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Okay guys so I went on a disney cruise this past week and we came in contact with a spirit(:

So heres what happened.
So i'm 14 and i go to vide (teen club) and our consoler Ro was telling us a story about this girl named Tina. Her half sisters decided to play a senior prank on her. SO they took her scuba diving when Tina went down the girls rode off with the boat a few yards away and when Tina came up and started panicking they would come back. But the sisters lost the direction to get back so Tina was just stranded in the middle of the ocean. So her parents thought she just died out there. But 5 years later Tina shows up at the hospital in a deep coma and all she could say was her name. The doctors said it was a miracle. She ended up dying.

Now Ro said on previous cruises when he told the story things happened. When he said "Tina if you are here with us tonight please show us a sign." He said that 3 times and lightning flashed every time. But on t he last time it was purple and right next to the boat. So on my cruise we had these emergency flashlights where if you click the button it doesnt turn off. (i tried) and we had 3 of them in a line next to each other. So when Ro asked "Tine if you are here with us please show us a sign." One of the lights flickered. We thought it was a coincidence. But when he asked a second time he worded it differently. "Tina if you are trying to contact us with these lights, please show us a sign." ALL 3 lights were flashing and flickering and when someone recorded it on their phone and showed everyone after, you could see Tina!!!

No joke. It was the scariest thing i have ever experienced. Just thought I would share(:
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