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Since loads are asking me currently, I DO NOT ROLEPLAY!

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Since I don't have core anymore, I should say that my icon was made by :iconyysari:
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Request journal (go here to ask): Requests: Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline (Open)

Good thing that requests are closing. I don't get how my journals aren't able to hold as many completed requests -.-
300 -> 192 -> 61 -> 33 (HOW?! My actual request journal has way more text than the last archive.)

Completed Requests:
590. Peach as Rin (Future Style) (Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone) - for :iconlimesmomario:
591. Rosalina in white version of her normal dress; & Daisy in a rain outfit (with hood up) - for :iconstevenpepi:
592. Peach as Belldandy, Chrono, + Gate; Daisy as Skuld + Mara; Rosalina as Urd, Lind, + Ex; & Pauline as Peorth, Ere, + Hild (Ah My Goddess) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
593. Peach as Kourin Tatsunagi; Daisy as Rekka Tatsunagi; Pauline as Suiko Tatsunagi + Asaka Narumi; & Rosalina as Misaki Tokura (Season 1 + 2) (Cardfight Vanguard) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
594. Daisy as Anna (gown) (Cinnamon the Movie); Peach as Manaka Laala (Season 1, 2, 3, Creamy Mami Crossover Dress) (Pripara series); & Rosalina as Creamy Mami (Normal, + Pripara Crossover Dress) - for :iconmiaknhikari: 
595. Daisy as Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia); Peach as Colette Brunel (My Fair Lady Outfit) (Tales of Symphonia); & Rosalina as Pascal (Tales of Graces) - for :iconpacmanfan1980:
596. Peach as Misha (Pita-Ten) - for :iconim-keyla-the-master:
597. Peach as Princess Chikako; Daisy as Emiko (Fire Emblem Fates OC) + Princess Daniels (OC - Miracle Band, own project); & Rosalina as Queen Estella (Zelda OC) - for :iconnyansonia:
598. Peach as Harley Quinn (Batman Ninja), Sylvia Marpole (disco outfit) (An Extremely Goofy Movie), Minerva Mink (Snow White) (Animaniacs - DC comic), Jessie (Kalos Queen) (Pokemon XY) + Royalgirl Lupe (Neopets); & Rosalina as Beastmon (Digimon Fusion) - for :iconflutterbunny76:
599. Peach as Kazemon, Zephyrmon + JetSylphimon (Digimon) - for :iconneoduelgx:
600. Peach as Princess Clara; Daisy as Foxxy love; & Rosalina as Toot Braunstein (Drawn Together) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
601. Daisy as Queen Malphine + Selene (OC) - for :iconpookiesaurus4:
602. Pauline as Alice Angel (Business, Construction, Flamenco, Flapper, Gold, Hula Dancer, Librarian, Mechanic + Pirate) (Bendy in Nightmare Run) - for :iconjlj16:
603. Peach as Katsuragi (Bikini); & Rosalina as Yomi (Bikini) (Senran Kagura)  - for :iconlimesmomario:
604. Peach as Princess Cadance; Daisy as Princess Luna; & Rosalina as Princess Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - for :iconstevenpepi:
605. Peach as Lilithmon, Lady Devimon, Lilimon + Rosemon (Normal + Burst Mode); Daisy as Ophanimon; Rosalina as Minervamon; & Pauline as Ranamon (Digimon) - for :iconiedasb:
606. Peach as Sci-Twi, Rarity, + Applejack ; & Daisy as Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, + Fluttershy (Equestria Girls) - for :iconhyper-mario-64:
607. Daisy as Kamen Rider Accel (Kamen Rider W); Peach as Super Shinken Red (Samurái Sentai Shinkenger); & Rosalina as Jiban (Kidou Keiji Jiban) (all unmasked) - for :iconmariostrikermurphy:
608. Daisy as Genie Dog (Ultradog), Technology Dog (Ultradog), Eleganta (Ultradog), Time Cat, Poison Cat, Teresa, Bat Cat, + Alicia (OC) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
609. Daisy as Menina Maldita (Persona) - for :iconmeninamaldita:
610. Peach as Cure Heart + Regina; Daisy as Cure Diamond + Cure Sword; & Rosalina as Cure Rosetta + Cure Ace (Dokidoki Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
611. Peach as Kate Cherry (Bunny Outfit); Daisy as Alice Dice (Bunny Outfit); & Rosalina as Raichel Herrid (Bunny Outfit) (OC) - for :iconmonadoboy16:
612. Rosalina as Ash (Kanto/Johto) - for :iconlink-1986:
613. Peach as Gine (Dragon Ball Fusions); & Rosalina as Fasha (DBZ Special: Bardock the Father of Goku) - for :iconanmegirl:
614. Peach as Kagamine Rin (Summer Pop Swimwear - created by :iconkagabooty:) - for :iconlimesmomario:
615. Peach as Peachette (New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe) - for :iconemeraldian-kingdom:
616. Peach as Tsukimi Kurashita (Princess Jellyfish) - for :iconladytrisha08:
617. Rosalina in a rain outfit (long coat, boots and floppy hat) - for :iconstevenpepi:
618. Peach as Bowsette - for :iconstevenpepi:
619. Peach as Birdette (requester's design) - for :iconjlj16:
620. Peachette inspired versions of Cheep Cheep (Cheepette), Goomba (Goombette), Bullet Bill (Bullette), Chain Chomp (Chompette), Shy Guy (Shyette) + Piranha Plant (Piranette) (Mario enemies + Super Crown) - for :iconjeanette9a:


Apologies for the lack of art. University has been pretty dang busy for myself so when I have a moment alone, I'm usually doing something other than drawing to up my fun levels.
I hope you're liking the small traditional things that I've been posting anyway. It may just be that I won't be able to make any more requests until Xmas (which would mean no new period of asking for more).
Thanks to everyone that was interested in getting requests from me. I hope you like the results of what I make as I slowly get my final batch done (which is quite big...)
Heading back to uni (today/tomorrow) so art production will slow down. Likelihood will be that I won't be making anything on the 15th.
Don't worry though, I'll still be checking deviantart and taking new requests until September 30th/October 1st. They just won't be made as quickly as before since I have to look after myself and eventually do a lot of work.
Sorry. There's been a delay in art today as my main drawing program is messing up and not allowing me to save to my computer. I have found a possible work around now.


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