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Free Procreate Brushes

Hello all, I finally adjusted my Photoshop brushes working in Procreate! They are the same brushes as in my Photoshop brush pack, however some unnecessary ones got deleted. But I also added couple extra brushes that you can't find in my Photoshop version. I also want to point out again that not all of them are my own brushes, they are a collection of free brushes I've gathered over the time of painting digitally! :) Download them for free on my Gumroad! 

I have an art raffle going on. If you want to win free art, check it out quick as the deadline is 15th of January! 
Thank you so much everyone who joined! Heart We got 59 amazing participants and I'm very excited to announce the winners today! ^^
I also reached 900 watchers already, woop woop, so my very first giveaway is not too far away anymore! I hope you all stick around to see what print I will be giving away and what else I create in the future :love:
Okay so, first winner!

1st Trophy 
Congratulations to HelevornArt for winning the first prize! 

2nd Trophy 
Congratulations to CIRING for winning the second prize!
I will be contacting the winners through a note for more details on their prizes.
Just in case they don't respond to me within two weeks, I will roll another random number so that we can have two solid winners 

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How do I download these from gumrod on my iPad? When I try, it tells me to set a cost amount!

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Thank you! It worked!

merci énormément pour c est brush


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Hello, I unzipped the archive but I can't find any .brushe file that i can use, how am I supposed to install your brushes?

Thank you

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Hey! How exactly are you downloading the file? If you download through Safari, you should get a page that says "open in Procreate" and the brushes should go directly to the software! No need to unzip the file :) I suggest trying again and if you still have problems just let me know!

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OK! Thank you very much! It worked perfectly!!!!

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No worries! ^^

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Toss a brush stroke to the witcher

o valley oh plenty

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Oh, these are great! Love the highlight brush for hair

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Thank you, i hope I will have lot of fun with them :)

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Oh yes, these are nice. Thank you!

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Hi there, is there any way to make these available for use with Affinity Designer?

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I’ve been painting with these for the past 30 minutes and I’ve absolutely fallen in love! They look so beautiful and blend incredibly. Main brushes 1 & 2 are so good for skin, I think I’ve found my new favourite brushes. Keep up the good work, mate!

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Wow cool thanks!

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I would like to learn this.

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This reminds me of Sayaka from dangonranpa

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Thank you very much!!!

Hi! Thanks for sharing these cool brushes, but I was wondering how to install them? I have them downloaded, and I have them in a dropbox, but there doesn't seem to be a way to copy them to Procreate, like you normally can with other brushes. Thanks in advance!

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You downloaded them through Safari right? There is a download folder inside Safari, and if you tap on it the file will be in the iCloud drive. If you tap the brushes inside the iCloud drive, it should work. I'm sure there is a way to transfer the file from dropbox to iCloud. Hope this helps. 
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