I Almost Died Today

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So today I went to the beach my my 2 aunts my baby cousin and my aunts mom. And we stayed at the beach for most of the day. But it was around 3pm and me and my aunt and her mom decided to go to the snack bar and my other aunt would stay with the baby while he naps. So we go up there and we went into the bathrooms first and I was leaning up against the sink because things were getting a little blurry so my aunt walks out of the bathroom and we go to the snack bar and then things start getting to the point where i was not walking straight and walking into things because i couldnt see anything at all. So i had walked into this post and i had just stayed there because if i didnt i would have been walking into people. Then my aunt runs over to me and asks me if i was ok, all i could do is shake my head because i couldnt talk. So this random lady runs up to me because she thought i was having a seizure because my body was shaking. Then she ran to go get life guards. And as soon as i could start to see things a little better these 2 life guards are carrying me to a table in the shade and then my aunt said to me that my lips were turning blue and she could see through her sunglasses that i was loosing color which was scary. But the strange thing is when i faint unlike other people i just dont go right down. Things start to get blurry and then my body shakes then i just collapse. There were so many people around me i was just like "what is happening?" So then i had got my color back and i could see things and yeah. It was really scary though. I gave my aunt a heart attack. But other than that i had a pretty fun time at the beach (: But i can tell now that im not completely better yet, because i can still feel how my body was shaking. i have no idea if thats normal but i can still feel it. Wow i just wrote a novel. Okay byee!!!(:
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Why the heck did you almost pass out?! :OOO Lol! Im so glad your okay though!!!
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no i DID pass out! in PUBLIC. >.<