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Full digital illustration commission for a client's Grandmother as a gift for Christmas! I really loved this concept, and I had a to of fun painting it too. Playing with light is starting to get really fun! I learned some new stuff working on this, and also didn't take as many hours as I thought I would.

23 hours
Photoshop and Intuos 3 tablet
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Aaawww... this is really beautiful. Love it.
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Nice job! Love it's expression.
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You person made me cry!!!
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woooooow amazing!
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I love it! The atmosphere is so serene and magical.
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Gosh I love foxes. If I could be reborn as one, that would be awesome. hahah
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[link] Featured at the bottom of my journal
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aawwww the fox is adorable
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I really like the lighting and the long shadows here. :)
DragonFlame123's avatar
My goodness! Your work is extremley awesome! How did you learn how to make such equisite works of art?
crimsonkitsune's avatar
This is really beautiful and so well-done! I think one of my favorite things is that the fox's eyes are the same color as the moths, though. XD

The lighting is fantastic. <3
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those shadows. :heart:
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not sure if high
or just the greatest art i have ever seen
Dreaming-of-Nidra's avatar
The lighting is amazing!
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Love the light. Great job, the fox is adorable too.
ArcticIceWolf's avatar
that´s so cute! And I love the colors!
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This is beautiful! And pretty unique; I haven't seen another quite like it what with the perspective and lighting. Awesome work!
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*whistles* I'm awestruck. Very nice work.
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Foxes always remind me of my husband, Todd. This is nice art, and I like the addition of the butterflies and sunset.
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Wow so pretty *O*
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sunny butterfly
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