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Spring Restoration


This piece ended up being something of a symbol for my struggles with mental illness in a number of ways.  On the surface level, spring is my favorite season because it heralds the end of seasonal depression; longer days, flowers, more light, life coming back!  I still have regular ol’ depression to contend with, but I still feel so much lighter and happier in spring. 

The color pink is also a restorative and healing color for me.  I scorned it for years growing up, responding to my own internalized misogyny even though when I was very little it was my favorite color.  But it was always my grandma’s favorite color.  She wore all pink, decorated her home in pink, and was known as “the pink lady” in her neighborhood.  She was the sweetest most kind human being on the planet, and when she passed away I found myself being drawn to the color pink more often. It felt like somehow, she passed the concept of ‘pink’ along to me when she died.

And in practice, this piece show cased how difficult it can be to do things you love when struggling with a depressive episode.  This painting was really difficult for me to finish, it took me a LOT longer than it should have.  Through the whole painting, I felt like I was swimming through mental sludge.  I couldn’t see what to do next in the piece, or conceptualize how to do even simple things.  It was hard to create, and finishing it is something of a victory (if a small one).

Special thanks to my patrons on Patreon for funding this one, I love you guys!

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Truly beautiful I love how the earth looks like it is bending into the character.

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Nice composition. :) I also like the colors and I can feel the spring from your pic. :)

I like your coloring and creatures. congrats for your creativity :)
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The perspective for this is emotionally moving to me, even before I'd read the description of this piece. I think your emotions were transferred to your work in this one. I too suffer greatly from seasonal depression and am so glad to finally see sunshine until nine o'clock sometimes. It was bad for me even when I lived in my home state of Florida, and now that I'm traveling all over the states (currently in Oregon) I am experiencing even darker winters. It's been a challenge, and I'm so glad you were able to bring this piece to life in such a way that expresses deep gratitude for the seasonal change.
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Beautiful! <3 
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Absolutely beautiful! :D
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Such a lovely picture. I can really see the tranquil quality it may have had for you in its making (and certainly now, it's very soothing to look at :heart: )
Great work as always. You have this amazingly consistent sense of quality and I really admire that about your work, besides its obvious beauty.
LilTeaPlease's avatar
I'm so proud of you and you finishing this piece!! 
I relate to you with having seasonal depression on top of depression, Spring does feel so relieving from that dark place 💕
keep going, I love your work so much and I will probably order this print, it's so gorgeous and also means something to me as well 😩😭
very inspiring !!!!!
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Beautiful work and beautiful reason for it :heart:
Steffendoggo's avatar
so peaceful, I'm slightly envious 
rosiecrafts's avatar
wonderful work and great colors!:) (Smile) 
Colorfulmoongato's avatar
It's absolutely Gorgeous!! You did an Amazing job!! Pink is my favorite color too along with orange and purple and green <3 but pink is my number 1
Your grandma sounds lovely ^^ every color is for everyone!!
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, beautiful!!!!!!!. 
Your personal symbolism here is even more impressive than the painting (which is breathtaking by the way).
In my opinion it looks like a victory to be proud of! Heart 
Naiterion's avatar
very beautiful!!
Galidor-Dragon's avatar
Love this so much! Spring also defeats SAD for me , I identify with your struggle, thank you for sharing this!
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Still lovely! :) I'm so glad  you were able to fight through and finish this piece!
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You are an amazing artist who possesses a beautiful imagination that knows no boundary. You inspire me and I hope that I will be able to draw like you one day.
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This is so beautiful o: Job well done
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for a split second I thought of the ribbon tattooed on my arm... a breast cancer SURVIVOR ribbon for my mom, to remind me that to "someone else" *I too* am "Someone Else."
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Without reading the description, my first thought was that this piece just felt warm and energized, so I think that feeling carried in very well the way you meant it to, but I'm sorry to hear that the actual process of creating was such a struggle. I hope that as spring continues, you continue to feel happier and able to do more. :hug:

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