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August 17, 2008
With a great use of the animal anatomy class *shadow-wolf took a year ago, here we proudly feature The Attack. Even if only a piece picked from an already amazing gallery you should for sure visit, this picture is luring enough to encourage you to see, admire and favourite its full view, right after sending some feedback to the artist. An incredible picture in fact tempting you quite a lot to, maybe, add this artist to your devWatch list... something you won't regret, believe me!
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The Attack

[EDIT 2] Wow, Daily Deviantion! Thanks you guys, I really appreciate it! Since this has been uploaded, I've painted out the birds in the background on the advice of my art instructors, but I haven't had a chance to change the file yet.

[EDIT] I realize that this painting had been scanned REALLY green looking, and I never adjusted the colour balance. So here it is, less green! Looks a lot better, closer to the original in my opinion. Over Christmas break, I may be making some changes to this piece too.

My final project for an animal anatomy class I took this summer. The class consisted a lot of going to the zoo and museum (mostly the zoo) and drawing the animals from life. I feel like it helped me clarify my animal anatomy a lot, but there's always room for improvement.

As for this painting! The animal with the spear is Slender Loris, my favorite primate. They don't come in white, but I thought he might be more interesting that way. ^^ The cat's face is based off a cougar, but with the fur colour of a tiger and kind of made-up patterning. Leopard inspired, but not really leopard accurate. The birds I feel are a compositional afterthought, since we had to include a bird in our final piece somewhere. They are Black Throated Magpie Jays.

I'm very proud of this painting, but it reveals places I need to work on. Environments and rock textures for one! It's a pretty big piece for me, 16" X 20" in heavyweight illustration board. It also turned out a little darker than I would have liked, still looks good.

The original will be displayed at my school, but it is for sale if anyone is interested. Please send me a note or an email!

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CaseyDecker's avatar
This picture you've done of such a scene looks very nice and detailed. :D
Dragonia2000's avatar
absolutely stunning!!
SIMONA22's avatar
SO DAMN EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rookie141's avatar
you can draw everythig, eh? :D
Jimbodavidson's avatar
Reminds me of Spore in tribal stage! OH CRAP AN EPIC!
warriorcats1998's avatar
What is that thing with the spear
Dynamo-Deepblue's avatar
Wow, this is incredible in every aspect of it! You're very good with colors, too!
pureangel404's avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! AWEOME
Amuttaja's avatar
Aww this is kinda cute, altough the kitty is gonna eat that loris. x) Great colors and idea. I gotta fave this.
DNACharge's avatar
I LOVE the eyes of the tiger.
Urartskillz7's avatar
awesome!! wats that little creature with the spear?
KatieHofgard's avatar
He's a Slender Loris, a small primate related to lemurs! They don't come in white, but I painted him in white anyway cuz it looks cool. ^^
Urartskillz7's avatar
the white did come out like frosting to the cake making the picture a whole lot cooler!!
Moonfire-Thornessa's avatar
wOW! This is fantastic! I can see why it got a daily deviation. :)
I like that idea of drawing from real life. I'd like to go to the zoo again. :D
Biodragon's avatar
O_O So very awesome
DavidBrainbow's avatar
That is so amazing!
I love love love it!
The composition, firstly, is amazing and I like how you only see part of the cat- it adds more danger and feeling of menace! And the colouring on the cat is amazing, the fur looks incredible! So realistic! And the mouth.. wow. It looks so good! The teeth look amazing and very real and the tongue etc. look really awesome!
What adds A LOT of realism, obviously, is the no outline. So the cat looks amazing.
And the slender loris looks so good! n.n
he's really cute ;3 and I like the pose and his face, the angle looks really good. looks tricky though D: For me anyways xD The colouring is amazing on him, too, the shading is incredible!
And I like the jays xD I like the one being brave, and how one is sitting as birds do, on the tree xD And I like how they're out of focus, it really brings us into the scene!
I think the foliage etc. looks good! Too much would take away from the cat and loris, so I think its all good! :3
My favourite things, however, are the cat's eyes and raised paw. The paw cos it looks so darn awesome, and real! I mean the shading's just right, love the blue in the white! And the paw pads look great! :D And the eye.. Wow. I- the colour is stunning! And the shades and slight liquidy warped kinda pattern in there looks incredible! And I love the bright colours.. gah, its amazing!

This is the longest comment i've ever left on a deviation :3
How do you do a non-outlined piece? Do youjust colour over the sketch.. or? And what mediums did you use?

And finally.. congratulations on the DD! It is greatly deserved! :D
KatieHofgard's avatar
I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! XD What a great comment, I really really appreciate your input here. =) This piece is in acrylic, which is usually the medium for non-outlines pieces for me. I outline lightly in pencil for watercolor, and in inks for markers. But acrylics, no lines. =) Thank you again, and I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to you. :heart:
DavidBrainbow's avatar
you're VERY welcome! :D
Thank you! I really appreciate you replying n__n
Ah, I see. Thank you for sharing n_n
You're welcome again, and it's fine! I can imagine you're busy! :heart:
dyingsong's avatar
It almost seems like it's from way, way back and it's a view of things to come... Primates used to be hunted by the big cats, then some of us made tools and look where we are now...

I LOVE the kitty! I was thinking that he looks like a Snow Leopard- just orange.
Erixes's avatar
Thats pretty sweet, i love the way the Slender Loris is like awww.... shi..... and how your beastly creature is about to have a nice kitty snack xD
mirroreyesserval's avatar
This is wonderful! Congrats on the DD. :D
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