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Rehema's Small Snowy Spot

By KatieHofgard
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Today we got the first snow of winter in my area of Colorado!  How better to celebrate than to upload a snowy small spot?  :D  Rehema is a gorgeous character who belongs to Xetsa, and absolute pleasure to paint this gorgeous kitty.
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I like how colors of fur looks like colors of snow and stone
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This is a lovely piece, what a gorgeous character!
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Oh, wow, I love this!
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I love this tiger's design! :heart: And your painting style is so lovely :love: 
I live in Colorado too!! It's about dang time we got some snow-- usually the first one is in October!
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I'd like to think a majority of Colorado got their first snow yesterday! My area did as well. ^^ Lovely design. Brown and blue combo ='s ♥️
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Whaat, you're a Coloradan too? that's awesome! 
That snow was completely unexpectedly heavy though haha. I couldn't believe how much we got!

Lovely pic also ;u; I can never get enough of your snow! Gorgeous!
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Beautiful drawing-and such a sweet face :love:
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Cute and pretty all at the same time.  I love it!
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It's very cute <33
I love the way you draw volume, this shadows are pleasing to the eyes.
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Very beautiful, Katie. :)
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OMG IT'S SO CUUUUTE!!! I really like his eyes!
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I can't wait until its thick enough to go sledding tho
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Very pretty colors ; v ; The picture is so soft and pleasing to the eye.
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what a nice character ;o;
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