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Since loads are asking me currently, I DO NOT ROLEPLAY!

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Just want to say: Requests are quite specific. I have one available: dressing up the Mario girls (Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Pauline).
These are the only ones I'll do - DON'T ASK FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

Since I don't have core anymore, I should say that my icon was made by :iconyysari:
Stamps made by :iconenjoumou:


KatLime has started a donation pool!
597 / 600
Any spare points would be greatly appreciated!
Not really asking for much... It'll just allow me to get commissions in the future.
Also, if you want to tip me for a request, please do so here.

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Made this because the icons stopped working in the old archive after a certain amount. Guess it stops after 300.
Request journal (go here to ask): Requests: Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline (Open)

Already requested:
301. Rosalina in a Sports (Shorts) outfit + Winter outfit; & Pauline in a tennis outfit, sports (shorts) outfit, + Winter outfit - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
302. Peach, Rosalina and Daisy in alternate PJs for the Powerpuff Girls they designed - for :iconyuiharunashinozaki:
303. Daisy as X-23 (New Wolverine) (Xmen) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
304. Rosalina as Cure Felice (Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure) - for :iconnyansonia:
Daisy as Cure Magical (Maho Girls Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
Peach as Egyptian Celestia; Rosalina as Grecian Luna (Equestria designs); & Daisy as Queen Rosina (persona) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
Pauline as Ginger; Rosalina as Pepper; Daisy as Salt; & Peach as Sugar (A Little Snow Fairy Sugar) - for :iconjeanette9a:
Peach as Tosca (Tosca), Rosina (The Barber of Seville), Gioconda (La Gioconda), Norma (Norma), Halka (Halka), + Rachel (La juive) (Operatic Heroes) - for :iconalanpalgut:
Peach and Rosalina in the kimonos based off them from Style Savvy Fashion Forward - for :iconiedasb:
Peach as Filmation's Snow White (Happily Ever After/Snow White and the Realm of Doom); Daisy as Other Girl (Casual + Illusion Dress), + Opal Henson (Snow Princess) (OC); & Rosalina as AU Ellen (The Witch's House)- for :iconyuiharunashinozaki:
311. Peach as Starbuck (ceremonial uniform); Rosalina as Commander Adama; & Pauline as Colonel Tigh (Battlestar Galactica 1978) - for :iconpeachlover94:
312. Peach as Francine (Dancing outfit + Chinese outfit) + Gwen (regular outfit + uniform) (American Dad) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
Biker Pauline, Sunshine Daisy + Pauline, Daisy's alt tennis dress (Mario Tennis - N64), Daisy as if she was in Super Mario Bros Super Show (+ Super/fire form), Striker Pauline + Rosalina (Super + Charged) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
Daisy as Aikko Mama (+ chef); & Rosalina as Jankenmama (Jankenman) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
Rosalina as Ryoko Hakubi (more outfits, eg Zero-Ryoko) (Tenchi Muyo series) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
316. Peach as Maya; Daisy as Kim Wu; & Rosalina as Orchid (Killer Instinct series) - for :iconhyper-mario-64:
317. Peach's "Lovely Outfit Combination" on Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Pauline - by :iconneoduelgx:
318. Peach as Sugar Rose; Daisy as Sugar Cream; Rosie as Sugar Semifreddo; & Pauline as Sugar Pavlova (OC) - for :iconsugarangelkitten:
319. Peach as Princess Flare (OC); Daisy as Ember; & Rosalina as Cynder (humanized version of the female Spyro Ladies) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
Peach as Hinaichigo; Daisy as Kanaria; Pauline as Shinku; & Rosalina Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) - for :iconjeanette9a:
Peach as Prince Haru (Mario anime movie) - for :iconiedasb:
Daisy as Ruth McDougal, Helga Pataki (regular outfit + makeover), Cynthia Snell (Wedding Dress) (Hey Arnold), Barbara (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS) + Goddess Skuld (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
323. Peach as Mary Bell (Casual + Magical Girl), + Florida; Daisy as Yuri; Rosalina as Chris; & Pauline as Vivian (Floral Magician Mary Bell) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
324. Girls as Ib, Mary, Viola + Ellen in this princesses dresses they designed- for :iconyuiharunashinozaki:
325. Daisy as Ash(ley) (Pokemon anime) - for :iconamazingnascar221:
326. Peach as Kiki Games (OC) - for :iconladytrisha08:
327. Daisy as Seria (Mermaid Melody) - for :iconnyansonia:
328. One of the girls as Death (DC) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
329. Daisy as Cure Black Max Heart (Futari wa Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
330. Girls as women from Sex and the City as seen in the Cleveland Show (Peach as Carrie; Rosalina as Miranda; Daisy as Charlotte; & Pauline as Samantha) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
331. Daisy as Klonoa; Paulina as Leorina; Peach as Lolo; & Rosalina as The High Priestess (Klonoa series) - for :iconclaire-petal-splash:
Daisy as Carmen (Carmen), Leonore (Fidelio), + Ninetta (La gazza ladra) (Operatic Heroes) - for :iconalanpalgut:
Peach in a sparring outfit (zipper sports bra, boxing skirt with capri leggings underneath, fingerless gloves, knee length socks and boxing shoes) - for :iconmatthewjabeznazarioa:
334. Daisy as Berri (Conker's Bad Fur Day); & Peach as Tooty (Banjo Kazooie) - for :iconasdfghjkldqrew:
Peach as Lady Julie (Retro Pauline design) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
336. Daisy as Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy 8); & Peach as Princess Luna Nox Fleuret (Final Fantasy 15) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
The girls in Paladin armour in their colours (Voltron: Legendary Defender) - for :iconpeachlover94:
Daisy as Alvida; Peach as Nami; Pauline as Boa Hancock; & Rosalina as Robin (One Piece) - for :iconlisadragonfire:
339. Peach, Daisy & Rosalina in Ice Flower power-up design - for :iconjoshuat1306:
340. Peach as Princess Cherry (:iconpeach-x-yoshi:'s OC) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
341. Peach in a plumber outfit from .~The other way around~. - for :iconthepinkmarioprincess:
342. Rosalina in Right Hand Woman dress from Mario and Luigi IfS Poster The Space Princess - for :iconmonadoboy16:
343. Daisy as April O'Neil (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - for :iconpm58790:
344. Peach, Rosalina & Daisy as Sirens (Arthur) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
345. Rosalina as Sakura (Waterproof coat) (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
346. Peach as Lilly (FFXIV OC) - for :iconlillymiella:
347. Peach in her swimsuit from SMB3 cartoon - a version for Daisy as well - using the Super Show design from previous request, orange suit; Pauline in a princess-styled dress (Classic and Modern style - heart brooch); Peach as Brittany (Pikmin); & Daisy as Tatanga (Gameboy Space Suit) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
348. Peach as Doremi (Dokkan); Daisy as Hazuki (Dokkan); Pauline as Hana (Ojamajo); & Rosalina as Aiko (Dokkan) (Ojamajo Doremi) - for :iconjeanette9a:
Pauline as The Voice; Rosalina as The Through; Daisy as The Shadow; & Peach as The Miracle (Cardcaptor Sakura - Clow Cards) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
350. Rosalina as Cleocatra, Madame Whiskers (OC), Ella (Total Drama Pawkitew Island), Sugarplum Fairy, The Dolls (older woman in corporal suit and girl in blond pigtails and black dress) (The Cabin in the Woods), Goddess Verdandes, + Thorn Princess (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
351. Rosalina as Elena (La donna del lago), Brünnhilde (Der Ring des Nibelungen), + Marguerite (Faust) (Operatic Heroes) - for :iconalanpalgut:
Pauline as Emerald, + Uranus Wraria (both designs) (OC); & Peach in their Wedding dress design - for :iconyoshihorse:
Rosalina as Lydia Deetz (Evening dress from "Foreign Exchange" + an Older Lydia design, repurpose her poncho into a shawl, black lace dress, like the one she wore in the film, white-on-black spider-web pattern) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
Rosalina as Erica Emerald, Pandora Sekushi, + Princess Onyx (OC) - for :iconmegatoon1234:
355. Daisy as Onpu; & Peach as Momoko (Ojamajo Doremi) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
Peach as Roger (Abigail Lemonparty) (American Dad); Rosalina as Cheshire; & Daisy as Madame Rouge (Teen Titans) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
Daisy as Kimmy Icy Raven (owned by :iconkimberly-faith-raven:); Pauline as Rockabella (owned by :iconaqua-sun:); & Rosalina as Princess Solana Butterfly (owned by :iconaqua-sun:) (OC) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
Peach as Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne); Rosalina as Princess Tutu; Daisy as Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha); & Pauline as Cutie Honey (Cutie Honey Flash) - for :iconjeanette9a:
Daisy as Chilindrina (El Chavo del ocho); Peach as Popis; & Rosalina as Paty (El Chave del ocho animado) - for :iconiedasb:
Peach in a propeller suit (power up); & Rosalina if she appeared in the Mario cartoons (+ Super form) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
361. Girls as Fatima (Aladdin: Seems Like Old Crimes), Jackal Girl (Aladdin: Moonlight Madness), Eden (Aladdin TV Series), Princess Sheherazade (normal + bellydancer); Newport Harem Girl + Snake Dancer (pants and barefoot) - for :icondanfrandes:
362. Girls as Pearl and Marina (Octo DLC outfits), Agent 8, Agent 4 (Splatoon 2) and Agent 3 (Splatoon) - for :iconlisadragonfire:
Peach as Corrector Yui; Daisy as Corrector Ai; & Rosalina as Corrector Haruna (Corrector Yui) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
Pauline as Elevina Eubank (redesign), Human Aquaria, Matilda McFancy, Prince Jigalot, + Sapphire Jewela (OC) - for :iconmegatoon1234:
365. Peach, Daisy & Rosalina in their "Classic 1983" design + Daisy & Rosalina in Propeller suits (power up) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
366. Rosalina as Tina, Trash + Casey (Tina = white. Trash = short orange-pink hair. Casey = blue) (Return of the Living Dead) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
367. Peach & Rosalina in Ordinal Scale outfits (Sword Art Online) - for :iconmachodionysus14:
368. Daisy as Momo Miyaurua (A Letter to Momo) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
369. Peach as Arkayna; Daisy as Zarya; Rosalina as Emerald; & Pauline as Piper (Mysticons) - for :iconydkjguy-towers:
370. Daisy as Ninja (Final Fantasy - Mario Hoops 3-on-3 design) - for :iconprincesscaramelo:
371. Peach as Mary Smith (Mary and the Witch's Flower) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
372. Peach as Princess Pastel; Daisy as Princess Earthia; & Rosalina as Princess Luna Midnight (OC) - for :iconarrienne408:
373. Peach as Princess Lady, Flora + Molly; Daisy as Mavis, Rosie + Caitlin; Rosalina as Daisy, Emily + Millie; & Pauline as Ashima (Thomas and Friends Characters gjinkas) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
374. Peach as Prince Haru (their design), Emerald Jewela (redesign), Sophia Sammy, Princess Cloverlove, + Princess Ulona (OC) - for :iconmegatoon1234:
375. Girls in Goth Qipao/Cheongsam & Goth Kimono (EXAMPLE: a Qipao/Cheongsam dress, full length; while you will have seen many red with gold-coloured embroided/painted-on-silk phoenixes, this one will be black with silvery-white-coloured embroided/painted-on-silk ghost bats, out of the slits on either side of the dress, there will be a slitted, like-underskirt/petticoat like Black Lady's with a gossamer, spiderwebs/cobwebs-esq look to it, and a full-length pair of leggings, like Kiori Night's but darker-coloured. For the Kimono; full-length, black, with patterns of skeleton flowers. Black cat ?) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
376. Peach in Crystal Princess costume + Pinky Costume; Daisy in Froggy Costume; Rosalina in Chinese Lotus Costume (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
Girl as Princess Lana, Wendy, Diana + Marina (OC)- for :iconyuiharunashinozaki:
Peach in their design of raincoat and winter clothes - for :iconstevenpepi:
379. Peach as Saber (Fate Zero) - for :iconjedirhydon501st:
380. Rosalina as Yukishiro Honoka (Precure Max Heart Movie 1 Dress) & Yorang (Hey Yo Yorang) - for :iconmiaknhikari:
381. Peach as Liberty, Casper, Karma + Alicia (Liberty = flag jumpsuit. Karma = long hair. Alicia = curly hair,a black top exposing belly. Casper = cop, blonde hair) (House of the Dead) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
382. Pauline as Mario + Luigi; Daisy in Wario's plumber outfit; Rosalina & Pauline as Wario (plumber) + Waluigi; & Daisy as Geoshi (OC) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
383. Peach as Cure Yell; Rosalina as Cure Ange; & Daisy as Cure Etoile (Hugtto Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
384. Daisy as Narina (:iconroseprincessmitia:'s OC); & Pauline as Dollie (OC) - for :iconthomasfan96:
385. Peach as Princess Violet (OC) - for :iconjamster93:
386. Peach as Madonna (4 Minutes) - for :iconrapper1996:
387. Peach as Black Mage (Final Fantasy - Mario Hoops 3-on-3 design) - for :iconprincesscaramelo:
388. Peach as Babydoll (Sucker Punch) - for :iconjedirhydon501st:
389. Peach as Mani Minion (Totally Spies), Miss Hissy, Wendy Winkle (Girl Gang outfit) (Cramp Twins), Lola Buzzard (Queer Duck), Ada Wong (Resident Evil), Goddess Urd, + Kung Fu Nyan Nyan (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
Rosalina as Cure Beauty; Daisy as Cure March; Peach as Cure Peace (Smile Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
391. Daisy as Relena Darlian (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing); Peach as Lillianne von Phoenix, Sylvia von Phoenix, Sherwood von Phoenix (Princess Resurrection), Asseylum Vers Allusia (Aldnoah.Zero), Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen (Long Horizon) + Laura Elfinrine (Olivia-Princess Knight); Rosalina as Marie (Eternal Purgatory); & Pauline as Grenada (Battle Spirits Sword Eyes) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
392. Daisy as Gabby Steemi, Ruby Jewela (redesign), Selena Rugby, + Tangle the Lemur (OC) - for :iconmegatoon1234:
393. Peach as Shimmer; Daisy as Shine; Rosalina as Princess Samira; & Pauline as Zeta (Shimmer and Shine) - for :iconydkjguy-towers:
394. Peach as Pink Sprixie Princess; Daisy as Turquoise Sprixie Princess; Rosalina as White Sprixie Princess; & Pauline as Black Sprixie Princess (fanmade) + Sprixie (Super Mario 3D World) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
395. Girls in personalised versions of Peach's baker/cook outfit, odyssey wedding dress, nurse (classic + modern) + Peach's odyssey travelling outfits - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
396. Daisy as Cutlass Liz (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists) - for :iconjamesfan1991:
397. Daisy in her "casual dress" (original design) - for :iconmegatoon1234:
398. Peach as Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia) - for :iconpacmanfan1980:
399. Peach as Nadja (Dance dress 1 +2, Flamenco, White dress, + Mother's dress) (Ashita no Nadja) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
400. Peach in Saori's divine armour; Daisy in Shaina's armour; & Rosalina in Marin's armour (Saint Seiya) - for :iconiedasb:
401. Girls as Harem (Mighty Mouse: Sultan’s Birthday), Princess Esmerelda (Goofy: Knight For a Day), Hula girl (Goofy: Hello Aloha), Pearl (The Little Mermaid TV show), Veronica (Archie: Veronica’s Veil), + Sheherazade (My Little Pony) - for :icondanfrandes:
402. Peach as Princess Starla; Daisy as Fallon; Rosalina as Tamara; & Pauline as Lady Kale + Morgana (Jewel Riders) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
403. Rosalina as Machida Wakako (there should be two black gloves on the ref image) (OC) - for :iconnr18plus:
404. Peach as Cure Flora; Rosalina as Cure Mermaid; Daisy as Cure Twinkle; & Pauline as Cure Scarlet (Go Princess Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
405. Peach as Princess Flower Pink (OC) - for :iconnyansonia:
406. Peach as Tracy Kumiko + Terrible (OC) - for :iconnintyraccoon:
407. Peach as Annie (blonde); & Daisy as Kathi (asian) (OC) - for :iconalanpalgut:
408. Girls as Milissini, Monliea (Where's Waldo in Hollywood) + Sonla (purple), Zil (green pants), and Lonloi (purple masked) (Shantae Dance Parlour Ladies) - for :icondanfrandes:
409. Rosalina as Goldentail Katt (OC) - for :iconjust-call-me-j:
410. Peach as Cure Flora (Flora Mode Elegant, Lily Mode Elegant + Rose Mode Elegant); Rosalina as Cure Mermaid (Mermaid Mode Elegant, Ice Mode Elegant + Bubble Mode Elegant); Daisy as Cure Twinkle (Twinkle Mode Elegant, Luna Mode Elegant + Shooting Star Mode Elegant); & Pauline as Cure Scarlet (Scarlet Phoenix Mode Elegant) (Go Princess Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
411. Daisy as Tornado; & Peach as Miss Blizzard (One Punch Man) - for :iconlisadragonfire:
412. Peach as Sophie Richards (House of the Dead 1) - for :iconladytrisha08:
413. Peach as Elizabeth Turner/Swann; Daisy as Angelica; & Rosalina as Carina Symth (Pirates of the Caribbean) - for :iconroseprincessmitia: 
414. Peach as Madame Brood (no power moons on necklace) and Harriet (Super Mario Odyssey) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
415. Girls as Annie (2 Stupid Dogs: Jerk), Nikki Darling (Belly-Dancer - Beverly Hills Teens: Splitting Image) & Peach as Daphne (Harem - The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo: When You Witch Upon a Star) - for :icondanfrandes:
416. Pauline as Indigo Sprixie Princess (fanmade) & Cure Amour; & Peach as Cure Macherie (Hugtto Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
417. Peach as Kate Cherry; Daisy as Alice Dice; & Rosalina as Raichel Herrid (OC) - for :iconmonadoboy16:
418. Peach as Rosa Nozomi; & Pauline as Jun Matsumoto (leather boots) (OC) - for :iconchosenmii:
419. Peach as Diana (regular outfit, Victorian dress, school uniform) + Darlene; Rosalina as Carlin, Simone De Bastian (dress + 15th century outfit), + Siren (Martin Mystery) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
420. Peach as Cure Whip + Cure Custard; Daisy as Cure Gelato + Cure Chocolat; & Rosalina as Cure Macaron + Cure Parfait (Kirakira Precure a la Mode) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
421. Girls as this bellydancer (…), Aziza of the Orient (Edison and Leo), Little Egypt (Goofy Groceries), bellydancers in Stories from the Bible: Daniel, + Bontia and Fatima (Animal Cracker Circus) - for :icondanfrandes:
422. Rosalina as Sergeant Calhoun (Wedding), Wyldstyle (Normal, Wild West, Space + Emmet Awards Dress) + as a mermaid in Peach, Daisy and Rosalina Mermaids (unknown if official or fanmade, no artist really known) - for :iconyoshihorse:
423. Girls as Asteroid Senshi in Princess dresses - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
424. Pauline as Cure Bright (Michiru); & Rosalina as Cure Windy (Kaoru) (Futari wa Precure Splash Star) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
425. Peach as Jessie (Battle Frontier Contest dress - "Jessebella") (Pokemon anime) - for :iconflutterbunny76:
426. Peach as Princess Parfait (:iconkawaiiwonder:'s OC) - for :iconjlj16:
427. Peach as Vambre (diving suit, knight, child, detective, dress (date), gems (opening?), jumper, nightgown, ninja, school uniform, shopping outfit 1 + 2, slug burger uniform, swimsuit + concepts); Daisy as Witchy Simone (diving suit, school uniform, slug burger uniform, + evil/morbidia outfit + concepts); Rosalina as Princess Zange (Swimsuit, Shopping outfit 1 + 2 + concepts); & Pauline as Morbidia (school uniform + concepts) (Mighty Magiswords) - for :iconkirakiradolls:
428. Daisy as Tron Bonne; & Rosalina as Sonia (MegaMan series) - for :iconalanpalgut:
429. Daisy as Struggle + Sakura (Fire Outfit); Rosalina as Appear (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
430. Pauline in the arabian outfit from this piece: Pauline the Cosplaying Lady - for :iconblockdasher91: (credit BrigadierDarman + Bourgyman for piece)
431. Peach as a mermaid in Peach, Daisy and Rosalina Mermaids (unknown if official or fanmade, no artist really known), Lola Bunny (Space Jam and The Looney Tunes Show), Heckett (Princess Knight) + Hera (Star Wars Rebels) - for :iconyoshihorse:
432. Peach as Anthy; & Daisy as Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) - for :iconnintendoponyaddict:
433. Rosalina as Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia) - for :iconpacmanfan1980:
434. Rosalina as Cure Tender; Peach as Cure Mirage; Daisy as Cure Wave; & Pauline as Cure Sunset (Happiness Charge Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
435. Daisy as Gypsy Dog, Magic Dog, Pink Sapphire Dog, Donna, Marla, Superess Beautiful, + Poison Fighting Dog (OC) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
436. Rosalina as Lokoko (Pokemon anime), + Lily (Grandia) - for :iconflutterbunny76:
437. Peach as Hideyoshi Toyotomi; & Daisy as Nobunaga Oda (Sengoku Collection) - for :iconericgl1996:
438. Peach as Cure Lovely; Daisy as Cure Princess; Rosalina as Cure Honey; & Pauline as Cure Fortune (Happiness Charge Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
439. Daisy as Kinko Inuyama (Osomatsu-San) - for :iconluigi-totty-girl:
440. Peach as Princess Brigid; Daisy as Serafina; & Rosalina as Mercy (Dark Parables Return Of The Salt Princess) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
441. Peach, Rosalina & Daisy in Cheerleader outfits (create designs for them) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
442. Rosalina as Tomoyo (turquoise swimsuit + casual) (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
443. Peach as Paula + Remi; Daisy as Yuri (princess dress); Rosalina as Grandma Rose + Rose (young); & Pauline as Maggie (Floral Magician Mary Bell) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
444. Peach as Legendary Chalice/Miss Chalice + Baroness Von Bon Bon; Daisy as Sally Stageplay + Hilda Berg; Rosalina as Cala Maria; & Pauline as Rumor Honeybottoms + Pirouletta (Cuphead) - for :iconjlj16:
445. Daisy as Sabine Wren (season 4) (Star Wars Rebels), Princess Sapphire (Princess Knight), + as a mermaid in Peach, Daisy and Rosalina Mermaids (unknown if official or fanmade, no artist really known) - for :iconyoshihorse:
446. Peach in Chi-Chi (Child, Teen, GT, + Super); & Daisy as Bulma (Teen, Aru Village, Kid Buu Saga, Piccolo Jr. Saga, + Super ) (Dragon Ball series) - for :iconanmegirl:
447. Peach as Leone, Sheele, + Najenda; Daisy as Akame, Chelsea + Seryu; & Rosalina as Mine, Kurome, + Esdeath (Akame ga Kill) - for :iconkirk327:
448. Peach in her alternative colours from Mario Golf, in her Aces outfit + as Toadnana (OC); Daisy, Rosalina + Pauline in outfits inspired by Peach's nightgown (Super Mario Relaxing Life stickers) + Shadow Queen (Paper Mario: TTYD); Daisy & Rosalina in their Aces outfits; Pauline in an Aces inspired outfit; & Alternative colours for Strikers Charged Pauline (gold) and Rosalina (yellow) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
449. Peach in Squirrel Scout uniform (Camp Lazlo) + Saya Takagi (School Uniform, Pajamas, New Outfit, + Estate outfit) (Highschool of the Dead); & Girls as the Loud Sisters (minus Lily) (The Loud House) - for :iconmarcusperez824: 
450. Peach as Full Moon (Live outfits: White Dress + Angel Dress) + Meroko Yui (Normal + Angel); Daisy as Mitsuki Koyama (Casual Outfits) (Full Moon wo Sagashite) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
451. Daisy as Jodie (bellydancer + fairy) + Stacy (Hula) (Daria) - for :icondanfrandes:
452. Girls in 1920s outfits (flapper) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
453. Peach as Cammy (II + Alpha); & Daisy as Chun-Li (Classic, Alpha + Capcom Vs. SNK) (Street Fighter) - for :iconalanpalgut:
454. Peach as Ahiru as Giselle; & Rosalina as Rue (Normal + Fire Festival dress) (Princess Tutu) - for :iconflutterbunny76:
455. Peach in Witch's fanmade swimsuit (Designs by :iconraffine52: + :iconthegreatsix:) (Puyo Puyo franchise) - for :iconness122:
456. Peach as Madame Blueberry + Laura Carrot; Daisy as Libby Asparagus + Miss Achmetha; Rosalina as Petunia Rhubarb + Annie Onion; & Pauline as Esther (VeggieTales) - for :iconjust-call-me-j:
457. Girls as Ichika (Sun Djinn, Moon Djinn, Sky Djinn, Fire Djinn, Sky Djinn, Water Djinn, Earth Djinn, Darkness Djinn, Thunder Djinn, Flower Djinn, Wind Djinn, Sea Djinn, + Mirror Djinn - black + white) (Uta Kata) - for :iconjeanette9a:
458. Daisy as Sakura (Spring Casual dress, High Waist One-Piece Coat, + Middle School Uniform); Peach as Sakura (Pink One-Piece Coat + Flower Embroidered Coat); Rosalina as Sakura (Pastel Blue Apron) (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
459. Peach as Lina; & Rosalina as Mama (Doki Doki Panic) - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
460. Peach as Zoisite Dog, Divide Dog, Amazon Dog, Archeress Dog, Nature Dog, Fire Dog, Jewel Dog, + Invisible Dog (OC) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
461. Peach, Daisy & Rosalina as 3 Harem Girls (Johnny Bravo: The Prince and the Pinhead); Girls as Genie (Johnny Bravo: I Dream of Johnny), Miss Vavoom (Tom and Jerry Kids: Tres Sheik Poodles), Sasha (I've Got to Sing a Torch Song), Athena the Sudanese Belly Dancer (Dancing Girls DeskMate), + Belly-Dancing Marionette (Pinocchio - deleted character) - for :icondanfrandes:
462. Rosalina as Tomoyo (kimonos) (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
463. Peach as Princess Bluebelle (Powerpuff Girls 2016) + Tinkles (Rick and Morty) - for :iconjlj16:
464. Peach as Nini (Pokemon XY), Juvia (Fantasia Festival) (Fairy Tail), Natsumi (Princess Dress) (Keroro 2nd movie), + Female Mage (Dragon Quest IX) - for :iconflutterbunny76:
465. Peach as Kate Cherry (Special Undergound Bodysuit, Swimsuit, Indian outfit, Dummy Bodysuit, Gym Leotard, PJs + Nurse) (OC) - for :iconmonadoboy16:
466. Peach as Vambre (Fencer, Wrestler, Dolphin Convention, Broccoli Punch villain, Prohyas, Director, Cat Girl + Teacher); Daisy as Witchy Simone (Dolphin Convention + Cat Girl); & Rosalina as Princess Zange (Nightgown, Shopping outfits 3 - 5) (Mighty Magiswords) - for :iconkirakiradolls:
467. Daisy as Cure Oasis; & Peach as Cure Bouquet (Fanmade Precures, created with Happiness Charge Precure Character creator) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
468. Peach in a white puffer jacket - for :iconstevenpepi:
469. Peach as Aime Oshiro (OC) - for :iconjamster93:
470. Daisy in a secretary outift - for :icontie-rex1000000:
471. Rosalina as Moonlight Cookie (Cookie Run) - for :iconluigi-totty-girl:
472. Girls as Harem girls (Concept) (Aladdin) - for :icondanfrandes:
473. Rosalina as Lottie (Pocket Camp Gothic Dress) - for :iconjlj16:
473. Peach as Princess Alicia (Dragon Spirit) + Princess Celia (Dragon Buster); & Daisy as Goddess Arlia (Dragon Spirit) - for :iconroseprincessmitia:
474. Rosalina as Fighter Dog, Spy, Eleganta, Gianta, Earth Dog, Dragoness Dog, Karate Dog, Plus Dog, Light Dog, + Frost Dog (OC) - for :iconmarcusperez824:
475. Peach as Cherry Flamenco + Lollipop Hip-Hop; Daisy as Sherbet Ballet + Macadamia Hula Dance; Rosalina as Popcorn Cheer + Coconut Samba; & Pauline as Anmitsu Komachi + Pine Arabian (Happiness Charge Precure) - for :iconjoshuat1306:
476. Girls as Kaho Mizuki + Nakuru Akizuki's/Ruby Moon (kimonos) (Cardcaptor Sakura) - for :iconmoon-shadow-1985:
477. Supershow Rosalina Bathing Suit; Saturcade Supercase Pauline in a swimsuit; & Daisy in the Super Mario Bros Movie costume - for :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:
478. Pauline as Fifi Babette (Disney's Beauty and the Beast); Rosalina as Ms. Millions (Mega Man: Battle Network 2) - for :iconflutterbunny76:
479. Peach as Vambre (Samurai Armour, Spike Armour, Gold Armour, Viking, Hooded Leotard, Horse, + Bathrobe); Daisy as Witchy Simone (Magician); & Rosalina as Princess Zange (Bathrobe) (Mighty Magiswords) - for :iconkirakiradolls:


So my internet is down. I am still making requests, there may just be a delay in uploads until it fixes itself.
I just get the feeling that at some point, I'm going to lose everything on here...
Tbh, if that happens I probably wouldn't come back. Too much to rebuild. I'm probably just worrying too much over something stupid.
Anyone want to try helping? I do wonder why this isn't as spoken about as Net Neutrality:…
Huh. Some random deviant has blocked me and I have no idea why. It's nothing to do with the current drama as far as I know. And I'm pretty sure I've never spoken to them or about them.

GaIaxy-Gazer is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few days ago. Even it has happened in 2018, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about his art career, but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this artist revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans.
Psst, pass it on ;)


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