
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Brilliant characterization of the Phoenix from the ashes...!! :ahoy:
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Wow this is so pretty! Great job!!! I like the colours of the bird. Great job!!!!!!!!!
KatrinaBonebrake's avatar
Thank you very much!
SunDragon55's avatar
Your welcome!!!
Yuskity's avatar
Wow--it looks like its wings are really glowing with heat from inside :)
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You're welcome
effing amazing..
That is all I have to say Kat :D

KatrinaBonebrake's avatar
effing Thank you Lllllana!
grizzlygirl's avatar
WOW! That is all I can say.
anix2's avatar
awesome! I really love it!
the realistic way you drew it and the glowing effects are so beautiful. :worship:
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no problem ^^
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This is awesome! I really love the warm glow radiating from it. Makes me have a pyrogasm. *thinks of where the nearest matches are*
KatrinaBonebrake's avatar
A pyrogasm? HA! That's a good one. There's my new word of the week, LoL!

*hands over a match*

h-k-b's avatar
YES! :mwahaha: Come back here Mr. Squirrel!
KatrinaBonebrake's avatar
:ohnoes: Mr. Squirrel is on fire.....*snicker* Watch as he suffers.

That's what type of person I am. I laugh at things in pain...............sometimes, lol.
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OH dammit, i wouldve loved to see that tutorial.
I love the effects you put in this, especially the blue powdery stuff falling beneath the pheonix! I like the lighting too, with the glowing of the pheonix reflecting on the ashes:P This must be a fave :+fav:
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