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By KatieHofgard
So Pandragon commissioned me for a full body badge during FC 2010, and since it's been a year I decided to just upgrade the badge to a full digital character vignette! She'll get a badge version too, but I liked the way this looked without the name. Plus it's a good example of my digital character vignette commissions.

Well dang, I LOVE this character's design... Talk about gorgeous and foresty! I hope I did the design justice, just so cool looking! =D
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Very very cool looking. =) <333
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This is stunning O_O Lovvve the design and all the textures. Really fantastic.
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This has great color! That dragon seems to have character :]
OH MY GOD!! What a beautiful dragon
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I love the colors used in this piece. It would be great to find a sculptor that could create statues from this some how...maybe a toy line of these would be cool as well.
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I've always wanted to make toys or figurines, and I finally learned how to sculpt and cast a couple years ago. Unfortunately it's expensive, but I'd like to give it another shot someday!
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great beast :P i love it!
wings are awesome :)
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this is awesome! Love your character vignette. :3
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This shading-style is absolutely awesometastic! And the character is sooo cute C:
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:wow: it is really nice :clap:
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simply amazing, the shading and colors... Awesome
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- Nice to meet you. Can you talk human?
- Surr.
- My name is...
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whoa, Awesome :D, the colors are rly smooth and the design is amazing :D, the wings and feathers and scales are wonderful and the dragon all together looks really agile just like a forest creature. The blue scales on its head and the green and browns look fantastic together :D, well done :iconclapplz:
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so cute! i wouldnt mind coming across him in the jungle
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Very pretty! Love all the colors and the pose and expression are adorable!
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It looks amazing and the face is super cute. Incredible job on that scale work. I love how you have them layered over the knee like that. :heart:
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realy cool pic, and i love all the miniscule detail, cool azzz. :iconshoopda::iconhappytimeplz:
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i squeeled i love this so much>< Oh my god
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I like the way the light falls on the dragon, color choice is nice too. Must have taken a lot of effort to make this look so clean :clap:
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