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ID 2013

My 2013 self portrait.
More than inspired by :iconloish:'s work of course. Maybe because I've watched her making of video yesterday!
I've tried to keep the first drawing in my personnal cartoonish style, it's very complicated O_o
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I was trying to come up with an idea for a new ID today. I drew something very similar to this. Except my arm was raised and i'm a dude and my hair covers my face.

I found this after giving up and was blown away by the similarities.
I drew myself leaning at the same angle holding a pen with lines coming out of it. Albeit without colour.

What a conicidence. :iconthinkingplz:
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im in love for you styleeee
Shadowcross's avatar
I recognize that stylus!  I have one of those!
Your gallery was an absolute joy to browse through.  But this one I had to comment on.  I love your cartoon style;  it totally reminds me of Disney (and I love Disney).  
Sorry I can't tell you this in your language, but even though I took 3 years of French in High School, I forgot most of it because I never use it.
Katikut's avatar
Haha don't worry, french is such a hard language to learn >_<
Thanks a lot for your comment ♥
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Thanks a lot !
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You are smart and sexy-great work.
Semi-Obsessed's avatar
Tu es très belle! ^^
DauntlessDesigns's avatar a glance I totally though it was Anne Hathaway.
lstjules's avatar
J'aime vraiment les couleurs qui sortent du stylo.
btomimatsu's avatar
Um, I just did a picture that was inspired by this but it came out somewhat similar. Do you mind?
Katikut's avatar
I'd just love to see, I'm curious and I appreciate that you tell me :D
btomimatsu's avatar
no problem. I just wanted to let you know.
penguincoco's avatar
Ohhh I love your artttt :D :D :D Do you take art trades? 8D
Katikut's avatar
No sorry, no time for this :(
penguincoco's avatar
Dx awww x( okay x(
Mikita-Shikaku's avatar
That's pretty awesome!
Z-axer's avatar
Très joli! J'adore les couleurs que tu as utilisées :D
Sweet-Amy-Leah's avatar
je trouve toujours ton style super beau et s'inspirer des autres c'est toujours quelque chose de bon;) ils y a tant d'artistes qui peuvent nous inspirer ici.:love:

oh, je savais pas que tu portais des lunettes, moi aussi j'en ai:)
Katikut's avatar
Malheureusement cette fois je pourrai plus y couper :D Lunettes 100% du temps! Difficile pour moi qui fait de la reconstitution historique :(
Sweet-Amy-Leah's avatar
en effet, dans ce cas c'est embêtant avec les lunettes. De ma part, tout le monde me dit que j'ai une tête d'intellectuel avec, j'aime pas, j'ai l'air trop serieuse:lol:
AureliaX's avatar
Your style is so awesome, so much life to it!
P.s. you've very pretty! :3
Katikut's avatar
Thanks a lot ♥
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