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Sakura-Con Announces 2008 Convention and needs Mascot Artwork Entries!

The Asia-Northwest Cultural Education Association is proud to present the 11th Annual Sakura-Con. Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well-attended Anime Convention in the Pacific Northwest.(Seattle)
Non-profit, all ages, all volunteer and "for the fans by the fans", Sakura-Con provides an opportunity to join in Asian cultural education while having fun with the arts that fans love the most! Join us for the celebration! Sakura-Con will be bigger and better than ever!

For information on how to submit entries for the mascot contest visit this link:…
Deadline is February 28th 2008

Kato Shiroi posting for:
Elmira Utz
Director of Publicity
Sakura-Con 2008
Since a few have asked, I thought I would post a bit of background on my art.
I have been doing photography since the dark ages (black and white film developed and printed with my own darkroom)
I absolutely love the opportunities and creativity the digital pic world presents.
All the photos on the site are my own and the models are either my own or modified by me for creative purposes (not for profit/sale)
The idea for this style of art came to me because I am also a model builder. I wanted to get back into my artwork and do a fusion of photography, models and traditional hand drawn works.
I'm Still pushing myself. Experimenting with different media and learning the full Photoshop versions/filters. It's slow but I hope to keep improving.

I hope you enjoy my efforts,
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Another step forward, Finally some progress! I updated my copy of photoshop and used the tools to re-work Chibi Inuyasha with some backgrounds and coloring. I also made progress on the Judgement Gate piece. Its not done yet but its looking better.
I hope to have several pieces finished for the Sakura-con art show next year.
Got many more things to learn yet, but Im happy with the results so far.
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Time to get to work on my plans for Sakuracon 08. I have been asked to be the Volunteer Coordinator again and even got an award for Excellent Coordinator for this past convention year. Yea!
I only had the job for about 1/2 year so I think our department did pretty well.

My friend Trinket chan is helping me with my costume for 08. Im doing Father Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood. I have wanted to do him for awhile but need some higher sewing help as my skills are pretty rudementary.

I hope to be in the cosplay chess game again, had a ball this past year as a bishop in the game. Maybe I should go for King and further my nefarious plans to take over the anime world!

Been buying more anime cels....and my pocket book is suffering. They are nice tho and help me with my anime cel art panel that I give at the con.

And thats the news,
Ja na!
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Sakura-con 2007, 10th year anniversary was just incredable. Over 11,000 people, 1100 hours of programming crammed into 3 full days.
I was the volunteer coordinator this year and had a great crew to work with. Very tired now and will need to sleep for a week to recover.
Met some great Japanese guests, saw alot of cultural events, danced at the M.O.V.E Jrock concert, was in a Cosplay Chess Game and spent alot of money buying anime artwork.
All in all a great experience with really fun people.
Must go pass out now from exhaustion.....
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I finished some new work over the winter and decided to post. I hope people enjoy viewing it.
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