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Brothers in Death


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In her many travels, Nym visits an ancient graveyard where her people once faced off with the enormous cats of the Venandi Empire for survival.  Lifetimes later, the land is shared and tribute is paid for those lives lost in the war.  Their spirits adversaries in life, and brothers in death.

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alzandthequoteboard's avatar

This is beautiful art. I love how you depicted the complex emotions in this scene.

Discordiaaa's avatar

Está muy bien 👏👏👏

Hynvale's avatar

There's so many message and emotional in here, very love it but make me cry <3

PurpleTartan's avatar

Such a an amazing and heart wrenching picture! Beautiful but bittersweet! :heart:

frostysh's avatar

The stones on the grave is looks like little humans and that animal looks like harras them.

runewuff's avatar

It's a rare art that gives me strong emotions in 0.2 seconds. Like I can't look at it without a tear in my eye.

Sundale2's avatar

They claimed noble causes, though none can say whose truly was.

They shed their blood for nation and clan, though none can say who shed theirs with honor.

They held lines and made cries of war, though non can say who was just.

All that can be said for sure is that these noble warriors gave their lives here.

Noble? Honorable? Just?

Does it matter any more?

None can say that either.

But one thing that can still be said is that we remember their sacrifice.

It was given wholly, purely, and without hesitation.

They gave all they could give in the firm belief they were doing what they must for their kin.

Though they died on the blades of one another, they now rest in this one thing they shared.

Perhaps that is all that needs to be said.

Been a while since something moved me like that. I hope you don't mind me sharing the result of that movement. Nicely done.

KatieHofgard's avatar

Just STELLAR. Once again you blow me out of the water with your writing!♥️

Sundale2's avatar

Just as you did with your drawing every single time.

SwordsandSpectacles's avatar

This is an utterly stunning piece of work!

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