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Iron Rabbit

Diersha, the first Iron Rabbit of TeaFeathers.

Diersha started life as a regular rabbit, living in a burrow under an old long dead tree. When a predator decided to make a meal of him, he fought back and killed his would-be killer. As he lay dying, his legs mangled from the battle, the spirit of the tree over his burrow appeared (The Iron Root Spirit). Having witnessed his incredible victory against a creature much larger than he, the spirit granted him a second chance at life.

Diersha's body was transformed by the spirit, his failing organic legs replaced with sinuous magical iron from the ground deep beneath his home. He was given sentience, and the promise that his bloodline would prosper under the protective roots of the burrow. The Iron Rabbit Warren was born!

To this day his descendants mine and work the magical iron, creating body modifications run on magic. Anything from prosthetics to hearing aids can be crafted with their expert paws, in the deep blue forges beneath the roots. Diersha's bones and the original iron legs are interred in their underground holy temple. Sometimes, when the Iron Root Spirit is stirred, the original iron gift will be bestowed upon a warren member. Perhaps out of needs, or perhaps the Spirit's admiration shines through.
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Great use of shape and color, I appreciate the way you chose to anthropomorphize the rabbit. Cool concept! (I really like the story too.) 😁

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So incredible, I have no words

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Great action pose!

Cyber rabbit for great justice!

Very impressive. It's very pleasing.

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Very cool combination!

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¡Demasiado increible!

oh this is cool how did you do this I love this app...
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It's rude to advertise your work on other people's pages.

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That's one cool looking bunny!

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thats pretty dang cool

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Getting serious Redwall vibes here :D

neat work, very striking.

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Great work! I love the dynamic pose and the look of the iron legs. The backstory is fascinating, too!
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Whoah! That's some awesome art and even cooler lore to go with it!

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Buff power-bunny! :D

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Do you think you can draw an armored high elf girl with a battleaxe next?

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Commissions are currently closed, but I hope to open again in mid January!

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i was just giving you an idea

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