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Following the Path

By KatieHofgard
I am thrilled to be a part of the Werewolf Calendar for a second time for the year 2012, here is my submission which will be featured for May! I camped in Canyondlands National Park a lot as a kid, the desert is a great getaway when you need more open space than the woods provide. The colors of the desert in contrast to those of the pine forests of my home have always mesmerized me, so I tried to match some of the amazing palette offered by the land. This young werewolf, on a journey to collect precious salt minerals key to his pack's survival, is fortunate enough to experience some of the same intense hues found in the desert. The path is long, difficult, and often lonely, but he is grateful for the opportunity to experience such breathtaking and humbling views which few others are privy to.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 3

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My caption assignment
In the wild salt is a prized and often hard to find commodity, being both rare and crucial to animal survival. Animals have an appetite for sodium chloride that is so acutely well defined it is second in nature only to the desire for water. Natural salt deposits and salt springs are frequently visited by not only werewolves but other wild animals. Werewolves will also use these salt rich areas as frequent hunting grounds, knowing that other animals also have the same drive to seek out salt rich sources. Salt is often also collected by werewolves and stored in natural pouches made of animal hide. Many werewolves inhabiting regions where natural salt is hard to attain have formed a habitual habit to carry these salt pouches with them always. They are often seen hanging from their necks as a decorated necklace to conceal it's utilitarian nature.

[edit] Oh wow, a Daily Deviation! Aaah, thank you guys all so much! I'll try to respond to as many of the new comments as I can. A couple people have requested this as a print, but I can't make prints of it for now. This piece is for the Werewolf Calendar, which is now on sale if you check the rest of the description!
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Beautiful! My parents actually went there recently and brought back a lot of photos, and I think you did a great job of capturing the look and feel of the environment :)
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A scene realizing your destiny! EPIC!!!!!!
Silver-Zabrak's avatar
Wow... Gorgeous.
KallasTheBrave's avatar
Sweet, I camped there a bunch, too! :)
MasterKrypton's avatar
this is so cool! love it - it's beautifully done. :)
FallarRasyre's avatar
Another one of your images I saw while browsing longingly over the Werewolf Calender. I really hope I get lucky in the future and manage afford and catch a commission for a WW image, I really admire style you do them in.
i will find you again my love....i sware this *he whispers as he continues to climb*
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Artwork different, I loved it!
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Watchowl's avatar
I adore the lighting in this image!
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Is it the Antelope Canyon? I love it !
SpiritWildWolf's avatar
beautiful piece, I love the lighting and colors and just everything! :D
bobby-pinns's avatar
The colors complement each other very well and the pose looks very natural. Amazing work :)
GuardianDragon1's avatar
This is so beautifully lit! It gives the painting a very surreal, yet hopeful feeling. Congrats on the DD!
LycanFangs1941's avatar
Moab is such an amazing place.
Zaylund's avatar
Wow! i love the warmth you always get with the use of colours and softness of the fur ^^
ringtailroxy's avatar
Extra kudos for featuring Antelope Canyon as your background. Just had to find you on DA and sneak thru your gallery. Great work and congrats for the Werewolf Calendar!
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