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Hero Vs Villain, Redrawn


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Hero Vs Villain, Redrawn


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KatNee Movie Date: Justice League Episodes 35 - 36

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My Little SWAT Kats and Other Custom Ponies

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Neo SWAT Kats Art, 2005 to 2010

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Natural Instinct Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I Have Decided "Shani said all that?" "She said all that and all this and all a lot of other stuff I don't wanna recall."  Timon had returned to his nest, where Zuri was getting ready to go to bed.  He had just retold what had happened from when Kito and Dajan were in their bout until Shani had run away from him.  "Why did you have to be right, Zuri?" Zuri was sitting behind him and rested her chin on his shoulder.  She grinned softly, "Because I'm always right?"  She giggled softly at Timon's sour expression.  "It's just common sense.  We're all born with the instinct." Timon turned his eyes at her and grimaced.  "Yeah, but I

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