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In case it hasn't been obvious enough, I'm going to be inactive from dA for a while.  I'm not sure how long, it can be as short as until the end of the school year or as long as, well, permanently.  I've been incredibly depressed for the past few months, up to the point where I've been considering self harm/suicide and I really can't deal with unnecessary stress right now.  I just didn't want to fade away forever without saying anything and have everyone worry about what happened to me.

Please don't be sad that I'm leaving, I probably will still reply to important-ish messages and such but don't expect any deviations for quite some time.  You could always send me notes asking how I'm doing, there's a chance I won't reply (I'll probably reply only if you're a good friend of mine) but still.

If I owe anybody anything such as commissions, requests, etc. please tell me and I'll upload it to my as soon as I'm finished.

So yeah.  I'll keep my account up but don't expect any other deviations are journals for a while, if ever.  Like I said, feel free to message me occasionally although there's no guarantee I'll reply.  You can also message me through YouTube (katleidoscopic).  And my Skype as well, although I'm not that active on it (katleidoscopic).  Maybe I'll have a burst of inspiration and start uploading again but it's very unlikely.

See y'all.
Big mistake.

Brb going to be depressed for the next year and a half
Yes, ONE person gets FORTY THOUSAND points!  If I'm not mistaken that's equivalent to 400 dollars!

Go join now!…
EDIT:  Alright it's closed!  please don't feel bad if you didn't get chosen, I'll probably have another one of these in a week or so. :)

I feel a bit of an art block coming on so I'll be taking one request :P A full-body flat coloured drawing.


-Not first come first serve, I'll be choosing the character I think best suits my style
-Please comment with a link to a full-body reference, what expression you want, and at least a vague idea of a pose
-I'll be picking after an hour
-Request SHOULD be finished in 1-3 days, if all goes well.

1. Playingwithspirits

it will make your year
The majority of them will be posted in my Sketchbook, so be sure to check there if you want to see a few! :)
So I've decided in order to make up for the lack of digital art (take a look at my last journal entry if you don't know what I'm talking about), I'd post sketchdumps c:  However I was wondering if I should post them weekly, or monthly?  Weekly, I'd post them probably every weekend.  If I posted them montly they would be posted the beginning of every month.
Monthly sketchdumps would have 10-15 pages while weekly sketchdumps would be around 5 pages.
So comment on what you'd like, I suppose!  :)
I apologize greatly for the inactivity, I know it's been nearly 20 days since I uploaded something.  I'll try my best to upload something this weekend!

There are a few reasons why I'm so inactive, probably the largest reason is that school is so demanding.  I'm having homework every night and at least one quiz/test every few days!  I've barely had any time to do digital art since school began again.  I have however done some sketches, if you'd like to see them just say you would c:

Probably the next main reason for my inactivity is that my computer is kind of broken.... it's still useable but it takes FOREVER to load something, and it ends up crashing if I have more than three programs open.  I really hope I'll be able to get a new computer in the next year, this one probably won't last more than a couple more months :/  If anyone has any sugesstions for artist-friendly computers under $1000, please let me know!

The last reason I've been so inactive is I'm moving in November... our new home is all the way in Florida (we're living in NY right now.). Even currently, we're under a lot of stress as we've already started packing and people are coming to look at the house!  Call me messy but it takes a lot of effort for me to keep my room so clean for so long so it's suitable for people to look at, I never even make my bed in the morning :d Once again I apologize for the inactivity, I promise I'll get a few things up in the next several days.
...was actually pretty good!!  :o

My math teachers (I have two) are nice, which is really awesome since most of my math teachers were mean.  They're strict but they're also kind and funny.  I think I'll enjoy (or at least be able to tolerate) being in that class. :P
Also today I got my agenda book which is SUPERDUPEREXCITING because as you know I won the contest for designing the cover!!  :D If you all want me to upload a picture of it just tell me :aww:
I have lunch with my best friend so that's nice.  The lunch people messed up my order though :(
ehh so yeah, those were pretty much the highlights of my day...
...and I'm not looking forward to it... *sigh*
I'm probably going to be inactive (well, more inactive than I already am) Monday-Thursday, I'll probably only post art Friday-Sunday.I hope you all understand.
Even though I'm still not sure if I'm going to leave or not I'd like to apologize to all the people who were scared/saddened by my last journal.
I know it came out of the blue and was not expected; I've been rather depressed lately and it's caused me to do some things on impulse.
Like I said before I'm still unsure of what my final desicion about leaving is going to be, hopefully the most I will do is just be less active during school.
If I DO end up permanently leaving dA I'll be sure to direct you all to other ways you can contact me
After some time I've realized how corrupt the deviantART community is, every other day I see journals about art thieves, trolls, and the like, and I've noticed how RUDE the majority of the people on here are... I'm not talking about my watchers though, you all rock :hug: However I've decided that this environment is not good for me or my artistic career, not to mention the fact that school is starting up in four days and I really want to concentrate on that.  ;u; I may be hanging around with or watching the wrong people but it seems to be everywhere I go.
So I'll probably be less active as I decide on what I want to do, I promise that if I do decide to quit I'll tell you all :) I probably won't quit after all, my friends are too awesome to leave in the dust but better safe than sorry...…

I'm sorry but I'm just VERY pissed off right now... She's basically glorifying mental disorders!  It's very disrespectful to people who actually have the disorders.  My mom has bipolar disorder and it really screwed our family up... Luckily it's been cleared up for a while now but every day I worry that she'll "snap" again.  What's worse, the actual adoptable isn't even what bipolar disorder IS.

Guys, please don't EVER make anything as sick as this.
I apologize for the inactivity today; I went to Six Flags!

It was fun, I went on a few rides (my brother went on Kingda Ka, the tallest coaster in the world and the fastest in the US!).  If you want more details feel free to ask in the comments :).
Do you all prefer speedpaints, or livestreams?

(For those who don't know, a speedpaint is when you record a video of you drawing, speeding it up and uploading it to YouTube, and a livestream is when you get to see the drawing being drawn live.)

I'm drawing a picture and since I'm finished with the sketch, I want to know if you all would prefer to see a speedpaint or a livestream.

Just comment with your choice!
I think it's really depressing how the media is talking about the ice bucket challenge so much and everyone has seemed to have forgotten the reason why it was created in the first place... :c

Now I'm not talking about EVERYONE who's done it but everywhere it's "ice bucket this" and "ice bucket that" and some of the articles I've seen don't even mention ALS.  You could at least do a brief description on the disease and encourage people to donate...

Sorry for the short rant but I'm in a bad mood right now.

EDIT: before I find any hateful comments I am not talking about the articles which actually encourage you to donate and show support towards the victims of ALS; I'm talking about the articles like "*insert celebrity here* does Ice Bucket Challenge!" with not even an utter of what this fundraiser is supposed to be about.  I may have not made this clear in the actual rant so I hope this explains things for everyone
alright I've been meaning to do this for a while now but I only just got to it....

this is a feature for my friend Sitronplante

her art is awesome but she only has a couple watchers :c Go watch her for me?

seriously look at this 

Snowowl by Sitronplante

Blue flames by Sitronplante
Only voice that I heard by Sitronplante
I have 26,238 pageviews...

that's a quarter of a hundred thousand... :o
i have double period math this school year

oh my god im going to have to deal with ninety minutes of math

help me