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Step by Step - Melly Portrait

By Katikut
The step by step method for my last drawings: [link] and [link]
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Lou331's avatar
Thank you Katikut!
AnnabelleB94's avatar
Very Helpful. Thank You!Hug 
mayaAlapaap's avatar
This is very helpful. Thank you for sharing! :D
awesomyth's avatar
I need this so much!! :heart: Thank you! :iconblushplz:
UntoldPromises's avatar
AMAAAZING! I love it! :D
MysteriousFeathers's avatar
this is both helpful and gorgeous
kupieckorzenny's avatar
Amazing. I often saw works made in similar style, with those amazing crisp edges and no lines visible but I always assumed is way too difficult and professional for me. But now I think I'll give it a try :)

808squeak's avatar
What exactly do you mean by you use the lasso tool for the hair shading? I thought the lasso tool was for selecting a piece of your drawing :3

Katikut's avatar
or not, selecting an empty area also works, then you fill it with the color you want :)
808squeak's avatar
Never mind!! I just found and watched your amazing Hair Tutorial!! Thank you!
MeliYensen's avatar
that was amazing!
jlwiza's avatar
I want the details and the original pencil together, something about original linework is alway so beautiful
sketchitch's avatar
This is great! So when you start coloring, do you just use a brush to do the shapes or do you outline with the pen tool and then fill it in? I'm having trouble getting smooth edges to my shapes.
Katikut's avatar
Not in this case. I only make shapes of color, without any line. But I've got my sketch under the whole thing so I can know where to make my shapes :)
sketchitch's avatar
Ok, thanks so much! :)
Noxtra's avatar
Looks great. I have to try your method some time.
mooncat1992's avatar
this was really helpful! thanks ^ ^
LemonBelle's avatar
how do i get that big blurry brush?? I use cs4 and i can't find it anywhere!!! Every time i see an artist use that brush in one of their tutorials a little bit of me dies inside....
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
You can make a brush more "blurry" by making the edges of your brush softer. In Photoshop it`s at the top left where there is an icon of your brush with the size. Click that and drag the lower slider which says "hardness" to the left and the brush will become softer, making the edges blur.
Katikut's avatar
Mmmm I use the very first blurred brushes O_o Strange
Fly-ing-Ace's avatar
This is super helpful! :D fantastic work as always. It's fun to see your creative process
Peachie-Sakura's avatar
thanks thats awesome!
Hex-Moss's avatar
This is awesome, you make it look so easy. :) Thank you for sharing it!
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