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In Love with Illusions: ERASED by KatjaFaith In Love with Illusions: ERASED by KatjaFaith

One of the meanings of the word “prohibition” is “negative obligation”.

99,9 per cent of the human genes are identical. This thought makes me feel rather strange: it seems that practically all things in the Universe have their own life cycles. Primitively speaking, most living beings have to be born to eat, sleep, reproduce themselves and actually die and thus become food for the earth or other beings. If we think more about this, it presently starts to seem that most organisms are born to go through almost identical stages – time after time. Some of them do evolve, change or become more complex. Some just seem to be reproduced invariable – as some nice links in some chains of nature, be it the food chain or other aspects of keeping life balance and production. There is an idea that in order to evolve a real lot, species must go through some massive extinction, either within other populations or through intrapopulation selection. 
I started reading some articles written in formal style, full of scientific terms. “Do they really talk about living creatures? – Oh, no, I must have made a mistake, it seems much more about something inanimate, say, plastic and the like”. It seems that what remains different in the genomes could never have been enough to produce such prominent binary systems of good and bad. Neither would all the life-cycle principle give an opportunity for such great diversity. Or so much hatred that so many people do have. Well, people do want to be unique. As much as they do want to “label” something or someone. The need of “uniqueness” seems to lose all the sense when it comes to massive and seemingly unrelated collectives, not individuals. 
There is no doubt that some spheres of life and professions do really require accuracy, keeping to the rules, being an integral part of the given collective and avoiding any usage of “creativity”. It IS true when it comes to the question of life, health and well-being protection.
Unfortunately, there is so much more to it.

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January 7, 2016
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