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Hey guys! :)

I'm ending selection of latest works documentation. Only pictures of 1 last furniture have left and still I'm working on music to my documentary movie. Soon after that I will finally take care of my own furniture collection which wille be avaliable on my etsy shop :) I will also have 2 Holidays surprises, but everything in due time ^^

Take care my friends and write to you soon! :)

MSD Gothic Chaise Longue by Katja-dollab

Hello Everyone!!

Today I have great news to share with you I set up a shop on Etsy -> dollabsell and I’m working on regular offer, which should be ready at the end of this year. As for now you can buy one of my oldest work created in collaboration with Zbigniew Jagodziński – Escritoire SD size

Total height of escritoire: 38 cm
To the level of writing desk: 29 cm
Width: 27 cm

Stool height 19 cm
Width: 18 cm

The doll and accessories shown in the picture are NOT included. Furniture will NOT be sold separately.

<da:thumb id="556187789"/> <da:thumb id="556187740"/> <da:thumb id="556187677"/>

Some of you may know me from a previous account which I leave still active :)

My name is Katja and since 2000 I am a doll collector and craftsmaker. In 2011 I made my first original doll named Adolfino.

  Adolfino by Katja-dollab   Adolfino by Katja-dollab

3 years later during my diploma work I created porcelain dolls with bjd body type based on my own.

Fool Dolls Familly by Katja-dollab   Human Fool by Katja-dollab   it's just a stupid DOLL by Katja-dollab

Actually I'm working on a male bjd body type, which I plan to accomplish in late September.
I also make doll's furniture and accesories. I take furniture commissions either, if you are intereted let me know in private message :)

Red Sofa Details by Katja-dollab   White Armchair MSD size Details by Katja-dollab   Confesional Kneeler MSD size by Katja-dollab   Escritoire SD size by Katja-dollab   Sandals MSD size by Katja-dollab

You can also follow my official website: (for next few days site may be inactive because of some hosting problems, I'm working on it)
And also my fanpage on facebook:…
And youtube channel:…

:iconkatja-dollab: Enjoy watching and feel free to share :D