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Digital flat color commission done via livestream for Myenia! Edited the image to include dark glove and sock markings.
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This would me if i had a werewolf form. matteo (deviantART Co-Founder) 
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Hey. I just wanted to let you know I used this pic has a reference for a drawing of mine. My intention was purely use it has reference, because it was one of my first werewolf pictures and I suck at their anatomy. But now that the picture is finished, I think it looks too much like yours (expecially the legs) and I'm afraid that I might be infriging copyright rules way too much (and the worse it that this pic is a commission, so double infrigement from my part)
Here is my pic, so you can see what I'm talking about. [link]
I'm sorry, I know I should have asked you permission before using your pic as reference
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It's not ethical to directly reference the artwork of others for anything you are paid to draw or paint. You are also damaging your own ability to improve, because you are copying my mistakes! I wish you had asked me first, yes, but you've already created it and posted it. Please do the right thing and cite your reference to this image (aka, post a credit to me and this image in your image's description), and don't do this sort of thing again. Really, it's bad for you, bad for me, and bad for your customers too.
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I didn't asked first because I foud your picture on my sister's laptop and I didn't knew it belonged to you. Only after I finished my picture, and looked at your with better eyes I regognised it was from you. Then I told my sister to remove it from her laptop, because it was copyrithed work, and that's one of the reasons why I'm aking sorry.
I know it's not a good thing to directly reference something, but it's hard to do something when you have your friends and family espectations on your sholders. I mean, as it was a personal picture, I told my friends I would post it online, and they started to say the pic was going to be amazing and stuff, and as I'm shy and have serious problems in trusting my own skills, I think I choosed the easiest way ^^;
I credited you since the begining (I mean, it was not exaclty you... in the authors comment I sayd I had used someone's pic as reference, but I didn't knew who created it) but now as I know the pic belongs to you I can do a proper credit.
Sorry about all this again. It won't hapens again, with you or any other person.
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Just a little piece of advice; Stop doing art because of OTHER PEOPLE'S expectations. When it comes to your artwork, they don't matter. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to be able to do art for yourself, because YOU love it. Not because you are trying to live up to someone else's expectations. If you can't do art because YOU love it, you're in for a really hard core miserable crash (because then things like this happen, perfect example). I hope you can learn to find love in what you do, and discard the useless expectations of others.
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I think I didn't explained well. I do art because I love to do it. When I started to do digital art 2 years ago my parents didn't aproved, but I didn't cared, because I was doing something I liked (but still art is an hobby for me, my true passion in another thing).
When I said I wanted to fill the other's expectations I wanted to mean that when I informed them I was doing a picture and the were alredy supposing it would be great, I wanted this specific picture to be great. And you're right when you say this happened because. And yeah, I've learnt not to care about the others spectations. It only brings bad things, in this case to me and to you
I think I wanted to fill my friends spectations because I'm kind of anti-social, I'm always the last of the group, the "lonely wolf" if you want to call it that way, and so when they told me my picture would be great for sure, I was like "hey, maybe they really like what I do. If I do this picture even greater than the others, they will like me even more!" Fatal mistake
But yeah, from now on, I'll do art for myself and my own opinion (and I'll never tell my friends I'm doing a picture again ^^;)
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Do you still have a lineart for this? =)
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I do, but the use of this piece is reserved for the person who commissioned it. Sorry! =(
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So beautiful! She looks so devoted to her howl here.
I love this! The face and fur is awesome!
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i absolutely adore this pose :)
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wow! great pose to choose. :) makes it look as though it's more in depth.
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I missed how you finished this. When I saw the image it was a white ink figure. How did you handle it after that point?
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well, what you are calling the white ink stage is actually still the sketch stage. I ink everything in black after the anatomy and whatnot are worked out, then color it all in. =)
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OhIC. It was curious to watch, thanks =D
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Woww!!! I can almost hear his howling!!
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Beautiful!!! Thanks again!
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You're very welcome!
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Really nice pose and color scheme. Great work :)
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Very very nice! Love the anatomy and feel of this!
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