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Bikini Girl

Made in Photoshop CS6 - Cintiq
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She looks exceptionally happy and content to bask in the sun's warmth and feel the wind play across her skin.
Emmacabre's avatar
Wow - this is beautiful! Makes me long for summer...

I really love the flat (well, non-outlined) coloring here. Just curious, did you use a brush to get that textured look?
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Thank you so much!
I use a kind of pastel brush, same for the eraser, and the paper texture on top helps a lot to :D
Emmacabre's avatar
Oh, awesome! Not gonna copy your work, but I'll try that out someday! :-)
Katikut's avatar
I've been inspired by other people's work too :D
sunKissedsoul321's avatar
This could easily be made into a pinup girl for a tattoo. Its cute and sexy!!
kohaku-dono's avatar
Great pose and nice, bold colors!
yellowsmoke321's avatar
gorgeous female physique
Tohad's avatar
superbe ! beau travail de proportion !
Nooknook's avatar
J'adore la pose et les différents vêtements qui flottent <3
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fake-magical-girl's avatar
Do you know who Chris Sanders is?
Katikut's avatar
Of course :) why?
fake-magical-girl's avatar
reminds me of his style
just-agu's avatar
she's beautiful!
Sugarthemis's avatar
elle est vraiment adorable
et j'en reprofite pour te re-remercier pour tes videos sur youtbe car j'ai passé toute ma soirée avec toi (enfin ta voix^^) hier soir et appris beaucoup d'astuces et raccourcis !
Katikut's avatar
Hehe de rien! Et j'ai un nouveau casque normalement! J'ai pas encore testé mais le son devrait être moins dégueu :S
Sugarthemis's avatar
mais non t'inquiete pas c'est parfait !
en plus t'es meme rigolote parfois ;)
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Elvish-Designs's avatar
I wish could wear mine right now! I am so sick of this cold weather. Winter needs to go away!
shiny-kiyoko's avatar
hihi ... like this i felt the last 10 days ^.-
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vennja10's avatar
So .... Summery :) it makes me happy
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