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TeaFeathers Historical Figures - Selir Starcloak

By KatieHofgard
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Selir was a coyote of the Canine Clans, and the Dimali's most effective assassin during the war.  The canine's patron spirit, the Spirit of Subterfuge, granted coyotes the gift of invisibility via stepping partly into the veil which separates the corporeal realm from the spirit realm.  Selir was particularly gifted with this ability, able to step nearly fully into the spirit realm.  As a pup learning their abilities, they lost their arm when the veil closed on them unexpectedly.  

They later perfected the ability to pull others into the veil, a skill not many coyotes can accomplish. This lead to their primary method of assassination; pulling their hapless victims into the veil, and severing their soul in two when it is snapped shut.  The target would seemingly drop dead in an instant, with no other indication of foul play.  Not only was this a terrifying threat to any prominent Venandi figures, but also a spiritually horrifying fate.  With the soul cleaved in twain, a victim could not join the eternal hunt in the afterlife, as is the Venandi belief.

Selir worked closely with the Noc pylura, who were also highly effective spies and assassins.  It wasn't long before they were considered an honorary Noc.  They created for Selir a special rope which allowed them to anchor themselves to the corporeal realm no matter how long they were in the veil.  With this, Selir became an incredible spy as well.  With a protected anchor, Selir could walk the paths of the spirit realm and peer through to the physical in any place of their choosing.  Selir was also responsible for training the alecani who would later join the Noc as, acting as something of a bridge between they two species in the very beginning of the formation of the Dimali.  

Selir's cloak is said to have shone like a clear night sky, earning them the nickname “Starcloak”. The cloak itself was of no magical significance until they wore it for a prolonged period of time.  Saturated with Selir's magic, it became an important Noc artifact after their death.  Over the millennia, the cloak was torn into pieces and scattered through out the land.  Each scrap holds a special power; some allow one to see clearly into the spirit realm like a window, some grant invisibility when held, and some are said to immediately sever your soul from your body when touched.
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I must have missed it but where do these character's stories come from? Is it a book? A show?
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They come from me!  TeaFeathers is my world/story in which these characters live.
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I see! 
Is there a place where I may read more about the world and characters?
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Right now the best I have is the folder in my gallery here!  www.deviantart.com/katiehofgar…

A lot of the art has a ton of info in the description!
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Never heard of this story before. With that being said, the concept is absolutely awesome! The art is really well done too!
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what happened to the arm?!
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oh no!! what happen to arm?
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Cooo-whale(cool) what do u use to draw?
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I'm really loving the color scheme of their design!
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Hey! I just discovered your gallery and i'm both in awe and love! I love love LOVE story-/worldbuilding and seeing all these amazing historical figures you've created, i just couldn't help but watch you! ^^ I'm really intrigued so far and looking forward to more! Love 
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Beautiful. I love the lore you provided. This is part of a bigger story, I presume?
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I lovee the cape
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A very cool character design!

You're really talented!
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The coloring and the shading are just so cool!;3;

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ooh he's cool :) 
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They look absolutely spectacular, and I love them! I really love their cloak, great job on this whole piece~
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Good morning, Selir is so cool. 
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Man oh man SO cool, and I love that they're non-binary!! Fellow enby :D I swear your mind thinks of the most amazing stuff
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